'World Global Network'

World Global Network – this is my review on the MLM platform.

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: World Global Network
Website: website.worldgn.com
Price: there is an upfront fee of one of their price packages
Owners: Fabio Galdi
Overall rank: 20/100

Pros vs Cons 


  • growing market for the wearable technology


  • easily replaceable gear
  • pyramid scheme marketing
  • low earning potential

Introduction into World Global Network

Some people find selling products for a commission online easy, and that’s why they like doing it.

Do you find yourself being good at buying products, from a triangle type of business model, and selling the products?

Some people think that MLM works like a pyramid. You get recruited by someone, and then once you register with the same company as them, they receive commissions. After that’s done, you buy products or packages and sell that off, all the while, the people up top are making the most money. So I guess you could say, it’s how strong, and how much determination you have.

That’s exactly what this is, with this platform.

World Global Network was foundered in 2011 by a person named Fabio Galdi.

This platform sells life health trackers, which are products that track your health.

Do you think that was a smart move, since health is a huge industry, what better industry to go for with MLM.

These products are wearable devices, which is supposed to be state of the art technology.

What Is World Global Network?

World Global Network is a MLM marketing firm that recruits people to sell wearable life sensing technology.

WGN has a mission, and that is to change the world health status with technology that’s innovative, and can help people get back on track with there everyday lives.

This company believes that electronic devices give off harmful radiations, also known as ‘electrosmog’. Because of this one of there selling products is made to counteract that exact problem, I’ll show you the product as we continue on.

Iv just mentioned one of the terms which this company operates by. The overall complex of this business consists of your overall well being. The devices they make are designed to measure and process your bio metrics, vital signs, and other related health issues.

WGN is headquartered in the UK, but also have offices in Moscow, Miami, Dubai, London, Dublin, and Singapore. WGN has operations in over 100 countries worldwide.

How does World Global Network work?

World Global Network operates using the business model also known as MLM.

MLM means that the people who are registered work to sell products, and also recruit more people to also help sell products.

MLM is solely dependent on independent distributors to sell the products of the company.

If you want to make money with this business model, you will have to become an independent distributor and sell there products. Along the way with that, you recruit people. When a new person signs up, they use your website address or link to do so. In this manner, the person becomes your referral.

Popularity graph over the last 5 years

'World Global Network'


Who is World Global Network for?

I would think this MLM franchise would fit well with somebody who has a website, or is willing to make one.

You must also have money. The reason why you need money is to buy the start up packages to get your business going.

Whether you could buy one start up package and get that sold quickly enough to use the money to buy again, will ultimately depend on your marketing experience.

Say for example, you only just built a website. To even start promoting these products, you will be waiting at least 8-9 months to get website traffic.

World Global Network affiliate programs

MLM can have the same effects as affiliate marketing in the sense that you still sell products. The thing is, affiliate marketing is nowhere near as complicated, and does guarantee your total success.

You don’t want to serious spend a fortune on your MLM package, and have to wait years to see results.

In this instance, the affiliate sense attaches to this business is by way of recruiting more members.

When you’re filling in the form to become a new registered, you must provide the details of the person who you came through. This is the building of the pyramid. The same thing will happen for you years down the track, if you stay good at it.

This is the only affiliate program they run.

World Global Network Tools & Training

So far, I have explained the main gist of this marketing company.

Under this heading, I want to expand on all the ways that you can use to build your business online, and make money with this marketing firm.

The first option is to sell the personal products.

Personal products: After you have signed up and become a registered member, you can sell their products. For each sale made, you earn a 10% commission.

Become a team builder: When you become a team builder it is your job to create two teams, that work for you. In this sense they will be called each one your ‘right arm’ and the second, your ‘left arm’. This makes your earnings a lot higher. Your earnings will be 10–20% of your teams sales volume.

Share in company revenue: Top company earners at the WGN are called ‘Present millionaires’. This is of course the top of the rank so you must have worked hard. At this position, you earn 1% of the companies total sales volume. Estimation annually, you need to be earning around $750,000 to get to this spot.

The lifestyle of rewards & bonuses: In this sense your life will enjoy private jets and luxury travel bonuses. For example, one of the bonuses is to maintain diamond rank for 4 consecutive commission cycles and receive $1000 bonus towards a new car.

World Global Network Support

World Global Network has email support to contact your distributors.

To contact the business itself, it the same as the email just mentioned.

Now, they also have a Facebook that could come in very handy when wanting to get in contact with them. The Facebook fan page actually seems really new because it only has around 49 likes.

World Global Network Price

Ok, let’s talk prices.

To become a World Global Network distributors, you have to buy the start up package upfront.

The packages are as follows:

• Helo LX Personal Bundle – $349
• Helo LX PLUS Personal Bundle – $359
• BioZen PLUS Personl Bundel – $359
• Helo LX Builder Pack – $1,349
• Mix Builder Bundle – $1,500
• Professional Pack – $3,500

These are all the packages that are offered.

If you maintain an entrepreneurial mindset and think you can come along within this industry, I suggest buying one, and getting your business running.

As you can see by the list, there’s a lot of room for comfort and play. You can go for a couple of hundred dollars just to get you started, and then move up to the more expensive as you go.

My final opinion on World Global Network

Now, let’s get into what I think about this company ultimately.

If you are familiar with the term MLM you should know that it can be very time consuming and just something that’s flat out. But again, it does exist.

It exists because for some reason it makes sense.

The reason why I’m not going to become an MLM worker is because I want to invest my time and laborer in building a website that makes me money. I don’t want to build a website, and then have to buy packages and then try and sell them.

Even having to start all the way down the bottom, I just find that a bit hard, especially when there’s a huge opportunity in affiliate marketing.

According to some of the reviews Iv seen, this company is not exactly lifting upon ground breaking innovations.

Included in this review, you will see somewhere that I have obtained a graph on the popularity of World Global Network over the last 5 years.

The only time that they looked like anyone was taking them serous was in 2017.

If you ask me whether I would recommend them, my answer would be no. Not because of the company, but because MLM is to confusing and the self-esteem from it does not help people’s feelings.

World Global Network at a glance

Name: World Global Network
Website: website.worldgn.com
Price: there is an upfront fee of one of their price packages
Owners: Fabio Galdi
Overall scam rank: 75/100

Your chances have just arrived

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