YourSayPays: Offering £20 To Make a Withdrawal (a high threshold isn’t ideal) Scam or Legit?

YourSayPays Review

There is a huge way for anyone to start making an online income and completely earn enough to leave work, school, or anywhere that you are attending in order to bring in some money. I’m guessing you’re here in hopes of finding a survey website good enough for you to make ends meet? Could I be correct in saying that? Well, turns out that you will earn a good chunk of “Pocket Money” providing that you put in the time frame and network marketing but sadly not enough to make a living out of, by way of paying your bills and mortgage.

But there is a twist to this matter.

Since I have been reviewing survey, GPT, and PPC websites, I have noticed the same trend in which people lack very much so, and that is with their affiliate offers. You see, just about all the sites that you earn this money for also offer an extra kick (if you will) to inherit their company as your own and promote it. In turn, if you bring new members as you promote them you will earn money that is different to the earnings from doing their tasks. Are you interested in learning more about this? If so, you can read one of the posts I made relating this issue or you can get started right now with the training and receive me as your personal coach and mentor.

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There has never been a better time than now to get started with this opportunity that you’re already a part of. Make serious use out of the things you already do and don’t become entrapped anymore because you don’t have a website.

What is YourSayPays?

YourSayPays is an online survey panel that was established way back in 1996, over 14 years ago at the time of writing this review. YourSayPays is owned and operated by Leadership Factor Ltd, and is based out of the UK; with establishments in USA, Australia, France, Spain, Portugal.

YourSayPays is looking for people who want to complete surveys online. YourSayPays is an interesting firm and sport questions on a variety of topics that which also include UK brands, Services, and Products. Members will earn money for their involvement.

One of the ways I like to further access if a site is legitimate is by finding their social media profiles and do this, I just give them a quick search on Facebook. At the time of writing, YourSayPays does have a Facebook Fan Page and they have just under 2K Likes. Both Members will find this interesting and helpful when they need to interact with the survey platform.

Eligibility: 18+, Residents of the United Kingdom.

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How does YourSayPays work?

As with all survey websites as somebody finds a site that they want to earn money from, in this case, YourSayPays, they will first need to create their account. This will include using both their name and email address. Once you have created your YourSayPays account just jump back into your email inbox to verify your email and show them that you’re a real person signing up.

YourSayPays does not send its members interesting surveys on popular brands you know and love. Once you are a registered member, you will automatically be entered into a monthly prize draw, but in regard to doing surveys, members have to log in to their dashboards to see their invites.

Once members have made up the reach of £20 in their accounts, there are three payment options to choose from: PayPal deposit, Amazon e-voucher, or charity donation. You do not need to request these payments, as they are automatically sent to you 30 days after your account reaches £20. To change your preferred form of payment at any time within just log in to your account settings and you can do that there.

I did not see anywhere that says they have a referral program although many other sites say this. If they do, you will be able to share your link on social media which does sound like a very helpful way. If you think that Social media is not a good enough way to share any of your referral links then start your own online business with my free coaching and I will show you what it is like earning a full time income with affiliate marketing.


Now with this YourSayPays Review finished I can fully conclude that they are a legitimate site and both members and prospects will earn money by completing their surveys.

Pros And Cons About YourSayPays


  • YourSayPays has a Quick sign up process
  • YourSayPays gives members Surveys as soon as they fill out their profile.
  • YourSayPays is Easy to navigate.
  • YourSayPays also generates Quite short surveys.
  • In many cases YourSayPays gives members Less disqualifications than some websites.
  • YourSayPays also offers additional earning opportunities, if you do a telephone survey.
  • YourSayPays also run competitions at times


  • You still won’t earn much without fully utilising their referral program
  • It could take members quite some time to reach the £20 threshold.
  • YourSayPays don’t actually email you about surveys, you have to check.

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