What is Surveygoo Panel: Scam or Legit?

Surveygoo Panel Review

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What is Surveygoo Panel?

Surveygoo is an online survey website panel and community that offer money in exchange for both members and prospects to complete tasks and refer others. This is so important because you can build a site and put this operation on autopilot for bringing in an online income for yourself. The process can be repeated over and over with each survey site you join. Surveygoo Panel runs polls and online surveys for leading brands, advertising, marketing, and PR agencies. Surveygoo is run by Asia Opinions Ltd. who also operates the Opini panel network in the UK and Asia Pacific. This particular panel focuses on engaged UK consumers ready to take polls on a range of topics and make money for that

As an external business owner you can also create/have surveys created for you – with the aim of conducting market research for your business.

Surveygoo is not just about their members doing surveys, members can also opt in to be a part of focus groups, telephone interviews or webcam interviews.

Payment from survey goo panel is simply via PayPal or Amazon vouchers.

Another element to finding no scam survey businesses is finding that they have a social following. And in this case, Surveygoo do have a Facebook Fan Page with under 50 Likes at the time of this Surveygoo Review. Being able to contact a survey site social media outlet enables members to receive help faster and stay up to date with what the platform is doing.

Eligibility: 16+, UK residents.

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How does Surveygoo Panel work?

As with all survey websites when a new prospect wants to join up they must in turn create their user account and this can be done by using both their name and email address. Once they have created a survey profile they need to jump back into their email inbox to verify their account which would have received a unique link.

Complete the profile listed in your account to earn additional cash rewards. Complete 50+% of your profile to earn £0.50, all the way up to £1.00 for full completion of your profile.

Surveygoo will have many different survey topics that interest you, most surveys will cover topics such as product’s reviews, services, brands, or matters of public opinion. Some studies are designed to gauge consumer reaction to specific adverts or new products before they are launched.

Most studies will be in an online survey format, however on occasion, you may be asked to participate in a product test, bulletin board assignment, or keep a diary – all of which will offer greater rewards for your participation. The cash reward for each study is always clearly stated before you participate.

Surveygoo awards a screen out reward of £0.02 for every survey you get disqualified from. So if you click on a survey and are unable to complete it, you’ll still earn some compensation for your time, which is always something on a more positive note.

In October 2019, Surveygoo released their app on Google Play and Apple iTunes. Members can now access their Surveygoo account from the app to get notified of new survey opportunities and request payments. The app makes it easy to take surveys directly from your phone and to keep on top of your rewards balance. This is one of the elements that will truly take this survey site to their next stages in terms of contention and meaningfulness membership wise.

But, another huge element to being successful with this career/industry is being able to Earn additional cash incentives by referring friends to Surveygoo-using your custom referral link. Surveygoo members can access their affiliate link within their member profiles.

Surveygoo have more and better bonuses than some other survey sites which are both using your affiliate link and achieving milestones. Members can earn £o.10 for bringing in new members but this also grows which looks like this:

  • Members then earn an additional £1.00 after their referral finishes their first survey
  • Members then earn £2.00 after their referral completes 15 surveys
  • Members then earn £0.25 after their referral has completed 25 surveys
  • Members can earn a total maximum of £2.45 after their referrals has finished 100 surveys

As mentioned just before members can also earn cash bonuses after achieving certain milestones:

  • Earn a £1.00 bonus after 5 survey completions
  • Earn £0.30 bonus after 15 survey completions
  • Earn £0.50 bonus after 35 survey completions
  • Earn £1.00 bonus after 55 survey completions
  • Earn £1.10 bonus after 75 survey completions
  • Earn a £2.00 bonus after 100 survey completions

Members receive their earnings in the form of either PayPal Amazon vouchers, or GiftPay e-voucher when they have met the low withdrawal threshold of £10. Withdrawals must be made in increments of £10 (ex: £10, £20, £30, etc.).

Typical surveys pay out £0.08-£2.80.

What do you think of this referral program, do you like it? I would like to see your thoughts down in the comments section and also you can subscribe and stay update as I review more survey panels and ways to make money online. That has got to be one of the most exciting industries you have heard of? Therefore, I should see millions of new subscribers each day.


Now having finished the Surveygoo Review I can fully conclude that the opportunity here is legitimate and not a scam. You will earn money upon joining and even more so if you sport your own website and know how to bring in new members, which is something I personally coach people how to do. If you would like to learn this then jump on board and it will only take you a few weeks to see huge results.

Pros And Cons About Surveygoo Panel


  • Surveygoo is free to sign up and create an account to start earning rewards
  • Surveygoo has many different elements to their success rate
  • Surveygoo is an accredited company by my standards
  • Surveygoo has multiple tasks that members can take to evaluate their opportunities


  • Surveygoos affiliate program is limited
  • Surveygoo is only enabled for members to join within the UK
  • An opportunity like this has a low earning potential unless members have a website and fully utilize any affiliate programs that are included

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