What is UserCrowd.com? Is it a Scam? Honest Review

UserCrowd Review

This is my UserCrowd Review. Find out if UserCrowd is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many ways to begin making money online and in this review I want to show you both the review service and what I do to perform an online income regularly. You see, when I write, I keep in mind that there could also be very serious people who are also keen to begin making large sums of money online, and will automatically swap doing small online jobs, such as UserCrowd for something a lot better.

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But what is UserCrowd About and what can they provide you in learning how to produce an online income? Let’s find out now.

What is UserCrowd?

UserCrowd is an online website and usability platform whereby users can learn to help businesses by providing helpful feedback on both websites and apps. You see, when a developer produces a new line of technology, the usability side of the internet has become very helpful in getting good feedback on what their products are like to which they’re taking to the next level. As a worker from home, your job within UserCrowd is to fulfil the obligations of what each product creator is searching for. For this review I did find it pretty hard looking for information on who are the founders behind the platform. However, I did find that the home address of UserCrowd.com was founded back in 2015, which means they’re a few years old. They also don’t have any social media which could have made things ten times easier for their members to learn how they work.

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How does UserCrowd work?

Now, unless you have heard of this site before, getting started with the UserCrowd website would have remained unknowing. You would have most likely typed in the search engines “how to make money either online or with user testing services”, for which people who already have some knowledge on this would already have half a path. But for this review I need you to tap on the site link here to get started. Then, you’ll see on the next page some relevant information that I need you to read in order to learn more about the site right before joining.

Once you have done that there is a “Become a Tester Now” link at the bottom of the site for which you’ll be able to begin earning for this site with the jobs they offer. One thing I learned with this company is that you don’t have to record your screen when doing a job. Nor your voice. But when you do a job you’ll see the product shown on your screen for up to one minute for which you can then provide given feedback on what you saw and the way in which you perceived it. Elements you might see are things like logos, design types of all sensations, web pages, and mobile applications face fronts. To receive hits locally, you’ll need to have your notifications turned on within your browser. Each time you complete one of the user tests you’ll earn $0.10 to $0.50 for the tests. Keep in mind the tests are simple and take less than 5 minutes of your time. You’ll earn credits for each test you take. The tests pay between 1 to 5 credits. The credits are converted to $0.10 for each credit you earn. You must have a minimum of $10 in your account to cash out. The opportunity could take you a few months to earn a good amount of money depending on how many tests are available. You can only cash out using your PayPal account. You must give the company your PayPal ID in order to receive your payment. The site will process your payment and pay you within 30 days, so when you’re ready to cash out, you must request your payment from the site.


Now that I have fully finished my UserCrowd Review I can now fully conclude that this site is legitimate and that you will earn some good money with their offers.

Pros And Cons About UserCrowd


  • UserCrowd offers Payment via PayPal
  • UserCrowd is Available globally
  • UserCrowd is also mobile-friendly
  • UserCrowd offers a way to make money online


  • Limited earning opportunities
  • Low-earning potential
  • Takes quite a long time to receive payment
  • The website does not have social media
  • UserCrowd does not have any information on their site of who founded the business
  • They also have limited information on what they offer

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience with testing new software online? Have you worked for UserCrowd before?

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