What is ParentSpeak: A Scam Or Legit Opportunity?

Parent Speak Review

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What is Parent Speak?

parentspeak.com is operated and run by website Giant C + R Research and is a survey research site pushed towards Women (Mothers) and their children under the age of 18. Anyone who is reading this Review is recommended becoming a member and finding out how they can further enhance their ways with their Adult children and young ones, whereby you and external members can share opinions through Online Surveys, Polls, Diaries, Creating Visual Collages, and lastly discussions.

“Like” the ParentSpeak Facebook page for the newest updates, information, and gain access to staying involved within the ParentSpeak community.

Eligibility: Parents who have a child that is 18 years or younger. Must reside in the United States.

There is no better way than to start this training and do the same as everyone else: Sharing Success Story: $14,000 in 3 months. Can you see this success? It is absolutely outstanding and people need to see this!

How does Parent Speak work?

As with all Survey Websites when you have found something that interests you, then move forward and create your account. Doing this will never consist of anything more than using both your name and email address.

After your account is made at Parent Speak, you will be given the opportunity each month to either compete in doing one survey, or participating in a project. Participating in these tasks is always a voluntary thing to do, but online surveys are usually very quick to complete and ring a bell of about 2 – 4 minutes to finish. When each member finishes his or her project or Survey with the Parent Speak website they will have their accounts filled with their salary immediately.

When taking short surveys, they are usually rewarded with $1, while longer more complex surveys are credited with $5 – $10. A minimum balance of $10 is needed to request payment, which comes in the form of a check. Checks will arrive to the mailing address on your profile within 2 to 4 weeks time.

As a thank you to the panel community, ParentSpeak features members on their website homepage. If you are a featured member, you will be credited with a gift code within your account which is another way that you increase your funds. 


Overall I think this panel is a marvellous way for anyone looking for more ways to earn money online a chance to really dive deep and let their curiosity shine tight. If you want to really hit the spot and make things right, try looking at websites such as The Work At Home Women as they are a real example of how you can work from and combine it with affiliate marketing as this is what all sports or working online contains.

How exciting does it sound? I know if you are totally new you are not going to understand what the heck any of this means, but you must push forward so that you can live within your means as the future grabs grip. I offer full-time coaching alongside a training platform that offers their members the chance to build a site for free, so if you’re wondering how you can start I just told you.

Pros And Cons About Parent Speak


  • The opportunity is free to start
  • It is a good way to work with your kids and grown adults


  • The platform is outdated

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