What is CashMagnet App: A Scam or Legit?

Cash Magnet Review

This is my Cash Magnet Review. Find out if Cash Magnet is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many ways to make money online, but ever since I started this journey and found the best pathway, I have stuck to it and have built a wonderful online business ever since. When lurking within the online world and wondering how it all works, I can tell you now that it starts with a strong foundation.

If you have put in the time and effort to rank 1 within the search engines, over time your pages will start to rank. You will be rewarded for your hard work, but again, you do need training, and a capacity to keep working for what you believe in. In this case it’s making money online. But if you like earning small amounts of money then you may not be there yet in terms of running your own online business.

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However, what is Cash Magnet and what does it offer so that you can increase your wealth online? Let’s find out now.

What is Cash Magnet?

The Cash Magnet App offers a passive income system that can be downloaded for Android Devices only. In short, The Cash Magnet App automatically searches for ads online and clicks on them for you. To make money with this app, you must first download it and then keep it running in the background of your phone. If you’re interested in learning more about this type of passive income then this app could be a good starting point. Unless it stays connected to the internet in the background of your mobile phone you won’t earn any money with it. When the app stays running in the background you don’t need to do anything with it, as it works on autopilot.

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How does Cash Magnet work?

Getting started with the Cash Magnet app is as easy as going into the Google Play app store and entering in Cash Magnet. You’ll see the app appears to which you can then download it. After researching a little more from it I found that the app does not work with tablets. However, when registering your Cash Magnet account you can install the app on up to 4 devices. The company says this works best if you run Android 4.4.4 or higher on your device. They also recommend that you have at least 1 Go of RAM and 8GB of storage on your device. 

To start making money with the app turned on with a secure WiFi connection you will have to leave it turned on for the first two days. Cash Magnet says that after two days there should be enough points earned to cash out. You need 10 points to cash out which is the same as $0.001 or $1.

Something very interesting with this opportunity is with installing the app for 4 external devices. The company claims that if you use this section wisely and leave the app running on up to 4 devices you can make $60 per month. If you leave it running on just one phone however, you can earn $15 per month.

Another way you can earn with this app is with their referral program that offers %5 on all referrals earnings that you bring into the platform. What makes this even better is you’ll earn %5 on top of what your referral brings in as well. These earnings are for life. The amount of money you earn for using this app will depend on what country you live in.

If you’re still reading and want to know my steps with making money with this opportunity is by using their referral program. I have a spreadsheet ready where I sign up to Legitimate offers like this and receive a referral code. I fill out what the details of the new affiliate program into my spreadsheet which helps me save the passwords and remember the account. I plan on going back to this account to see my earnings when this review begins to rank in the search engines. You should learn how to do this too because it is a fabulous way to increase online wealth and create a passive income. Don’t forget that if you get started in the training I will give you my free coaching along the way as well.


Now that I have finished my Cash Magnet Review I can now conclude that this app is legitimate and that you will earn some small money from their opportunity.

Pros And Cons About Cash Magnet


  • Cash Magnet offers a unique take on making money online
  • Cash Magnet is a well-known app that doesn’t have any bad reviews
  • Cash Magnet allows you to install their app on up to four devices which triples your earning potential
  • Cash Magnet offers a referral program that allows you to earn off your first referral (5%or their earnings) and their referral for life


  • Rewards are earned with a points paid system
  • Low-earning potential overall

Start earning money online with affiliate marketing and your own online business

Affiliate marketing is one of the safest if not the safest way to make money online as you get to control who your promote. When you build a website, all you have to do is write a review and wait for it to begin ranking in the search engines. Then when people starting coming to your site, which is what we call traffic you begin making thousands of dollars depending on how much work you have put in. The most important part to this is building a strong foundation for your company. This is when you spend months writing reviews and getting the rankings. If you want to build a real future and a real online business then start your site now and meet me on the inside. I will offer you my free coaching from there on.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience using apps that pay? Have you tried Cash Magnet before?

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