What is Store Formula? A Scam or Legit? Honest Review

Store Formula Review

There are so many ways coming up now to earn money that people do have some good options. But what about getting a free coach who will coach you one on one? This to me sounds very valuable, indeed.

I offer free online coaching and that is why I have high expectations when consulting with one another. Also, with the companies and products I investigate, I expect them to behold the ultimate value as I do.

But What is Store Formula, and is drop-shipping an easy way to make money online for a beginner? No, it’s not.

Not only do you have to spend the money on the course, but you also need thousands to run expensive Facebook ads to get people to your products. And that is what Drop-shipping is all about.

Even with Store Formula, the owner claims on their homepage that he coaches the members along the way, and to say that is a very big call.

How much income proof can this course provide you?

To give you an example, check out this post: I Passed The $100 Mark This Month. This is a post from inside one the best on the market, if you wish to earn money from a reliable source, and as we keep moving through this review, I’ll kind of compare sources in turn so that you can see for yourself what is more valuable or not.

What is Store Formula?

Store Formula is an online course that works in conjunction with CommerceHQ. You may be wondering what this means, and if you don’t know who Jon Mac is, he is the one who built both platforms. CommerceHQ is a take-off of Shopify, except in he’s own version.

If you have been looking for an alternative to Shopify and something that also has its own course, then maybe Store Formula is what you’re in need of.

However, I think both Shopify and Store Formula are both expensive, and if you’re just getting started, what can you do, spend your weekly salary from a 9-5 to get started with making money online? No. I’ll show you what I think soon, but first, a little more on Store Formula and who Jon, the founder, is.

Is Store Formula a reliable course to earn?

Jon Mac is an online marketer who has created various online courses, platforms, and books, which include Freedom Formula, CommerceHQ, and Store Formula.

After reading some blogs, I found that Jon claims he’s drive for online marketing comes from changing student’s lives. But I don’t know if I truly understand what he means by this. The money he earned from selling courses is how he was able to re-create a Shopify platform, with that being said, I’m sure that I am a true fan.

Wouldn’t you need a true team who actually only wants an ecommerce platform and not courses as well? I mean, when talking about ecommerce and the trillion-dollar market, I think it will take a lot more than Jon, and he’s team.

If you’ve made this far and still want to make money online and don’t have the money to invest, or you’re just a beginner and want something that does leave you all alone, don’t take this path. Instead, I want to show you some real proof of people earning money online: Highest Affiliate Commissions – New Record Today! ($6,582+).

How does Store Formula work?

Getting started with Store Formula is a very easy process, you just need to go over to the https://go.storeformula.com/ and create your account.

I noticed that on the other domain at https://storeformula.com/ that Jon is standing there with he’s students. Now, this is what I don’t fully understand because if he has this many students, then how can they all speak through a live chat on the training platform?

In this industry, you must have help along the way, or you just won’t make it. That is why so many people quit and get out.

I’ve given you two posts thus far showing how much success there is to be made as long as you have the right training and tools, you can do it too.

But on both of Jon’s pages, I don’t see anyone talking about success. Sure, on the purchase page, there are some recorded videos of people who don’t look happy and that is it!!!!

Check out this post: How I Earned $9465.05 Thanks To WA Members. This link is living proof of success and I can coach you alongside all the members inside where there is a live chat and help whenever you need it.

The Store Formula Course is delivered in video tutorials. There are 53 tutorials with a length of 9 hours and 17 minutes.

Here’s an Overview of the modules included in the 4-week Course:

  • Week 1: Build (Length: 2 Hours 37 Minutes)
    • This week focuses on how to set up your store, which is done on CommerceHQ instead of Shopify.
  • Week 2: Select (Length: 2 Hours 17 Minutes)
    • This week’s lessons will show you how to find and select products for drop-shipping
  • Week 3: Launch (Length: 1 Hour 55 Minutes)
    • This week, Jon will teach you how to set up Facebook ads to drive traffic.
  • Week 4: Outsource (Length: 1 Hours 29 Minutes)
    • The final week of the course is about outsourcing your work to virtual assistants. This is useful only when your store becomes successful.

The course content is quite short, although the price is expensive. It only focuses on Facebook ads. So you will not learn other free traffic methods in this course. This is something is going to make the course drop in price value alot because you must understand everything there is to know when it comes to online marketing.

The course is priced at $997. I personally think it is overpriced because the course content is not comprehensive at all. It only covers the basics of drop-shipping. And some of the content is very theoretical and not practical.

With this price tag, you would expect more detailed explanation and demonstration step-by-step. But the Store Formula cannot meet up this reasonable expectation. It doesn’t even provide a way where you can mingle with different students. If you drop back to the link to their homepage, you’ll see around ten men all standing around, but none of them look happy.


With everything having been assessed and complete, I can now fully conclude that this training is not a scam. However, it is not a viable option for anyone who is wanting to make money online. I just don’t believe that someone who purchases this course is going to make money and seriously become great online. I think you need a “live” platform full of helping hands.

That is all for this review, but if you’ve missed what I linked about proof, check out another post here where people are earning millions: December 2018 Income Report – 540% increase in revenue

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