What is UserZoom: A Scam or Legit? An Honest Review

UserZoom Review

This is my UserZoom Review. Find out if UserZoom is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many reasons for people to want to start making an online income and this is by no means a short way to make a lot of it. I would never rearrange my thoughts by thinking it is ok to earn small amounts of money and that is all. Earning is learning and if you want to earn money online then this UserZoom Review is merely a small lesson on different opportunities that the internet holds. Even I’m here researching what this program and is and learning how it makes people happy in order that I may pass that information on and help others find what they are looking for. But in no way do I accept that this timeline of events in within this opportunity is something that I could consider as being a means of escape from that homeless lifestyle.

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But, What is UserZoom.com and how do they lay claim to giving you incentives? Find out now.

What is UserZoom?

UserZoom is a research platform that offers remote usability testing, recruiting, and data collection services for businesses. UserZoom was founded in 2007 by Alfonso de la Nuez, Javier Darriba, Xavier Mestre’s. UserZoom is now currently headquartered in Regions such as San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and The West Coast. UserZoom Industries includes:

  • Market Research
  • SaaS
  • Software
  • Test and Measurement
  • Usability Testing
  • UX Design

UserZoom.com generates $168.7K in revenue per employee. WWW.UserZoom.com latest funding round was a Series A for $34M on Oct 2015. UserZoom top competitor is UserTesting, led by Andy MacMillan, who is their CEO. UserZoom has 2,903 followers on Owler. UserZoom is considered sporting 101-250 employees for their entire framework.

But even with all this great information are they still recommended as a helpful way to make people money online? To know this, we need to dig deeper but not only that, also search out a Facebook Fan Page that they may offer some extra insights to who they are and how they operate. However, I did find their Facebook Fan Page where they boast over 1.1K Likes. 

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How does UserZoom work?

To get started with UserZoom you will have to create an account by either using the UserZoom App or website. The process is swift and should only take a few seconds using both your name and email. To become a UserZoom Tester you need to understand its inner motions on scent to how it works. UserZoom us a cloud-based platform, and as a tester, you’ll help to provide quantitative and qualitative assessments for its clients. You must be at least 18 to work on this panel.

An initial test is required before you can start working, and this demonstrates that your system has the capabilities required.

To conduct assessments and UserZoom Surveys members have to install their software which includes an E-Certified program which should not cause any drama with your daily tasks and earnings. It can be installed on your desktop, and you can also use it on your mobile device. UserTester offers offices in four countries and hire from different locations, so if you are looking for a remote work opportunity, this is one to consider.

What is important to companies is that their end users have a seamless experience.

UserZoom testers can earn a fair side income with this site. After each time a member finishes the set tasks, their payment will be approved. Members will be paid by PayPal and will receive payment within 21 days of completing the job.

UTest pays $10 for full audio and video jobs. Members can move though the task at different speeds, the time taken to complete it is less than 30 minutes. The rate of pay is matched to the task, and most people finish in 15 minutes.

UserZoom does not offer an affiliate program either, so anyone looking to make extra it is not possible with this company. However, it is possible with the company below which I can show you how. Keep reading.


Now that I have fully finished my UserZoom Review I can conclude that the platform is legitimate and you will earn money with their opportunity.

Pros And Cons About UserZoom


  • The UserZoom installation is really easy and fast.
  • You can use a free UserZoom account and get what you need easily.
  • UserZoom Offers a wide variety of testing types: Click Testing, Card Sorting, and Screen Recording.
  • Post-Test Reporting with UserZoom helps make sense of the pass/failure rate of certain tasks (and participants).
  • UserZoom is relatively easy to add and edit tasks for users.


  • It Would be good to see a browser application.
  • Some researchers say it Could be easier to get the link to the call
  • The UserZoom Use-interface could be improved.
  • The more depth and agility that any UX tool offers, the more successful the offering being tested will be in the marketplace. Therefore, we suggest never putting a ceiling on UX testing capabilities.
  • In the early days of our using UserZoom our own UX with the tool was a bit of a challenge, but it’s become far more user-friendly since then.

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