Work Home Reservation Agent Jobs – A Beginners Guide

A short beginners guide on becoming a Reservation Agent

Find work online is a long and tedious experience that needs to be done if you want to work online. But, is there any hope of being able to work online from home? Yes there is, but to be honest, a lot of it is seasonal, meaning at only certain times of the year the company has work. If you search online regularly and get train for it, you can become very good at working online, to the point where you obviously work online full time. It only takes a spread sheet and learning how to type to do this consistently. I often make mention when doing reviews, that when there is a company that only offers seasonal work, to write their details down in a Google spreadsheet, and keep it for later. This route would only take a few months to where you have a good and appropriate routine.

Working from home as a reservations’ agent is essentially the same as working from home as a customer-service representative. If you have excellent communication skills, extensive knowledge of places, and good research skills, then you can work at home as a reservation agent.

There are different tasks that work home reservation agent jobs consist of such as making reservations for restaurants, hotels, airlines, car rental companies, among others. Most reservation agents work over the phone from their home offices. A reservation agent job is particularly ideal for work-at-home moms, dads, and retirees. If you have a quiet place where you can talk on the phone without being disturbed, you will have a good line up for getting into this industry.

Requirements and Qualifications

Depending on what company you want to work for, requirements and qualifications will vary, but nonetheless all requirements for reservation positions remain the same, which can include:

  • Excellent customer service and sales skills
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • High school diploma or its equivalent like GED
  • A quiet work space or home office (as mentioned previously)
  • Advanced Problem solving skills
  • General computer skills and working knowledge of the internet
  • A Powerful internet connection or broadband
  • Adaptability to schedule working overtime, evenings and weekends
  • A dedicated home phone line

Keep in mind that the exact age instructional requirements can change between employers. There can also be advances where the company hiring you will require you to live nearby to where the business is located. Not all businesses do this, but some do.

Some employers or companies such as Air France KLM will want you to undergo a rigorous pre-employment background check alongside a drug test before starting employment for them. When getting started with these, you need to be accurate, well organized, and well-mannered. Staying like this will appropriate a good outcome.

Job Responsibilities

  • Taking reservations for hotels, restaurants, car rentals, airliners, among others
  • Offering expert advice along with personal recommendations where convenient to the consumer
  • Handling all calls or inquiries with the highest quality of respect, professionalism, and politeness
  • Passing on accurate information to the customer
  • Responding to a variety of inbound calls by phone and email from travel professionals and consumers

What are the benefits for working as a Work Home Reservation Agent?

I would recommend that the best part about this job position is being able to work from home. Think about how good it would be to get up and get a drink in the comfort of your own home? This is also alongside being able to schedule your own hours. Although most companies will allow you to work for your own set schedule, also remember that not every company is like this; some will require you to work hours on their terms including night shifts. The good part to working for some companies is that they will offer you discounts such as free hotel stays, airline discounts, free tour groups, free cruises liners, among others.

How much can you earn working as a Reservation Agent?

As you’re probably already wondering pay rates will vary from company to company. But with this being said, the common starting rate for being a reservation agent is around $9 per hour up to $15. Again, this is all dependent on the company you work for, which is why I recommend keeping a spreadsheet of some kind, that tallies all the companies you have added. As any normal job, some companies will grow your salary the alongside the more experience you gain, which is naturally normal. The better you get the more money you will obviously begin to earn. While doing some research on this article, I was able to find that another company called JetBlue circumvents their employees to a higher job position when they get good enough.

What companies hire Reservation Agents?

There are a lot of companies online that offer Reservations jobs from home. What I have noticed is that they change their websites up quite abit meaning you’ll often have to update your links if you’re saving them within your spreadsheets. This can get quite annoying but it’s only until you find your group of companies to work for to build a routine. Below are some well-known companies that offer reservation work from home:

How to get started with your journey as a reservation agent?

There is a list of companies above that I would like you to suss out first. You will definitely find a vacancy utilizing the companies listed above this heading, but if that doesn’t work, using Google is going to be the best shot. I would type in the keywords “Companies that hire reservations’ workers” and see what comes up. This is the kind of industry it is and if you’re only just starting out then you’re looking at a constructive journey ahead. Something to definitely keep in mind is building a resume that matches what this position advertises for. When a company sees all the right skills on a resume they will immediately say yes to hiring you.

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