What is Canview Connect: Legit Survey Platform or Scam?

Canview Connect Review

This is my Canview Connect Review. Find out if Canview Connect is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many reasons for people to want to make money online and in this review we’ll look at what my recommended way is next to Canview Connect Surveys. Since beginning my own online business, I have noticed so many people take surveys to make a bit of extra side cash; but if you want to make money there is a better way.

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But what is Canview Connect and what do give you in order to grow your own online wealth? Let’s find out now.

What is Canview Connect?

Canview Connect is a Canadian Online Consumer Survey Panel that is run and owned by, an external and well-respected company called Canadian Viewpoint. Canview Connect has been working within the data-gathering industry for B2B, health, and consumer clients since 1980 and is headquartered in Ontario US. Some of their clients are University of Western Ontario, RSG, Nanos Research, and Ipsos. Because of this information, it looks like it will be a good survey panel to join. I want to show you how to join using the following titles instructions but before that I wanted to let you know that I did search social media to find out if they also sported social media elements to which I did not find any. I would have thought that a survey site like this would have had that to offer as well but they do not.

Eligibility: 16+, Canadian residents.

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How does Canview Connect work?

Getting started with the Canview Connect platform is easy for you if you have seen the site before and can think of it’s name. However, when you don’t know of these types of sites, you will have to rely of blogger reviews to first interpret them and give you the inside scoop on whether they’re any good or not. As you can see I have already tried seeing the platform and want you to now use my steps to join quicker then getting lost again. Now, when you join, you will already kick start your earnings, as by signing up you earn a bonus $2. To make sure you get the bonus, answer the questions within the sign up period and this will complete your account as well. Surveys take approximately 1 – 30 minutes to complete. What strikes me as this being a better survey site than others is they say they pay higher amounts than other sites. Members will collect each task sent to them by email, which is also show you the expected duration and how much it is considered to cost.

Rewards for completing surveys are sent out once you have the minimum threshold met. Rewards are earned in points but cashed out for cash. Your earning are processed within 48 hours of finishing the task.

The following are the different types of profile accounts you can set up:

  • Basic account (all users start at this level) – Redemption start at 1,000 points ($10)
  • Verified accounts (achieved after your first cash out) – Redemption start at 500 points ($5)
  • Premium accounts – Redemption start at 100 points ($1)
  • Ambassador accounts – Redemption start at 100 points ($1)

Canview Connect also offer market research studies which you can utilize within your profile to earn more money. These are also sent out to you via email. By sharing your opinions with Canview Connect, you will earn points that you can redeem for cheques. The current exchange rate is $1 CAD per 100 points. Canadian Viewpoint operates another survey site called SurveyLion, which is open for residents in all countries. However, you won’t get as many invitations if you don’t live in Canada.

The Canview Connect site also offers a referral program that offers a chance for people to earn money by inviting other people into the platform. You can refer people simply by using your Facebook Page or email. Because I am living in Australia at the time of this review, I can not login to check what type of referral system they offer is. But, I offer a really good way to earn with this type of system which you can read more on here. For referring members you earn 500 points with an additional 10 points each time your referral finishes a survey.


Now that I have finished my Canview Connect Review I can now fully conclude that this site is for real that you will earn some good money by signing up and doing some surveys.

Pros And Cons About Canview Connect


  • Canview Connect offers a work from home lifestyle
  • Canview Connect is a well know establishment online
  • Canview Connect also sports an affiliate program
  • Canview Connect has respected reviews along the internet
  • Canview Connect offers a referral program that helps you earn an extra side income


  • This platform is not worldwide meaning they only offer surveys for Canada.
  • It is still an overall-low earning opportunity

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience taking surveys? Have you worked for Canview Connect before?

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