What is Honolulu Magazine: Scam Or Legit Freelancers Site?

Honolulu Magazine Review

This is my Honolulu Magazine Review. Find out if Honolulu Magazine is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many reasons to want to earn an online income and to do this, people write content and sell it. Now this is something that is not entirely recommended though, and the reason for this is the content is worth a lot of money. It works by traffic, when performing a written piece and using the right keywords for that piece, it ranks in the search engines and you get traffic. This is the smart idea, but for some reason people started selling that content and making other people so rich that they were now ranking in the search on top of a lot of other people. This is what happens when you get people to write for your site.

I say that writing for a company is fine because you could get in with the business, but freelance writing is not worth it. Freelancing is only for web developers who know to code. If you can code a site out, then you can make heaps because its something that people can’t do. But writing content and selling it is only setting yourself up to be poor down the track. Another reason for people to write content and sell it is that they don’t know what is involved with building an online business. If you want to learn exactly what I am talking about then I want you to start your site now and meet me within the training where I can coach you professionally.

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But what is Honolulu Magazine and how can they help you break free from the 9-5 general employment? Let’s find out now.

What is Honolulu Magazine?

Honolulu Magazine is a website based on the city of Honolulu and has been around since 1888. Honolulu Magazine provide a smart, sophisticated owner’s manual to the city, aimed at educated, affluent residents. Honolulu Magazine is not a travel magazine about Hawaii. Their goals are to motivate readers to make the most of everything the city offers, and inspire them to make their own lives and their city better. The website claims to do this, they are responsible for reporting hot-button stories as well as lighter, reader-service features. Honolulu Magazine was formally called Paradise of the Pacific. It is the oldest magazine in the state of Hawaii and is the longest published magazine west of the Mississippi. Honolulu is a member of the City and Regional Magazine Association (CRMA). As of September 2020, Honolulu Magazine sports 44.4K Likes on their Facebook Fan Page with over 59.4K Users on their Twitter Page. I know this website already has a ton of elements that support its legitimacy but when they also sport social media aspects it backs up who they’re and how you can connect with them.

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How does Honolulu Magazine work?

Getting started with the Honolulu Magazine website is pretty easy and only requires you to go to their website using Google search and searching for the key terms “How to write for Honolulu Magazine”. With this done, the search results will bring you a page to click on and head into their site. This page is everything you need to know about what they want and how much you’ll get paid.

Freelance writers are encouraged to submit a query letter or manuscript to editorial director Christi Young at christiy@honolulumagazine.com. Query letters should briefly explain the subject you would like to write about and list your qualifications for treating the subject. Enclose two or three clips of published material if available. Length will be determined when assignments are discussed.

  • Earn $100 to $1,800 per original article, freelance writing for Honolulu Magazine, an award-winning title that dates back to 1888.
  • Honolulu Magazine provides a smart, sophisticated owner’s manual to the city, aimed at educated, affluent residents. It is not a travel magazine.
  • The Pay rates:
    • Feature stories: $600 to $1,800
    • Columns, departments, and short features: $100 to $600.
    • Earnings paid 30 days after publication.
    • Honolulu Magazine also buys photographs.
  • Honolulu Magazine wants Hawaii related articles on topics including:
    • personality profiles
    • history
    • sports
    • politics
    • lifestyle trends
    • Neighbor Island subjects
    • statewide issues
  • Honolulu Magazine does not want fiction or poetry.
  • Rights bought: First and exclusive print and online rights for 12 months from the date of publication.

For this site there is not affiliate program though, so in case you were thinking how to make even more money with your website, that can still get done but just not with this site. If you’re interested in learning how to write content and publish that content to your own online business and make tons of money, I want you to keep reading as I’ll show you this at the end.


Now that I have fully finished this Honolulu Magazine Review I can fully conclude that this site is legitimate and you will earn good money writing for them. However, there major issues that also come with selling written articles and I want to address them at the end.

Pros And Cons About Honolulu Magazine


  • Honolulu Magazine is a very-well known website to work for
  • Honolulu Magazine is an established site that has been in business for many years
  • Honolulu Magazine also lets the owner of the content get their content back after a certain period of time
  • Honolulu Magazine pays a fairly good salary for content
  • Honolulu Magazine has a social sphere where you can also engage with them further


  • The writing and selling content is not a good industry to get into
  • Selling your writing is only setting you up for future failure as it does not bring a real business out of it
  • The Honolulu Magazine doesn’t really tell you how to build your own brand and become something special for yourself.

Start writing for your own online business and keeping the content that you create

Selling content is highly not recommended and who ever thought of this was obviously not thinking of their future. Freelancing was actually designed for website owners to have things done to their site, but when lazy people started seeing that they could write for sites as well, they started doing it. When you sell content you’re selling your time and this is the number rule that which you don’t want to break online. Learn how to build your own brand and online business with me as your free coach and never sell yourself out again. I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in Freelance Writing? Have you worked for Honolulu Magazine before?

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