Panelbase: Receive $3 Sign Up Bonus For Taking Surveys (Scam or Legit?)

Panelbase Review – Earn £0.02 Per Referral Sign Up ($-0.025US)

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What is Panelbase?

Panelbase is one of the biggest Survey Websites that ever came to be, and in today’s review I have to make this known. It is with total condolences that we regret to say that the Panelbase founder Angus Webb has lost his battle with infectious disease the Covid-19. It may be hard for a lot of people reading this Panelbase Review at this point, but Angus has passed away, and I am seeing that the company in which he founded and once called “He’s so called ‘Baby’” will strive to live on. Anybody who knew Angus has much to say about he’s Character and that which he was the one to always leave the party last. In True Honour with Respect, RIP Angus Webb, I am sorry.

Panelbase is one of the fastest-growing Survey Sites online that was founded in the UK way back in 2005. Panelbase is a division of Dipsticks Research Limited, which is a market research agency that started its operation in 1997.

Panelbase is an impressive site and one that has great visuals with an easy to navigate interface. Panelbase Members get the opportunity to share their opinions on a large range of products and services in the worldwide marketplace. If you are interested in using Panelbase you may also be interested in some other sites just like it such as IPSOS I-Say and Populus Live.

Although Panelbase surveys are primarily aimed at a UK audience, their FAQ page says the company intends to “extend to new territories” in the future – so Panelbase is still worth keeping an eye on if you’re outside the UK.

Now that we can see a little more on the authenticity of the site, find out now more about their social aspect as this is something huge when it comes to getting company information, support, and legitimacy. Panelbase does have a Facebook Fan Page and one with over 6K Likes.

Panelbase is primarily a UK-based community, however with their continued growth they will plan to extend research opportunities into new territories (e.g., USA, Canada, Europe) in the future.

Eligibility: 16+, England, North Ireland, Scotland, Whales, Isle of Man, Channel Island.

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How does Panelbase work?

As with all survey Sites when a prospect has found a company that they want to earn rewards from, they will need to provide some basic details in order to create an account. To get started with Panelbase, they will need to enter their name, email, address, and DOD. With this information logged, you will then be able to go to your email inbox to verify your confirmation link that they would have sent you.

New members of Panelbase are then bonused £3.00 which is claimed to help get you started.

Panelbase offers signed up members many different tasks that they can perform, such as listening to radio advertisements or reviewing video adverts.

The following is a list of ways that you can use to follow out your both media and research tasks with Panelbase:

  • Internet (Email, SMS)
  • Online Surveys
  • Telephone
  • Mobile Phone (SMS and WAP)
  • Focus Groups (Email, Phone, Post)
  • Postal
  • Product Testing (Email, Phone, Post)

Some surveys with PanelBase also offer members an entry into prize draws, which is next to the regular cash salaries. In these draws, you could win anything from a £100 shopping voucher to the hottest electronics or even a case of quality wine. Also, next to this draw, each survey members complete also gain them one entry into the monthly prize draw, which consists of the following cash prizes:

  • x 2 Winners x £50.00
  • x 10 Winners x £10.00
  • x 20 Winners x £5.00
  • x 50 Winners x £2.00
  • x 100 winners x £1.00

Something I should address here which I always do around this part of the survey Review is your chance to get started with affiliate marketing. Yes, affiliate marketing works brilliantly with both GPT and Survey Sites and you can draw upon all the work from home people within that niche space with this topic. It is called the MMO (make Money Online) space and if you know of something better (as you’re forming the review) you can tell all the people sitting at home doing the surveys. The problem here is that Panelbase does not offer a good affiliate program, and you can tell by the title. They pay something like £0.02 per person, that which you bring in to the platform, and that is just ridiculous.

Once members finish a survey, their earnings will be deposited directly into their PanelBase account. Rewards may be cashed out once £10 has been accumulated. There are three great options to choose from:

  • BACS – Deposit straight into your bank account
  • Vouchers – Choose from over 70 retail outlets from the Love2shop and Compliments websites. Vouchers are delivered within 7 days of purchase.
  • Donate – Donate your earnings to a non-profit that makes a difference. Current options include: World Wildlife Fund, British Red Cross, and Oxfam.

Normally it takes up to 7 days to receive your rewards.


Now, and with the Panelbase Review being finished, I can conclude that the site is legitimate, and you will enjoy signing up. However, when it comes to professionally promoting these sites, it is not worth your time and effort.

Pros And Cons About Panelbase


  • Panelbase Has several earning opportunities
  • The Panelbase website is easy to navigate
  • Low payout threshold
  • Has a direct bank transfer option for cash out


  • Fairly low rewards offered
  • Not a lot of available surveys

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