What is iSurveyWorld.com: Is it a Scam or Legit?

iSurveyWorld Review

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What is iSurveyWorld?

ISurveyWorld is an online survey platform that pays their members to give opinions. After checking in with a scamming website checker I was able to ascertain that ISurveyWorld actually has some pretty health checks about it. ISurveyWorld delivered a 90% trust score after doing the check. The following are some of the highlights that ISurveyWorld had with their website trust on the internet:

  • Alexa Rank 45621
  • Valid SSL Certificate
  • Long-standing website (Over 7 years)
  • The ISurveyWorld Website offers a money back services (Make money online)

According to ISurveyWorld, All of the answers that their members provide, will be sent over to those companies so they can evaluate your feedback on their products. In turn, this will help them to determine the rights and wrongs with their products and services and will help them better their services to the society in which they live in.

This is very similar to SurveyRewardz, Survey Spotter, and SurveySay.

As mentioned a little before, ISurveyWorld has a history of being online for over 7 years so we can quickly guess that they were founded sometime in 2013. This can also help to determine their legitimacy with respect to long-standing relationships with their members or prospects.

But, another important element I like to make sure they also have in their favor is a Facebook Fan Page. When any online business can offer this it means they offer their both clients and members easy access to their sites offers and promotions. Now, after just searching for this company on Facebook I just found them with a Facebook Fan Page that also has over 314K Likes. This now helps to determine their legitimacy.

Eligibility: 18+, International Panel.

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How does iSurveyWorld work?

It is a common element that comes into one when somebody finds a survey platform that they want to earn money from. The first thing that a prospect will have to do to cohort with the following system that they find is create their account. To create an account with iSurveyWorld you will first need both your name and email address, fill them in and jump straight back over to your email inbox to check for the verification link that iSurveyWorld would have sent to you. Once your account is created, it will then be perfect for you to move on to filling out the rest of your profile membership in which case can offer many extra bonuses.

Okay, so now you have $5 credited to your account. After all the processing, members can then start answering surveys.

Before you can start answering though, you will be prompted to answer a bunch of other questions to determine which surveys you are suitable for. You need to click on the “Qualify for a new Survey button” then answer all the questions. Once you have successfully completed everything, you’ll receive your first survey. If you signed up to email notifications, they can also send you surveys there.

iSurveyWorld pays via PayPal once you earn $25 taking surveys. Keep in mind that there’s a limited number of surveys, so you won’t reach the cash out amount quickly without some form of internet business which I can help you set up. Keep reading to learn more on that. Once members earn $25, they can cash out, and this can take 3-4 weeks to receive your money.

ISurveyWorld does not have a referral program which means members will not be able to earn more with their own online business. But this does not mean you have not signed up to countless other survey sites. If you have and want to start making the most out of them, I suggest you start building your own online business where you will get my free coaching. This will take you straight to the top in no time. Then, connect everything up and sit back watching all your survey accounts fill up with money.


Now that I have fully finished the ISurveyWorld Review I can say that their site is defiantly legitimate and people who sign will make some extra side income. However, just as I mentioned previously, you won’t be able to make much with their platform overall as they do not offer a referral program and this is pretty unusual in itself.

Pros And Cons About iSurveyWorld


  • ISurveyWorld Members receive a $5 bonus for signing up
  • iSurveyWorld login is so easy
  • ISurveyWorld members earn actual money and not vouchers
  • ISurveyWorld is easy and simple to sign up to
  • ISurveyWorld is Available for anyone above 18 years
  • ISurveyWorld also sports a Responsible and decent customer support
  • ISurveyWorld also allows people from all regions in the world
  • ISurveyWorld has Many surveys available for Spanish speakers
  • ISurveyWorld makes it easy to delete your account if you do not like it.


  • No referral program, so you can’t gain money by referring others
  • You don’t always get surveys to answer and sometimes you won’t always qualify
  • Money takes up to 4 weeks to be received from ISurveyWorld
  • It takes some time (up to 3 weeks) to appear that members have completed a survey
  • Members need to have at least $25 to redeem their rewards, and this can take months, this is too high for a survey site threshold

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