What is the Ipsos I-Say Survey Panel: Is it a Scam or Legit?

Ipsos I-Say Review

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Ipsos I-Say is a survey website that allows their prospects to sign up and earn rewards by completing their tasks but the one thing that I have noticed so many people missing out on doing properly is bringing in others and earning money just off referrals.

Completing the activities is fun but since I have started reviewing a ton of these platforms it has occurred to me that members aren’t making the most they can and that is what we don’t want.

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What is Ipsos I-Say?

ipsosisay.com is a market research opportunity online that was founded in 1975. This is something and when you’re searching for new market research firms it is always better when the firm is trusted obviously but this can be assured with long life. Ipsos I-Say has 45 years under its belt, which holds remarkable intent for the industry sector. Since their launch Ipsos I-Say has grown to a whopping 15,000 employees which are contracted in various parts of the world.

Ipsos I-Say has over 5000 clients and growing. With over 3 million members uniquely sharing their knowledge you have a great chance at jumping in on some action as well.

Ipsos I-Say is owned and managed by Ipsos (market research professionals) who conduct more than 70 million interviews per year and climbing. They operate in over 100+ countries in and around the world.

You have a great chance here at making some serious bucks and if you want full-blown information on how to truly nail this campaign then read carefully as I offer and show you how.

Note: The European version of this panel, Ipsos Access Panels, merged with Ipsos i-Say. They are now one.

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How does Ipsos I-Say work?

The first thing you want to do with the Ipsos I-Say Platform is sign up by using your name and email. Once you have entered your details its then time to head over and verify your email with the platform. The general task from here is to fill out as many details as you can to the point where you are going to get more offers but at the chance that you’ll still qualify, see what I mean? Sometimes you can add heaps of details but still not qualify for a survey, because some of your information was a little off. With this in mind you can correctly enter in what you can because I have something that I want to help train you on which is getting other people to sign up to the point where you still earn your normal points except somebody else is doing the work for you.

There are a variety of ways that you can earn with the Ipsos I-Say website here’s how:

Loyalty Program – I put this here first so that you would see the importance of this, there’s no such thing as trying to make money online without making it right. With this opportunity you must have an online business otherwise you are just wasting money down the drain for nothing.

Check this out: For each prospect that signs up through your Ipsos I-Say referral link you earn 100 I-Say Points.<—- Get millions of referrals (sign-ups) with this link….

With Ipsos I-Say there are also ongoing promotions that offer more rewards for each successful sign-up you bring into the platform

Members can request to receive a payout Into their PayPal accounts or Receive gift Cards when they reach the below threshold of 10-15000 points which equals $10-$15.

Can you see the potential earnings here when people sign up through your links?

There are so opportunities to take with this platform heres the list below:

  • Paid Surveys
  • Contests
  • Community

Every member of Ipsos I-Say qualifies for the loyalty program. The more surveys you participate in, the higher the bonuses you will get. As such, 5 surveys qualify you for 25 points, 15 surveys for 50 points, and 200 surveys for 600 points.

You will receive at least 1 survey a month, or as many as 8, depending on if your profile details match up with the surveys themselves (mentioned earlier). Take online surveys on a variety of different topics. Typically, earn between 10-100 points for each survey you successfully complete. Survey invitations are sent directly to your inbox for ultimate convenience.

You will also receive points if you are screened out (5 points for each survey you screen out of), and if you are a regular user of the Ipsos I-Say platform, you also receive loyalty I-Say points. For example, if you respond to 10 surveys, you’ll be rewarded 50 I-Say bonus points, or if you respond to 50 surveys, you will receive 200.

Ipsos I-Say also sports apps which are also available on Android and iOS, this lets you complete surveys on the go. You’ll also Get up-to-date notifications when new surveys are released and customize your alerts so you are in the know wherever you are. You can even redeem prizes on the go!


I highly recommend the Ipsos-I-Say survey website for all your extra money making opportunities.

Pros And Cons About Ipsos I-Say


  • Has mega-opportunities
  • Has great payouts including PayPal
  • Intuitive Platform and also sports an app


  • They have some bad customer service (usually the case when they are good, trying to bring the company down)
  • Each country has different offers
  • Low-earning potential without using the referral programs

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  1. I like doing online surveys. I have the patience and the time as I am online full time. Thanks for this review. You have explained everything I need to know about Ipsos i-Say. I am convinced. I will sign up with them. We all need that extra dollar to take us to the next month. Thanks.


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