What is Ecom Millionaire Mastery? A Scam or Legit? Honest Review

Ecom Millionaire Mastery Review

There are so many ways to start earning some extra side money now that just about anything you wish to do online is possible. I mean, there are literally many different ways that people are both inventing and creating to earn from a side gig.

Why I am here is to show you the bluff and the legit. I write so that people reading this can make a firm choice based on seeing from eye to eye what is going to work and what isn’t.

This Review is going to be interesting because the model is based on Drop-Shipping, an industry that is not beginner-friendly.

But What is Kevin Zhang about and is Ecom Millionaire Mastery a scam or legit?

To be honest, if you’re looking to make money online, and are new, I wouldn’t highly suggest getting into ecommerce dropping. You’ll have to pay up to $1K for “just a course” and then another …5K+ just on Facebook Ads.

Ecom Millionaire Mastery costs $1997 US, but we’ll get to this soon.

In situations like this, it is important for me to show you another way which is easier and lot less expensive.

Another thing you need when buying a seemingly good course is payment proof that people are actually earning money from their mentor. A live chat inside a platform is highly recommended, and in what I have to offer you does provide this. But check out a post of proof of income: $1000 + A Month: 8 Things That Have Helped Grow My Success. This link I just posted is proof of real success, which is paramount in all journeys online.

What is Ecom Millionaire Mastery?

Ecom Millionaire Mastery is an online ecommerce course that offers to train people in how to make money online with a Shopify store and Amazon using Facebook Ads and course training.

There are plenty of these courses that come out and don’t get me wrong, some of them do work. A lot of them provide proof with happy clients.

The founder of Ecom Millionaire Mastery is 23-year-old Kevin Zhang, who claims to have made $20M+ in he’s first year of entrepreneurship alone.

I have seen many people looking for keyword Kevin Zhang Forbes through research and I have the answer for you right here. Kevin claims to have been listed as a member of Forbes Business Council who created several million-dollar ecommerce brands. But after doing extensive research, there were no signs of Kevin’s profile in the Forbes Business Council website, and you can check this too.

Kevin sports a picture of himself on the front of Forbes Magazine, and there are blogs stating that this picture is fake and looks edited by either Photoshop or some other photo editing software.

This is very disappointing. Especially for a course creator and business owner. Just imagine what the course shall be like.

However, some of the brands by Kevin are:

  • Newport Apparel
  • Long Horn Leather
  • Dixon Leather
  • Dixon Trading
  • Valor Drones
  • Grizzle Tactical

According to Kevin, he says that these brands are what allowed him to build, he’s $20M wealth in just one year. But when you try to look up the stores, many have already been shut down. It brings out the question of why he closes these million-dollar eCommerce stores.

When you search the stores on Trustpilot, the customer reviews are pretty bad. So I’m not sure if that’s the reason why it has been closed down.

If you think it is bad putting your selfie on the front of Forbes and telling people that you were listed in the Forbes Business Council, then why would you buy he’s course? I find it so amazing that someone would earn some money and become that big-headed that it causes these types of behaviours.

Unless you want to be hurt at the end of the day by purchasing a course like this, I would try something else. Check out a post from where I learned how to make money online and if you like what you see, I will coach you freely on the inside: $3.1K in Sales 60 Days on WA!

How does Ecom Millionaire Mastery work?

To get stared with the Ecom Millionaire Mastery Dropping Shipping course, most of the time you would have to stumble across it on an ad or something.

What Drop shipping was really invented for was small business who wanted to go online. But then these types of people started finding out that they could to start buying for cheaper and selling higher. This path is not an authentic business model by any means.

Real value comes from being able to create a relationship with an audience and sending out email newsletters. With actual text writing. Drop-shipping doesn’t provide that.
But check this out: Kevin Zhang is selling his course “eCommerce Millionaire Mastery” at $1997. People can pay with 5 instalments of $499, but that is $495 more expensive.

The whole course is about 20 hours, which has 15 modules and over 200 lessons.

Most videos are 10–20 minutes in duration and the core training is Facebook ads.

As a bonus of the course, you’ll be able to access his private Facebook group and 52 live calls every year.

Believe it or not, Kevin said the whole course delivers $37,500 in value. And you just have to pay $1997. You can find all of this information for free on Shopify itself, and that is what gets me about this!!! Just because someone makes money, they so excited and want to “enlighten” everyone.

Check out the screenshot below on everything in this course:

Is Ecom Millionaire Mastery a reliable site to earn?
Is Ecom Millionaire Mastery a reliable site to earn?
Is Ecom Millionaire Mastery a reliable site to earn?
Is Ecom Millionaire Mastery a reliable site to earn?
Is Ecom Millionaire Mastery a reliable site to earn?

As you can see, the course is very long. To build a Shop Front, and send people there through Facebook Ads, seems pretty easy, but there is a ton of training in this course.

If you’re feeling like this isn’t going to work, or you just want another make money online opportunity to fall back in case this does not work, then what I can give you on top of an entry point is a success post from the training where people explain the type of success they’re having, check this out: From $3k to $12k to $42k to $126k. Is This Even Possible?. Is This Even Possible? Read the link I just wrote, and I will see you in there. I coach you for free!


Now that the Ecom Millionaire Mastery Review is finished, I can say that everything offered you do get for your money. But whether it is worth spending this much money on something that may not work is another story.

If it was me in your situation, I would want some live chat for sure. I would need a way to speak with people during the process of building my store because I know for a fact that there are millions of questions that will need to be answered by someone who is just starting out. And from my experience, not having the answers you require is like a real dark spot to be in. Even just people to cheer you on and encourage you is more important than the training itself in many instances.

The right Make Money Online Training should always be a subscription based product. That way you can have direct access to the creators and everything else. Look at how much people are becoming successful: I Passed The $100 Mark This Month.

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