ySense: Earn $62.40 On Top of Taking Surveys (Scam or Legit?)

ySense Review

There are so many reasons to be searching the internet for ways to be making money online, and GPT, PTC, and Survey Websites are a part of that slow and drawn-out process. You can take surveys from home to earn money, but the problem with working for these “money sites” is that you have to work hard for long periods of time for some sort of measly performance salary. This is how it used to be anyway, and the reason people are earning more and more money now is because the internet has evolved into something so huge that even your family can make some big changes in learning how to work together. I mean, the opportunities that working online offers are truly off the hook and if you are not able to leave your full-time jobs yet then bear with me because what I mention during this ySense Review is exactly what you are looking for.

There are so many different ways to make money online, and you are probably here checking to see if ySense is legitimate or not, so you’re not going to waste any time moving forward with it. The thing is, when you read this full ySense Review will you be able to bring together everything that is needed to fully make use of everything that the platform offers, and this is important because from what I am seeing not every worker is doing this.

Have you ever gone on Social Media and seen links being sent into your messenger box about random sites where people want you to sign up? It could be about anything at all, I have seen tons of them, and they are referral links to all different rewards paying sites where if you get someone to join, it can alleviate you from having to do the work because once somebody joins up through you, you start earning commissions on what they earn.

GPT Sites and Survey Websites pay anywhere between 15% – 30% commissions on whatever someone earns that you brought to the platform. This is so important if you are going to start this opportunity, after reading this ySense Review because having your referral links just sitting in the platform because you have no way of using them is wasting tons of money which is not what this is about. That is why you see so many random links being promoted in Facebook which doesn’t behold any random content within them, they are just members of “opportunity money sites” that want to get others to sign up, so they can earn money. Do you know that Facebook bans those links when they are posted too many times with no content?

If you are interested in learning how to get more referrals to the Money Sites that you are a part of then I want to show you how with an affiliate marketing training course where I am a full-time affiliate coach so if you start your site now first by reading: $40,000 In One Weekend and get me as your full-time coach. I show you everything about how to build your site and get more referrals.

What is ySense?

YSense.com was originally started in 2007, and it is only one platform out of many that is ran by another company called Prodege, LLC. And I make mention of this because although the name may not ring a bell, it is worth noting-first-thing that they also run some of the most sort after survey and GPT Platforms online which are both Swagbucks and MyPoints.

Before ClixSense emerged with its new front (ySense) it was originally started as a PTC Site (Paid-To-Click) which operated for many years. Even though during this period, the Paid-To-Click prospect was huge, there were also many other ways to make money with the site If you did not like that prospect.

Now, to the point when they switched their focus, when did this take place? It was in 2017 that the PTC Side of the ClixSense Business probably wasn’t doing that well and when the time came round (2017) They decided to keep moving forward without that aspect. I think Click Jobs has a had a bad name over the years because of the base salary that it pays to its members, which isn’t very high.

It was then in 2019 that ClixSense made the change to their online business and without the Paid-To-Click aspect pulling them back, they relaunched as ySense, leaving the new brand established as a company GPT site and building forward on this aspect.

Now, ySense is not a small fish in the game; they Respond to over 7 million members online since 2007 within the community claim to have sported out over $39 million dollars in Cash and Prizes. This was before the business was acquired by Prodege LLC in 2019.

Eligibility: Worldwide residents 16 years of age or older are eligible to join ySense.

But listen to this before deciding anything from this site. To make real money online, it has to be passive. You should write content first and money will follow, and you can take this post as an example: $12,000 For Christmas 2019 (+ Actionable Advice). Making money is like clock work once you learn how to do it!

How does work ySense?

As with all Survey Panels, when you have found a platform that you desire you can create an account by entering your email and name, when this is done you should receive a confirmation email in your inbox where you can verify your account and once this is done you’re a good to go. Be insured that when you sign up for a new account you demography your accounts the way you like it and this is important because the founders within the platform use this information to gather what it is that you will do or better yet what the offers are that they send you. Many people start filling out their demographics to be large, and when you do this they send you surveys that you can not answer, which doesn’t help your earning ratio. To counteract this, you need to find a happy medium, filling out your demographics or find large aspects within a niche that you know you are good at.

There are many different opportunities at ySense and the below are some examples of the jobs you can do:

  • Online Surveys – ySense has become partners with some of the most biggest brands which give members large access triggers to the jobs that they want to do.
  • Completing Tasks – This is helpful for members as each day new tasks are posted on the ySense website such as completing tasks and doing research. After finishing $50 worth of tasks, you will receive a $5 bonus. There are also weekly contests that allow you to win large prizes which expand up to the bonus $5.
  • Participate In Offers – This is a whole lot of indirect offers that fully infiltrate the ySense platform that, which they have built upon for themselves this whole time. These are offers that could contain but are not limited to advances such as: AdGate, Adscend, OfferToro, Peanut Labs, and more. Get free trials, download apps, make purchases, etc. to earn cash credits.
  • Watch Videos – US members of the ySense Panel can watch videos to earn more cash credits, to find this section just go to the offer’s section inside ySense and select “ySense Watch”.
  • Use the ySense Toolbar – This is just so you can see what your account balance says, plus it also offers or few other ways to earn money quickly through faster access to the panel opportunities. This toolbar has been downloaded over 1 million times.
  • Refer Your Friends and Family – This is the biggest reason of them all to even work this top-plate, and that is because when you bring in new members, you earn commissions on the jobs that they finish. As an example, when a new referral earns their first $5 you get $2 out of that salary. You also earn $0.30 for new referrals who sign up in top-level countries, and $0.10 for all other sign-ups. When you learn about the gravity of this opportunity, you begin to fully focus on an online business, as this is how you grab these new referrals. Do a fast calculation and work out what say 500 new referrals adds up to and that is $1000. When you have access to the world, getting your hands on referrals is easy, and this could easily draw you a nice little side income just by bringing in new referrals and getting that first $2. Picture earning $2 hundreds of times a month. It would work out to be thousands of dollars as just calculated. If you want to earn money like this, I recommend starting your online business now and also receive my free coaching.

For every friend who joins ySense you will first get paid $0.10 or $0.30, then after they have earned $5 you will receive a $2 bonus. You will also earn 20% of what they earn from doing surveys, offers, and tasks. This bonus will be increased to 25% if you have a minimum of 100 active referrals and 30% if you have more than 200 active referrals.

Get paid via Payoneer, Skrill, PayPal, gift cards, or by Reward Link. The minimum account balance required to redeem your rewards will vary by reward. $3-$5 minimum account balance is required for cash out of rewards such as an Amazon gift card, an iTunes gift card, etc. Skrill payments start at $5, Reward Links start at $10 denominations, etc.


This platform is 100% legit and has been in the game for many years, and during that time they kept the integrity of the opportunity honest and legit, which is why I highly recommend them to other people. What I suggest more than anything is learning about affiliate marketing and not only earning money through the rewards that they offer, but also bringing new referrals to earn $2 of each new arrival.

When you learn skills that make money, it doesn’t take much longer to reach your goals.

Pros And Cons About ySense


  • They behold many opportunities to earn cash and prizes
  • They sport the PayPal option
  • Active members get rewarded everyday
  • They behold a multi-language community forum
  • They sport an awesome referral program which allows members to earn $2 for every new person who signs up under them


  • They sport different cash-out options which depends on what way you receive your payments.
  • You can get kicked out of a survey after trying to sign up for it
  • The platform could encounter bugs and glitches

4 thoughts on “ySense: Earn $62.40 On Top of Taking Surveys (Scam or Legit?)”

  1. This is very useful information you have here on Sense. I like the way you have shared this on your website and people will see that there is a way of making good passive income online. I am definitely going to give this a try on a part-time basis first.

  2. Michael, this does sound interesting, and even though I did not know about the company called Prodege, LLC as one of the most sought after surveys and GPT Platforms online, this is interesting to learn. Still, this warrants a little scrutiny. I hope you’re right and that ySense is doing better than ClixSense did. You say that they’re at the top of their game which is good for those who want to get paid for running surveys and doing some of the other functions people can do online. As for me, I prefer the Affiliate Marketing venue, as it gives me something more permanent.

    Jaaxy is a fabulous tool to work with favouring keywords that seem to promote success and is definitely one of the tools I use. Great article and I will research this further.

    • Hi, Jose, and thank you for commenting on my ySense Review. I’m glad you found this review so interesting and that you liked it. I would stick with the affiliate marketing technique also as it gives you a whole new level to make much more than what filling out a small survey would. But, next to that, you could also promote a survey site by which they pay for people who get them more people to fill in their surveys.


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