What is SheSpeaks: A Scam or Legit Earning Opportunity? Review

SheSpeaks Review

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What is SheSpeaks?

As you will have noticed with the name of this Survey Panel, SheSpeaks is an online paid survey company that aims to “build a stage for women and hand them the microphone”. SheSpeaks was initiated back in 2007; this 200,000+ women-geared panel provides a platform for women to share the hottest blogs, giveaways, test free-products, take polls and discover new ideas. SheSpeaks is also particularly known for who they work with, and they are:

  • Haagen Dazs
  • L’Oreal, Heinz
  • Evenflo, Dove
  • The Food Network
  • AOL, Hawaiian Tropic

When you look at the brands and businesses that this company has worked with, it is no wonder they are something to sport with. When talking legitimacy, I think the numbers speak for themselves. As mentioned, SheSpeaks focuses on providing women with a platform to be heard. They then connect brands and research firms to their predominantly female user base, providing women with the chance to influence market products and services through completing surveys and generating insightful feedback.

SheSpeaks has a huge following on Facebook with over 50,000K followers, and the community over there is wonderful and marvelous. Not only is knowing their Facebook page an advantage for your support, but you can also stay up to date with each new step they take. SheSpeaks is also on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Amplify your voice and share your thoughts using the hashtag #SheSpeaks.

Eligibility: United States only, 18+.

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How does SheSpeaks work?

The SheSpeaks website has so many options signing up and becoming a member does not look hard at all. In fact, I looked there and it seems all you have to do is click the top menu button that says “join now”. Once this is clicked the motion will usually have the same influx as usual, just enter your name email and DOB and you should be right to go. Once you have created your account, just jump into your email inbox to verify you are a real person and not just a bot.

The SheSpeaks website is sectioned off into categories that each member is free to explore at her own leisure. Below is a description of some of the sections:

  • Parties & Giveaways – Attend VIP events and participate in exclusive contests.
  • Blogs – Write, read, or comment on blogs ranging on everything from relationships to beauty & fashion.
  • Members in Action – An area of the website which compiles all of the exciting things happening with SheSpeaks. Find information on your favorite books, brands, and other interests.
  • Product Reviews – In this section members can find reviews on all sorts of mainstream products. Read or write a review on anything from a VenusBreeze Shaver to Hot Italian Sausages.
  • Discussions – Explore forums, discussion categories, or visit the “introduction” section to meet new friends in the SheSpeaks community.

Become a part of the SheSpeaks email list where you could be asked to test products, take surveys, and browse through information important to you. Testing products are another great way to make some further income statements, plus in many times members can also keep the product if they are just happy with your opinions on it.

With regard to payments, this is something that is kept very well hidden from the outside of their web page, which in fact you will need to make an account, and gain entry into your own profile to verify what methods of payment they make to their members. I am guessing that they will more than likely pay their members out of the products they choose to test.


Even though their website does not uphold the things they pay their members, I have still concluded that SheSpeaks is a legitimate platform and women from all walks of life could see times ahead if they start a journey with the SheSpeaks platform. Above all things, I highly recommend building your own website and learning affiliate marketing because this will be something that will be with you for life. Build a lifetime company online that works by reviewing sites and make money of all types of revenue for advertising.

Pros And Cons About SheSpeaks


  • The platform has pretty eligibility
  • SheSpeaks is also located on Facebook
  • SheSpeaks has a large community in which women can make new girlfriends


  • They don’t tell much on their website about the details of member’s earnings or rewards that they issue.

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