Which is a Better Online Career-Path Amazon FBA or Blogging?

Look, I have been learning so much since starting my online business.

This article is so important that you might laugh halfway through it.

But you wouldn’t believe it.

For those of you who don’t know what both Amazon FBA and Blogging is, they’re both industries where anyone can start making money online.

Blogging is the more reliable source for income and incurs the proper way on doing things when it comes to building an online business.

But then there’s this Amazon FBA saga going on where self-proclaimed gurus are going on about how they’re making millions in dropshipping with Amazon and how you can too by taking their course.

But you wouldn’t believe it.

I did the hard work, starting an online business by blogging. I must admit, it is hard writing articles for your website and getting them to rank in Google which will get me free traffic. With Amazon FBA you have to pay for advertising.

What is bugging me so much right now, is kind of like the young self-proclaimed entrepreneurs who are making thousands in Amazon FBA and coming out now basically yelling on paid advertising how they have succeeded and how you can to (if you take their course).

Now here is what is bugging me so much.

1. These Gurus look young and are extremely young.

2. These Amazon FBA Gurus/Amazon FBA Course providers did not want to teach people how to do things right before they started.

Its all starting to make sense now.

I am seeing so many ads on social media about how you can make money by taking an Amazon FBA Guru Training course.

1. A Course is not good enough.

2. The courses these Self-Proclaimed Gurus are giving you are exactly just that, a simple course.

To make money online you need a serious platform subscription based where you can get support 24/7 immediately.

Not one of these Amazon FBA Courses have Live 24/7 Support where they’re actually holding your site from the back end and can see everything that is going on with it.

With an Amazon FBA Course you get email support and a Facebook Group for community interaction. That is how bad this is. These gurus are making millions and never provide these very important features in their courses that they sell.

Their Amazon Courses are very quickly made courses just so they can get out there on Paid Ads and essentially start Showing off and proclaiming how they have cracked a code and they can help you do it too!!!! This is so far from the real truth.

There is no Amazon FBA Course that is Subscription based so that you don’t go anywhere. If you’re paying for a product with a one-time payment, how are they meant to provide you one on one expert support right then and there? Exactly where? Do you understand what it takes to build a platform like that? That offers a real support team on the back end of your store or website? A lot.

I know all this because I was taught by an amazing platform where they showed me step by step how to build a website and provided me 24/7 support with a team on the back end of my website, able to access it straight away and help me fix any problems I was facing, and trust you me, I needed this and used it so much throughout the construction of my online business.

The amount of moving parts that an Amazon FBA Store takes to set up and a lot. It is an avenue that only makes you money and does not provide you with a helpful online business that ranks within the Google Search Results. You’re simply an ad to a one-page website. It is cheap and off its head.

I guess Amazon FBA was intended to help struggling retail stores get back on track by being able to compete with Amazon themselves by using the Amazon FBA opportunity.

But turns out that millions of little self-proclaimed fake eCommerce gurus are now taking advantage of this legendary opportunity to make money themselves.

Now listen carefully.

That previous sentence just said that the gurus are making every effort to use Amazon FBA to make money online without actually providing anyone value.

This is where bloggers come into it.

Bloggers are the ones that chose to provide value for the internet and Amazon FBA Gurus did not. The gurus wanted to stuff people off and make themselves rich only.

I find it so strange that right when these Amazon FBA gurus make money then turn straight to wanting to help others and become Ecommerce Tutors.


How funny is that?

They go from not wanting to build an online business and start blogging to wanting to become ECommerce Tutors? This is how strange they’re looking.

Is there even a thing as an eCommerce Tutor?

And if so, where is the platform for it because I will review it.

To become an eCommerce tutor you would have to spend millions of dollars on a platform, marketing, and expert training.

After having said all that, do you agree?

Are you intrigued on seeing what I have to offer that confirms what real value should look like?

In the following list, it shows you a bunch of members who have become successful inside the platform:

Now this isn’t the joke. What you might not know is what the joke is.

If you ever consider to buying another $997 Amazon FBA Course online again, remember to come back to this post and see if things line up. For this reason you should bookmark this page as if to say you have it ready.

I mean, with everything in this short article, how clearer can you see things? And for beginners, this should open their insights right up so that they can make correct and valuable choices moving forward.

Each training course ever invented for making money online should offer the following:

  • Members own blog profile
  • Members Earning Features to promote the platform
  • A Writing platform where members can form a blog post
  • A WordPress back-end for their website
  • 24/7 Site Support
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • 24/7 Live Community Chat and Interaction within the platform
  • Direct Messaging from one member to the other
  • Training Courses and Modules
  • Training Webinars by Platform Members themselves
  • Training HQ Area where all lessons & classes are situated
  • Comments feature to buy comments for your baby website to get it off the ground
  • Site feedback for your website to it off the ground
  • Custom Website Builder
  • Domains Purchasing
  • Affiliate Programs that members can join from the platform (so you don’t have to leave, ever!)
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Training-Creation Tool where members can make their own training and courses

In closing

Now that I have been able to address what I am seeing online I hope this can give you some value.

Going the wrong way is very possible in life and this sort of situation and when you have two paths ahead of you, you must choose correctly.

Do you want to remain humble and build an online business that serves people and helps the community, or do you want to build a one-page website that is created just for targeting ads to?

It is very important that you remember that this is not a race. I mean, I’m 37 and want to go faster and faster, but for some reason I keep getting brought back to the value and real online business thing.

I want an online business that works. One where I can build and then not have to worry about with passive income.

When you build a website right and receive all the information on passive income, you end up building a website that will always make you money even if you’re not doing anything with it.

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