WowApp Review: Scam or Legit?

WowApp Review

This is my WowApp Review. Find out if WowApp is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many reasons to be making an online income and this will boast a small portion of why that is true. Now, I want you to hear me nice and clear. Most people will move forward with this technique and begin to earn money with the offers on the application. But this is limited and earnings are very responsive. There are only so many times that members can continue posting affiliate links to social media and next to that Facebook is known for banning affiliate links once they are published to many times and come as bad listing. I have had it happen to me before and I had to get a new link for my ongoing promotion and this is how I know.

You see, I think it is very important to me that I recommend this technique to you now because the WowApp offers a great way to make money with their affiliate program. All you have to do is build a site and write a recommendation on why you think they are worth trying out. How easy is that? I understand there may new people here reading this review so I want to explain a little more what affiliate marketing is and how it works well with GPT Sites (Get-Paid-To).

If you have ever been searching around on the internet before you would have come across all the websites like the one you’re on that have a whole ton of writing. These websites are also called blogs but they are generally made to help people find what they are looking for. Once the website is made they then write content and publish it to their site. But to make money, they then have to find referral programs that offer to pay them a percentage to promote their business or products, which brings me to products. You can even be an affiliate for product promotion, so if you have certain products that you like to use or know about which would give you a reason to write a review, then you could write that review and begin getting paid to sell it online. Product promotion works really well with both Amazon and eBay partnerships and I think you would really like that as well.

Well, know that you know about being an affiliate, I want you to get started with your site now and I will see you on the inside where I can show you around and help you get started. From there, we’ll work on the content and the WowApp Promotion.

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What is WowApp?

The WowApp is an app that was created by Thomas C. Knobel as a way to end poverty among the world. The WowApp did not surface on the scene for 5 years after their development, which meant a lot of thought and ethics went into developing the structure. After 5 years of development, the Wow App is now available across all platforms for user experience including Android, iOS, and Chrome extension.

The WowApp claims that you can make money with their app for doing things that you could already do anyway. For example, some of those things are communicate, read news, browse the web, play games, open your mobile, shop online, take surveys or perform tasks.

As mentioned The WowApp has a number of different ways to earn money and below is are some examples:

  • Chat on your mobile phone.
  • Play games.
  • Take surveys, install apps, watch videos and complete other tasks.
  • Read news.
  • Shop online (cashback).
  • Browse the web.
  • View notification on your lock screen (smart slide).

Eligibility: 18+, WorldWide.

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How does WowApp work?

It is a common element that comes into one when somebody finds a survey platform that they want to earn money from. The first thing that a prospect will have to do to cohort with the following system that they find is create their account. To create an account with WowApp you will first need both your name and email address, fill them in, and jump straight back over to your email inbox to check for the verification link that WowApp would have sent to you. Once your account is created, it will then be perfect for you to move on to filling out the rest of your profile membership in which case can offer many extra bonuses. In the case of the WowApp, prospects must first be invited to join. However, if you go to the WowApp website they have a spare page of current members which allows a new prospect to join through them.

After you have successfully signed up to the WowApp you will start to earn rewards for different activities. Something interesting is that members are being paid out of the WowApp advertising which is 70-80%. WowApp keeps the rest. As mentioned earlier, you can sign up and use this device no matter what platform you have in your possession.

Now, you are ready to start earning, and it’s important to know that 100 WowCoins are worth $1.

I will take you through the many different ways you have to earn now, but first I want to point out the “Instant Earn” tab. This menu tab has a whole bunch of options to choose from such as Fiber, Watch Videos, Peanut Labs, and others.

The rest of the ways you have to earn are as follows:

  • Go Shopping WowApp has partnered with over 2000 merchants so you can earn cash back on purchases made through the platform. The cashback amount depends on the store and the product. The problem is that they don’t specify the cashback rate for different products.
  • Talk WowApp has a function similar to Skype, where members can call other WowApp members for free and also purchase credits to make national or international calls. Members will earn 10% of their net revenue for every paid WowApp call.
  • News and ChatThis tab allows members to earn WowCoins for making free calls, chatting, reading news, sharing files and more. These activities will pay member’s 20% of net revenue.
  • Smart Slide This functionality of WowApp will pay you 50% of net revenue for displaying news and advertising on your lock screen.
  • Smart web – This is a browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox. When members use Smart web, they’ll earn WowCoins for browsing the web, reading news, taking surveys and shopping.

The WowApp says participating members will earn 50% of their net revenue, but it’s unclear whether the different categories offer different pay rates since some tasks could be bigger than others.

WowApp does have an affiliate program and from what I have heard it pays pretty neatly. All you have to do is sign up, create your account, and go grab your link within the links section. WowApp referral program is significantly generous compared to other GPT sites. The reason being that your referral network can grow up to 8 levels. So, you will earn a percentage of your referral’s earnings as well as a percentage of what the referral of your referral earns, up to 8 levels. I have always made serious mention about starting your own website when promoting other people’s products and services otherwise you will find totally useless trying to get people to sign up. You can do this now that you’re at this blog and you get my free coaching. I hope to see you in the training first so that you can then come back and start promoting WowApp.


Now that I have fully finished the WowApp Review I can fully conclude that they are very legitimate and both members or prospects will earn money with their offers. However, you can’t go past their referral opportunity as that right there is just free money waiting to be earned. To be honest, it is that easy, all I did was create this review and then logged all the information into a spreadsheet which enables me to go back into my account months down the track and hopefully I’ll see earnings in there from some of my new sign ups. You can do this too, so get started now and I will see you in there.

Pros And Cons About WowApp


  • WowApp is available worldwide.
  • WowApp have different payment methods available.
  • WowApp has automatic donations to charity.
  • WowApp is Free to join
  • WowApp has Many earning options
  • You do good things whilst earning rewards with the WowApp option
  • WowApp have an affiliate program that is generous


  • Can be a bit confusing at first
  • Payout fees are fairly high
  • The way earnings are calculated is not very transparent
  • Very low-income potential.
  • Confusing interface.
  • Unclear earnings.

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