Youromail: Can You Make Money Reading Emails? (Scam or Legit?)

Youromail Review

There are lots of reasons why looking for work online can be a good option to earn money. But the best way, or best income I should say, is passive income.

When you find a gig online, if it doesn’t pay you passive income next to what it offers, then there is a good chance you may move on from that option.

What passive income does, is, it allows you to keep earning money even when you have stopped working on the project.

Youromail is not something that pays passive income.

With Youromail, you get paid when you have finished the work and that is all. Also, it only pays like $2.

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Product Name: Youromail


Owner: MultiMoneyGroup

Price: Free

Overall Rating: -5/100

What Is Youromail?

Youromail is a general PTC Site that pays people to read emails and click on ads.

Youromail was created in 2004 and sports over 63,000 members from what other blogs are saying.

Youromail Review — Scam or Legit?

Youromail is a child company of MultiMoneyGroup, who also owns and operates DonkeyMails.

How Does Youromail Work?

Youromail works by getting people to join their site in the hopes that they will click on ads in emails and generate ad revenue.

It can be a pretty high paying avenue for companies that want to make fast money with ad revenue.

Youromail doesn’t have any support or forums, so be careful what you do with it, if anything.

Just log into your Youromail account and click through to where it says earn.


Key Features

  • FREE to Join!
  • Get Paid to Read Emails
  • All emails between 0.25 and 2 cents!
  • Earn up to $1 per Free Signup!
  • Earn Points for Free Advertising!!
  • International Members Welcome
  • No Activity needed To earn Referral Earnings! (Only click 1 link each 30 days to stay active)
  • Use your Cash and points for advertising!!
  • is an ad only website!!
  • 2 Cent Per Level 1 Referral!
  • 6 Referral Levels
  • Level 1 = 10% – Level 2 = 5%
  • Level 3 = 5% – Level 4 = 3%
  • Level 5 = 2% – Level 6 = 1%

Key Specs

  • Payout – $10
  • Members count – between 10, 000 and 100, 000
  • Average referral rate – 10%
  • Payment within – 0
  • Profit per click – $0.0025
  • Available clicks per day – 30
  • Payment solutions – PayPal, Payza, Solid Trust Pay
  • Language – English
  • Monitored since 3975 days
  • Payments reported on NBR $46.02
  • Accepted countries – All
    • Withdrawing
      • AlertPay
      • PayPal
      • Payza
      • SolidTrustPay
      • It costs $10 minimum to withdraw your earnings.

As you can see from here, it looks like you’ll need to first try and earn $10 by watching ads and reading emails. This can be very weird work, but its created because people supposedly do it.

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Is Youromail safe? The seems safe, although there isn’t many reviews on it. The only few reviews I’ve seen don’t say anything bad about it.

Does Youromail have payment proof? After I did a search on Google, I found payment proof in the comments section.

Is it easy to cash out? Yes. It is OK with getting your money.

Is Youromail a real and honest way to earn money online? Not really. I haven’t ever heard of jobs like this, but because they’re coming up so random now, I decided to review them.

Does Youromail have any bad reviews? No. From what I saw on Google, there is no bad reviews published.

Does Youromail have an app? No. Everything is done by their website, which does make them seem pretty cheap.

Would you recommend Youromail to a friend or relative? No. Because it is a PTC Site, I don’t recommend anyone getting involved with them.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • It has more sites like them recommended on the Youromail homepage. This means they give you a wider option to earn more money.
  • There are no bad reviews about this site online.
  • It offers PayPal in order for you to be paid.

What’s not to like

  • The earning potential is so low
  • You have to read emails and click on ads to get paid
  • PTC Sites are always dodgy because there’s no way in telling who is behind the operation.

Youromail Alternatives

Here at Affiliate Training Now, I don’t like to recommend sites to people if I feel they offer no value.

PTC sites are of little value to people, in the sense that all they do is show people what the internet is truly like.

If you want to keep clicking on ads to earn low income, then that is up to you.

But if you want to make some real money, then you’ll have to be ready to learn properly and work right.

In saying all this, just go check out the following post for Alternatives


Now, that I have finished reading the things about Youromail I can say that the site isn’t that bad. Even though it doesn’t offer a high earning opportunity, there isn’t any bad reviews about the website online.

When you go to the Youromail website it is all dark green and I think this will make it harder for people to read for long periods of time.

But I would like to know the earnings people have made with this site? Can you pop them down below?

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My strategy has a few simple steps

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