What is SurveyVillage.com.au: Is it a Scam or Legit?

Survey Village Review

This is my Survey Village Review. Find out if Survey Village is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many reasons to want to join in on the hype on taking online surveys and making extreme amount of monies. There are a few main ways to make money online and they are either GPT Sites (Get-Paid-To) Surveys Sites, or Affiliate marketing. There is also drop shipping and buy and sell on eBay. As you can see there are tons of ways to make money online what makes me the most interested is the fact that you only need a website to do all of this.

Do you have any issues with building your own online business website? If you’re currently looking for surveys to fill out then this is definitely in your scope as you are somebody who is also doing all the things affiliates do. That is the whole reason why I am aiming this Survey Village Review at you because I saw the need of more websites being built to accommodate the survey referrals programs.

Since I started my online business, I started noticing that all survey takers are promoting their survey site affiliate links to Facebook and all other social options that they have, and in return getting nothing out of it. Is the reason hard to see why? If you’re new here then it would be, so let me tell you. Facebook bans affiliate links that uploaded to their site to many times with no quality content as it is treated as spam content. A spammy link. No web owner wants spammy links on their websites.

There are tons of survey takers doing surveys and joining new platforms with the intent to make money except they have no website. You need to create a Survey Site Review before you can continue on with your work and by doing this you will have all your referrals sorted out from there on and into the future. This is what I am talking about the future. If you start now you will sport great success into the future and not be sitting there still waiting.

I am a free coach and I coach people on how to build their websites and create their full-time structure. This is something very big as well. So, among starting this Survey Village Review I want you to also think about what you would like to do and hopefully I will see you on the inside ready to get started.

Survey and GPT Sites offer some of the lowest-earning opportunities online and because of this, it makes a lot of people look for other alternatives. These can range in lots of different options, but one that I like to recommend is affiliate marketing. It is so easy just to put up a website and earn commissions from selling other people’s products, I mean, check out this: 4-Year WAnniversary & $100K+ Earned Online!. The latter is a person who started from the beginning and did not stop, now she earns a full-time income from home! If you start now I’ll become your free coach and mentor on the inside!

What is Survey Village?

Survey Village is a market research panel owned and operated through Yellow Squares Market Research Agency Specializing in online surveys. Survey Village boast years of experience in market research and anyone who want to take things one step further are able to also verify these credentials through the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS).

Survey Village offers many different ways to earn money such as online survey’s product Testing focus groups and more. Becoming a member of the Survey Village website is going to enable you to give your opinions and shape the way the future is set in concerns with both products and services.

Another way that I like to always see first is telling on whether the survey platform also has a social following. In this case, Survey Village does have a Facebook Fan Page and at the time of writing they boast over 5K Likes. This is something that will also come in handy for survey takers as they are able to search the wall and keep up to date with opportunities that they post. Members will also be able to get support from there as an alternative as well.

Eligibility: 16+ (with a guardian), For People in both Australia and New Zealand.

For anyone who is serious about making money online and want to be able to stop taking surveys, I have a training that has helped me and I want to show you with proof of people’s earnings such as: $4984.18 in the month of October!. The latter is somebody who joined, listened, and began the training and is now making over $4K per month just by writing articles and publishing them to he’s own website. You can do this, too! And I want to be your free and personal coach along the way, so jump in and I look forward to seeing you in there!

How does Survey Village work?

As with all survey opportunities with Survey Village the sign up process is easy as anything. All you need is both your name and email address to sign in. Once that’s done you will have to verify your email address with a verification link that was sent to your email inbox and this then takes you to the main sign up page. The registration form only takes two seconds to fill out. And once you’re done doing all of this the sign up process is done and you are then ready to start taking their offers.

  • In-person Focus Group Discussions – Members will need to undertake a preliminary screener survey test to see if they qualify. Then, if you’re chosen, group session will consist of around 8 people in all and take 1-2 hours per day to undergo. These will pay members in between $60 – $120. It is considered that longer sessions will accommodate for drinks and snacks also.
  • Online Surveys – Online will also require that the individual undergo a screener survey and if they pass will get to take the survey. However, I did one myself and found that when I failed the screener I was bonused $0.05 cents which was nice.
  • Telephone Surveys These may take between 2 and 30 mins to complete.
  • In person One on One Interviews – In person interviews can be recorded on both video or audio. They will usually take between 20 minutes to 1.5 hours. Members will be paid between $30 – $150.
  • Mystery Shopping – Sometimes with These there may be a short screener survey to be initiated upon taking the opportunity. With this contention there are many cases where the members get to keep the product that which they test.
  • Postal Diary Studies – With this option there could be a short screener initiated upon completing the task. If you’re selected, you will then be asked to record yourself for the next 7 – 14 days. The subject of what they do could change and this is also in conjunction with pay raise.
  • Accompanied Shopping Trips – This one is kind of fun and will require you to be taken to a store (if you pass the screener) whereby you will be asked to shop for products and services. Also, included are different behaviours and patterns that you could compensate with. For this job compensation ranges between $30 – $150.
  • Venue Product Testing – There may be a short screener survey required to determine if you qualify. If you are chosen, you will be asked to test a product at a venue near your location. The payment may be between $10 – $100 for your time.
  • In-Home Product Testing – There may be a short screener survey required to determine if you qualify. If you are chosen, the product will be sent to your home address. You will usually be asked to complete two surveys about the given product. Compensation varies.
  • Online Forums and Blogs – There may be a short screener survey required to determine if you qualify. If you are chosen, the tasks required are similar to the “postal diary study” setup except, your answers will be listed on either a forum or blog format. Compensation varies.
  • Referring Prospect Survey Takers – This is an opportunity to bring in new people into the platform and you earn $5 on each new person who signs up.

Many surveys are rewarded with the currency, “reward dollars”. Once you have $20 reward dollars you may redeem them for a variety of gift cards at over 35 online and High Street stores. These include: Prepaid Visa cards, iTunes, Coles, PlayStation, and EB games gift certificates.

Survey Village also has a referral program which pays members a $5+ per person you bring into the platform. If you ask me I think that is pretty good. The element to earning with this opportunity is truly owning your own online business. If you’re only posting your link to Social Media you can only show your friends list once before they say no again, which is why I highly recommend signing up to the opportunity and creating your own website which can be done in literally 30 seconds thanks to the advanced training platform that offers absolutely everything you need all under the one roof.


Now with the Survey Village Review finished I can fully conclude that this panel is legitimate and members or prospects will have a great time earning from this panel. They also have a great referral program, which means you can bring in new members and increase your earnings without having to do much else. That is what I recommend every person do, and if they are interested then start your online business here and I will see you on the inside where I will give you my free coaching and support alongside everything else you get.

Pros And Cons About Survey Village


  • Survey Village Sign up is free and effortless
  • Survey Village has tons of opportunities to make money
  • Survey Village has a referral program that pays members $5 per referral
  • Survey Village pays members gift cards for rewards


  • Survey Village does have a fairly high withdraw threshold ($20)
  • The Survey Village Panel is only for Australia and New Zealand which can lower referral earnings (If you have a website)

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