What is Contently.com: Scam or Legit?

Contently Review

This is my Contently Review. Find out if Contently is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many reasons to want to try and create an online income and anyone can now do this even as a beginner. But this wasn’t the case earlier on, back in 2005 you would be trying for up to 30-days to just build a website on your own. The co-founder within WA says it took him 30 days to build a website. Since 2005, he and he’s team have worked hard to build a platform where you can build a website with a few clicks of a button. That is the difference I speak of and the reason why I think it’s important now is because I believe a lot of the freelance writers are still freelancing all because they don’t know of this ease in using this platform. I think Freelance writers think its just easier to submit content and get paid rather than build their own website.

Whether that is the case or not, selling written content is one of the best ways to ruin your whole career. If you have a think about what the site buying the content is doing with the content, it is publishing it to their site to rank for many years to come and that one piece is enough to earn them money over and over again for years to come. When you sell you only get one small payment and that is all. I want you to start your own website and build a brand right now where you can cause money scenes for the rest of your time to come; and I’ll meet you on the inside.

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But what is Contently About and what types of ways will they offer to give you a successful career online? Because that’s what it’s all about. I don’t think it’s about selling one piece of content and having to spend another whole day writing another piece. That is not the work from home lifestyle.

What is Contently

Contently is an online gig platform that offers many different ways freelancers can create content and sell it for money. This is exactly what I was talking about just earlier, but I was mainly referring to the writing side of things. Contently.com allows freelancers to create content that surrounds Writers, Designers, Multimedia, and Photography. Contently was founded in 2010 by David T. Goldberg, Joe Coleman, Shane Snow, and is headquartered in New York, New York. Contently’s latest funding round was a Debt – PPP (CARES Act) for $1M on Apr 2020. Contently’s top competitor is Influence & Co., led by Kelsey Raymond, who is their Co-Founder & CEO. Contently has 3,592 followers on Owler which is a very large contention for that platform. Contently industries include Advertising Analytics Content Creators Digital Media Enterprise Software. As of September 2020, Contently has on their Facebook Fan Page 66K Likes while on Twitter they boast over 68K Users. With a social sphere like this you can tell that they’re definitely liked and trusted, which will definitely come in handy for earning money and getting paid on time. So, let’s keep moving forward to see what else takes shape.

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How does Contently work?

Contently works by people becoming a brand on their website and growing their own profile. Contently gives freelance creatives the opportunity to work with top brands on high-quality projects that pay well. Through Contently’s platform, freelancers matched with brands can pitch ideas, submit work, and instantly receive payment all in one place. To become eligible for work, join the network by creating a free portfolio that showcases your projects and professional expertise. This can be good for you but at the same time it can also be very bad. You’ll have to take heed how the platform also becomes a lot bigger when they have people like you signing up and completing their projects. You’ll get paid but at the same time you could also do the same thing. To do something like this I would recommend building your own website and publishing content to your site and building traffic. This whole thing is about building traffic and when you’re going to the Contently website you’re building traffic for them and basically ruining your own career. Contently is not a big enough business to look after you financially, and this is what I want you to look at after you have checked below and looked at what they are willing to pay you:

  • Earn money freelance writing for brands on the Contently marketplace.
  • You can also earn money creating infographics, photo, and videos.
  • Instead of a jobs board and bidding for projects, you have to wait for Contently to contact you.
  • You can also earn $300 to $400 freelance writing for Contently’s two publications.
  • Customers include:
    • Allianz
    • American Express
    • Google
    • Marriott
    • Microsoft
  • Funding: $19.3 million (Contently Crunchbase)
  • Employees: 51+ (est. 2010) (Contently LinkedIn)
  • Countries: USA, worldwide.
  • Free to join: Yes
  • Earnings per word: $1 on average, according to a senior editor at Contently (some writers experienced lower rates)

With all that you can see what your chances are like working for this mob. Contently doesn’t offer many different things to earn good money, things like a content builder, or website builder. Another thing they don’t offer is the payment proof to prove to people how much their freelancers are truly earning.


Now that I have fully finished my Contently Review I can fully conclude that this platform is legitimate and you’ll earn good money on the spot. However, when being serious about your career there are things to learn more about and take a lot more attention too. I want you to scroll below to see more on what I am talking about there.

Pros And Cons About Contently


  • Contently offers a range of ways to earn money
  • Contently is good for earnings fast cash for on the spot jobs
  • Contently sports a trustworthy company when it comes to getting paid
  • Contently offers a social media avenue to help with support


  • Contently does not offer an affiliate program so that you can make extra money
  • Contently is not known to make people rich, so I would check to see financial proof of external users before you go putting all your time or effort into their offer.
  • Selling content has always been something that is not meant to be. Web designers however, are able to do as they desire as they own half the internet within advance and can work freelancing to fix basic tasks, but let me tell you one thing. Text Documents which is written content is worth more than what any designer could appreciate. A Ranking page could provide a potential income that could last years but what web design could? This is the differences between these two concepts.
  • Contently does not offer a way to build an online business and make money online
  • Contently doesn’t sport a website builder that promotes WordPress

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience Freelance Writing? Have you worked for Contently before?

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