YourOpinion Review: Earn Money Filling out Surveys

YourOpinion Review

There are so many reasons to want to start earning an online income and doing surveys is where people often look to make some extra money.

But do surveys pay enough for you to pay your mortgage? Probably not. Not unless you owned an actually survey business and was the one getting the jobs. It is a very interesting topic.

But What is and is this survey site any better than the rest? It could be, we’ll find out soon.

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What is YourOpinion?

YourOpion is an online survey panel that asks people to answer their surveys and in return will pay them a small percentage of what they earn. Members are to provide honest answers when giving them back and this will lead to a higher intake and more surveys being passed back to the member.

Opinions can be about different businesses products or services, advertising campaigns, new product launches, and just about anything else you can think of.

Is YourOpinion a reliable site to earn?

What makes this such a good industry to get into is that your options are highly sort after by different business looking to gain insights on what it is they have to offer. is a survey panel for people living in Australia only and minimum age is 14+.

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How does YourOpinion work?

Anyone can get started with YourOpinion just by going to their website and creating an account. Joining YourOpinion be place you alongside another 100,000 Members who are also actively engaged with taking surveys and answering questions.

The more people who are joining up the harder it will be for you to get more surveys coming your way. But you have to remember that everything takes time and effort with surveys which makes the opportunity not that good in that perspective. You have to search online for different panels and this can make your quest for earning money something to think about (whether it’s worth trying something different or not).

But at YourOpinion every time you complete a survey you will earn a reward. The compensation for these surveys will also change and be subject to the length and complexity of the survey. Compensation for each survey is foretold at the start of each survey, which makes things a little more interesting. This also sheds light on proof of earnings when competing.

After you have earned a minimum of $20 you’ll be able to cash out and the following options is what you have available:

  • Flexi e-gift cards – convert your Flexi gift card into gift cards from familiar retailers and restaurants such as Myer, Dominos, David Jones, Woolworths, Wish, and more.
  • Prepaid EFTPOS cards – receive a prepaid EFTPOS card available in $20, $50, and $100 denominations. The cards will be mailed directly to your home. Note that a $3 processing and shipping fee is attached to each redeemed card.
  • PayPal – earn $20 cash payments made directly to your PayPal account
  • Charity donations – donate your earnings to charities including Cancer Council Australia, Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia and Australian Red Cross.
Is YourOpinion a reliable site to earn?

If you wish to retain your rewards, you must participate with the panel in some way (try to take a survey, redeem rewards, update profile information) within a twelve-month period. If you do not participate in some way, YourOpinion may reset your balance to zero.

Next to the list above, YourOpinion also offers product sample studies, so depending on your location, you may be able to earn a little more by completing these. Members can earn up to $80 per hour.

Members can also choose to subscribe to mobile surveys, which are shorter in length but offer greater rewards! These will be sent to your mobile via SMS. You can opt-out of mobile surveys at any time.

The next element to this journey is being able to ask your friends and families if they would like to join. This is called referral marketing but works horribly without website. If you’re able to bring somebody to YourOpinion you’ll receive $2 for each referral and they must take their first survey before payment is issued.

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Since finishing my YourOpinion Review I can now fully conclude that this survey website is very successful. It has a lot of people working with them and therefore must pay some good payments.

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What I personally recommend

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in taking online surveys from home? Have you tried YourOpinion before?

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