What is iZatso.com: Is this a Scam Or Legit?

iZatso Review

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What is iZatso?

iZatso is an online survey website based in Australia and for Australia. iZatso is run and owned by Market Research Panel – Direction First Pty Ltd,. A member of the Australian Market Research Society (AMSRS). iZatso is a panel that rewards you for taking part in market research. Members can give their opinions and feedback on new products and services, upcoming advertising campaigns or other exciting opportunities.

I wanted to also see a social Presence for this platform survey site and they do sport a Facebook Fan Page with over 5K Likes. This is always an important element to anyone’s online journey as sporting a Facebook or any social media can also help both members and prospects keep up to date with their tasks and find out what’s new within the platform.

Eligibility: 18+, Residents of Australia.

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How does iZatso work?

As with all survey websites when a member finds something that they wish to be a part of they must first create their own accounts. To do this they will need to use both their name and email address and once the account is made they will need to jump back to their email inbox to verify their membership with a special link sent to them from iZatso.

iZatso panel members not only have the opportunity to take online surveys – depending on their location, they may also get invited to attend taste tests, test products in their home, participate in focus groups and join communities or online discussion boards. This was one of the surprising elements that made me really interested when I first found out about this opportunity. How would you like to have products sent to your house, and I also read once comment that somebody said they were always given free products to keep. This is when I thought yes, this platform is the one.

Most surveys are quick, ranging from 5 to 15 minutes. iZatso prides themselves in providing short surveys that are simple and relevant. When you receive a survey invitation, you will have 2-3 days to answer the survey in order to collect points. For each survey, points are accumulated which can be used for rewards. You will always be notified of how many points you are receiving before you complete the survey. As always when taking surveys or doing product testing, the Longer and more urgent the surveys are, the more points you will earn.

iZatso offers a variety of reward choices which include: Prepaid MasterCard[s], retail vouchers for stores such as Woolworths, Coles, Myer, and more. You can also pick an Eftpos card as a reward, which is accepted by a variety of different retailers. These gift cards are commonly given out at in-person research opportunities. In-person studies distribute rewards at the end of the research period.

Online rewards can be redeemed once 3,000 points ($30) is accumulated within your personal iZatso account. E-gift cards will be sent to your email address and vouchers will be posted within 4 days of request.


Now with the iZatso Review being finished I can now conclude that they are a legitimate site to earn rewards from and you will have a great time also receiving products which a lot of the time you can keep them.

Pros And Cons About iZatso


  • iZatso gives The Australian Nation has a good opportunity to make money online
  • iZatso is free to join
  • iZatso is decent for earning rewards-online (For Australia)
  • iZatso also has products and surveys and not just the one


  • The iZatso platform is limited to only one country

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