E-Research-Global: Earn Extra Cash Fast Online (Scam or Legit?)

E-Research-Global Review

So many people have the chance now to work online, but they just don’t know where to begin. 

Unless you have some luck along the way, you could still be at stages of taking paid surveys online to boost your income. 

But, let me tell you that taking paid online surveys is basically better for obtaining such experiences and not just earning extra.

The big businesses behind these survey gigs are the ones who make all the cash, and if you want to expand on what you are doing right now you need to focus and be trained via an online coaching or training program, from which, both can be obtained here at Affiliate Training Now.

Another thing you need is proof of success and income when testing new opportunities to make money from your computer. 

E-Research-Global: Earn Extra Cash Fast Online (Scam or Legit?)

Here’s one of our trainees, Erin Nelson, who often earns money from web work because she took our training and understands how it works: Another $300 for Web Work this Week So Far. If you want fast online success, I advise you read her story and simply copy what the training states.

But, what is E Research Global and is it reliable to earn income from your computer? Let’s move on to this now.

Product Name: E-Research-Global

Website: www.E-Research-Global.com

Download: Website version only

Owner: e-Research-Global.com Inc.

Price: Free

Earnings: $0.50 to $5.

Overall Rating: 59/100

What Is E-Research-Global?

E-Research Global is a website that anyone can join up to and participate in Online surveys, Online focus groups, Product testing, and Refer-a-friend program.

In order to learn who founded the site, we need to search in Google, which I did, and could only find a LinkedIn page supporting this query. The page states that E-Research Global lets members have access to over 36 languages and works in over 90 countries; which provides you with a lot of alleviation.

E-Research-Global: Earn Extra Cash Fast Online (Scam or Legit?)

What I like the most about this company is their affiliate program. You can see my site is based on affiliate training, which is because it’s the best possible option for work from home demand. My supporting evidence comes from D-Rattlesnake, who expresses earning $70 along with side struggles and overcoming snares within the market.

Simple questions such as how do you earn money from a blog can all be explained at Wealthy Affiliate.

How Does E-Research-Global Work?

To get started at E-Research Global, you need access to a computer and internet connection. You can then sign up and login to begin preparing for set tasks.

I won’t mention them all here because there’s to many, but don’t worry about what languages they have since there’s over 36 languages.

There are multiple ways for you to earn which includes Online surveys, Online focus groups, Product testing, and Refer-a-friend program.

There is no points system at E-Research-Global, and you get PayPal payments automatically after earning a minimum of $2USD, which isn’t what I thought… This makes them an excellent side for earning side cash fast.

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And just as you thought this panel was looking good, something bad is realized. To invite somebody you know, you only earn $0.10 after they have completed a qualifying survey of $1 or more. This means this program spec is definitely not worth it. NB: They have done this because they know that paying you direct into PayPal every time you earn $2USD is pretty good, so why should they pay if you refer when you will refer anyway… These market research firms earn billions while all the survey takers don’t earn anything, and you really need to keep this in mind from here on out.

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Ways To Earn –

  • Online surveys
  • Online focus groups
  • Product testing
  • Refer-a-friend program

Payments –

  • PayPal payments are automatically paid into your account once you earn a minimum of $2USD.

Community –

  • Website
  • About US

Key Benefits –

  • You can get paid automatically into PayPal once you reach $2.


Is E-Research-Global safe? Yes. E Research Global Surveys is safe to use. E Research Global login can be advanced with Google and email.

Does E-Research-Global have payment proof? No, there isn’t payment proof I can find in Google. This E Research Global review is aimed at helping you find something that you are happy with, and payment proof is often a way to see through and be happy with alternative destinations.

Is it easy to cash out? Yes. It’s one of the easiest platforms to earn money and get paid; they pay you automatically after you earn minimum $2 into PayPal.

Is E-Research-Global a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. A market research survey online is one of the best ways to earn extra while on your computer. E Research technology is where the company scouts people to answer questions, and they pay you little amounts. You should try affiliate marketing to earn a higher income salary.

Does E-Research-Global have support? Yes. If you look on the website, it offers a contact form for Product Customer Service.

Does E-Research-Global have any bad reviews? All E-Research-Global I’ve read have been good.

Does E-Research-Global have an app? No, there isn’t either Android and Apple apps available. However, you can use this system on mobile device. You need Paid Surveys US a lot of the time because they are one of the leading countries when it comes to market research.

Would you recommend E-Research-Global to a friend or relative? Can you change thinking tactics from here? If so, you can wonder what my site is about and opt in to join me. I wouldn’t recommend E-Research-Global because it doesn’t pay enough, and their referral program doesn’t pay enough either. Look at how much Roope Kiuttu earns from my #1 recommendation to find out better possible ways to succeed online.

How to get E-Research-Global Referrals

When it comes to making money from the internet, you need to learn the basics, and one of the main basics is affiliate marketing or what you would call referral marketing. 

Referrals are people you invite, and this industry is the biggest work from home industry you can get. 

Just about every single company on Google offers a rewards program which pays you to promote them.

Here’s how the process works –

  1. Choose an interest 
  2. Build a website
  3. Attract Visitors
  4. Earn Revenue OR social media engagement

Market online research survey paid is only a measuring tool to better your position for something bigger and better. The best paid survey panels cannot compete with affiliate marketing. If you are asking yourselfHow can I make money with no money, then you should try affiliate marketing?

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Easy threshold to meet to withdraw your earnings
  • Offers PayPal with retrieve your salary
  • Available in a bunch of places around the globe

What’s not to like –

  • Big misconception when it comes to making money online
  • Helping fatten somebody else’s business
  • Low-income earning opportunity overall
  • You will not get rich quick off this method


When it comes to answering surveys online, you need a bunch of sites that you can be harmonizing with so that you can increase your salaries. 

Isn’t this why you are here, to earn money?

Are you aware that you actually need a stable online business to make real money online?

If you would rather find out how to create your own profit-tree, choose Wealthy Affiliate.

Or, you can increase knowledge by reading another review I did, such as LifePoints Review.

And, here’s a page I found in Google that you may like which takes you to another page (leaving my site means going in another direction, which is not what we recommend in our training): Surveys for money: The best sites to take online surveys.


What I liked the most about E-Research-Global was the fact that they pay you right away, basically! When I was studying for this review, I saw that and immediately thought, this has to be one of the best survey sites around!? 

But as I kept reading, I came across the affiliate program they offer, and this thoroughly changed my whole feelings based on this survey site and the way I look at it.

They pay people $0.10 to invite others. This to me is completely meaningless and would make no sense in actually doing. I can only imagine how many people do this, or how many people they have had invite others?

E-Research-Global is a legit site, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

If you want to know how to make real money online, I suggest you keep reading or start now.

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Start now if you want to become financially independent.

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