What is Frank Kern Inc: A Scam or Legit? Honest Review

Frank Kern Review

There are so many options to start learning how to produce an online income and in this Frank Kern Review I will show you who this man is and how he’s ecommerce courses might help you in your journey to online success.

ECommerce is changing the way people shop and sell online and there’s no doubt about that. I mean, if you wish to become a retail worker, the dropshipping is definitely something that you should look into. It is what ecommerce is all about, I mean, a bunch of people saw the option from Amazon, and jumped. It doesn’t mean they have real experience in moving land based store to the online world.

But What is Frank Kern and are he’s dropshipping courses different from the rest? I mean, does he’s platform to provide a way for people to contact each other for help directly through a live chat option? It does have training, but the rest we’ll have to find out.

So you can understand the importance of online marketing and getting started, try reading a post from a platform that offers you your own blogging profile inside an affiliate training with live chat: 500+ visitors a day to my site. WA Boot Camp results. The latter is what each new person to online marketing needs and I can help you get there because I offer free live coaching. But we’ll get to all of that later on throughout the review.

What is Frank Kern Products?

Frank Kern Inc. is an online marketing website that claims to be able to showcase a way for potential students to earn money with ecommerce.

On the front page of Frank Kern’s website, there he listed he’s products whereby there are 4 in total.

Now, these products are not cheap. For a combined cost of $12,988 I see fit, that this is an extraordinary amount of money, especially for a training.

Can you honestly imagine spending this much money on top of having to purchase products, and then on top of that having to pay for Facebook Ads?

People reading this, there a so many better training in ecommerce than this and I will list them below.

But I think at this point you may be interested in seeing some value now that you’ve come this far, I’m right aren’t I? Check out a post from the blogging profile you get when you join this training: Milestone reached! 700+ articles on my site. The latter is of a person who accomplished a goal in earning money online and now seeing the rewards of hard work.

Frank is known to be quite famous when it comes to direct response marketing and YouTube. After doing some research, I found that Frank was actually homeless before he’s great successes. He was working in a Fast Food restaurant earning $4.95 per hour as their cook. As time went on, Frank drew close to creating an EBook and grew he’s wealth due to interacting with clients online.

How does Frank Kern Courses work?

Generally speaking, you would need a way to find Frank Kern’s courses, and it could usually involve clicking on Ad content as well. Frank Kern will build what has worked for him and expect you to address that within your pathway.

But what I want to get across to you right now is that spending money online is not what it takes to become profitable. Look, I had no money when I started and was able to be given everything I have through a simple yet powerful training and model training.

You do not need to spend anymore than $49 per month to create a wonderful online business.

On the FrankKern.com website the four products he sells are all high end. They each teach something different so you can check out each one and see what you need.

I am guessing that a beginner wouldn’t know what he is looking for, but that is just how these marketers do things. I would not I would have a homepage that introduces myself and tells you how I can help you.

Is Frank Kern a reliable site to earn?
Is Frank Kern a reliable site to earn?
Is Frank Kern a reliable site to earn?
Is Frank Kern a reliable site to earn?

Below are the courses offered at FrankKern.com:

  • Mass Conversion
    • This course costs $2997.
  • Info Business Blueprint
    • This course costs $2997.
  • Client Acquisition System
    • This course is more expensive than the previous two. It costs $3,997.
  • Ultimate Webinar Blueprint
    • To enroll in this course, you will have to invest $2997.

As you can see, the prices are insane.

I actually read online that people believe this guy is worth $35 million dollars. Truly I don’t believe that at all since Neil Patel is only worth $10M.

But even if he was, would I have anything bad to say about he’s offerings? No, you wouldn’t think so.

On another note, if you’re reading this, keep in mind that it is very unsafe when the whole internet knows you worth. I mean, think about a family, how embarrassing would it be for children to see their parents net worth online? Finances are private for a reason, so you don’t’ get robbed.

Check out the screenshot below:

Is Frank Kern a reliable site to earn?

This affiliate training is an example of a high-quality platform that offers everything you need and there is definitely no going to Ecommerce Facebook Group (these are free).

See the live chat in the screenshot above? If you inquire about something that’s about making money online, it must have one of these. Without it you’re probably not going to go far for a long time.

Check out what one of the members from this training wrote a blog about: Website Sold For $30,000, the latter is what I am talking about, real proof of what works and what doesn’t.


After having a look at the Frank Kern Products I am blown away at how much he is trying to sell them for. There is no way that these are worth this much, it is just ridiculous. I don’t know why he thinks he has to value he’s work at so much but he does and I just want people to know that you don’t have to have any money to make money online.

In particular, I want you to look at the two menus below:

Is Frank Kern a reliable site to earn?
FrankKern.com website menu

I did these screenshots so that you would understand what real value is when you work. You don’t just want to splash cash around just because you have it. I can see a clear different in menus above and Wealthy Affiliate has a lot more to offer. I mean, FrankKern.com is just another blog and that is all, and these other blogs are saying he is worth $35M???? I mean, come on.

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What I personally recommend

Real Affiliate Marketing is when you have an online business that ranks in Google and offers quality articles to people who are in need of finding what it is they’re searching for.

When you write an article, because you want to make some money, you can add a link from a company that offers an affiliate program and it will pay you to make them sales.

It is what it is and nothing else.

To get started writing articles and making free money with Google then take my #1 Rated Training and I will coach you for free on the inside.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience taking ecommerce courses? Have you tried FrankKern.com before?

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