What is being successful? (9 Powerful Steps to be successful in life)

There are so many angels and diversions in life that working to find the right type of success in life, for you, can also be hard work.

When people fall into a spot where they don’t want to work and get up any longer from there sleep, it becomes almost fatal, as to which you may never come back to.

However, during my time online and in person, I have also discovered crucial ways and techniques (steps) that which could very easily help you get to that next state.

How serious are you about becoming successful in life?

Are you focused knowing that success is not a walk within the park?

The first step to success is watching. Let’s move into this list to see what I mean by this:

Step 1. Watching

Not many people know the first step and I know this because I never really see the word being used. I know it may sound funny, I mean, watching, what could you possibly mean by this?

The step to watching only doable after you have hit the 35-year-old mark.

What is being successful? (9 Powerful Steps to be successful in life)

I know this may sound frustrating for some people who have not reached this age, just yet, but it is what I have learned.

It seems to me that whenever people turn 35 they seem to have an awakening, and choices they make become real and final.

This is it, and when you turn 35, this is when you have to have your choice chosen.

A quick example, could be learning how to use a computer. Learn with this training and build an online business where you can know for a fact that you’ll someday become successful.

Step 2. Walking/Running

Walking and Running is something that a lot of people do not recognize.

Not recognizing how and when to run in business and life is a common step to failure. Life on earth is not that long, and when you’re building an online business, and begin getting traction, it is vital that you begin to run.

What is being successful? (9 Powerful Steps to be successful in life)

Walking is something we did many years ago when we were young, but as time went on, some people began running and others kept walking.

If you can run the whole way through life, e.g. getting out of bed and building an online business every day, and only having the necessary days off, you’ll most likely be very successful.

Step 3. Researching & understanding

With all online businesses, researching and understanding is what makes and grows the company.

An online business is based perfectly on content but to create this content you have to be able to set time aside to study.

What is being successful? (9 Powerful Steps to be successful in life)

Everytime an online business is made, with every article that is written, the writer has either wrote the text with knowledge he or she has already come across or they have done a little bit of researching prior to writing that particular piece.

All online businesses consist of writing-text content (Articles) and this is content that is made already, just being “Rewritten” in your own form, adding a “new Spin” (if you will). This is all content writing online is.

Now when you get this right, you can become very successful, and it is called running.

Step 4. Finalizing and Interceding

You may have never come across the word “Interceding” before, now, it is when you do something on behalf of another (or move in on another).

I believe that this is what the whole online internet is all about.

Being able to intercede for everything is very important and it is highly correlated with running.

What is being successful? (9 Powerful Steps to be successful in life)

When you have something that you want to write about and everything is ready to go, it is in the process of being finalized, and it is at this point that you begin to intercede for whatever it is that you’re writing about or doing (building an online business).

If you think that getting your voice out in the open, or have a specific niche that you operate in, you will want to make sure that it is built correctly, with the rest of the future in mind.

Being able to intercede for business is a great way to really become successful.

Step 5. Building, expanding, and growing

Above all steps, when you have built an online business and things are on the way, you will come to a point where it is time to update your work.

This is when you will find your company expanding and growing, and although it can be hard work at times, we all know that the results will be worth the wait.

What is being successful? (9 Powerful Steps to be successful in life)
get the job done

I one time saw a tradesman who came over to a house – I am renting, and he was a professional tradesman with a small Ute parked out the front. After spending some time pondering on he’s presence I began seeing that the tradesman really hadn’t ever grown or expanded he’s company. I knew this because he didn’t have any employees and only had one small Ute.

He was working hard on the house, and I was kind of laughing just thinking, “why doesn’t he grow and expand he’s company” ???.

Step 6. Staying focused

Focus is key to all online success; and I say “online” because nowadays I truly believe that all companies should be leaning towards sporting an online presence.

Both land and online businesses have the benefits of having “Clients” and when a company is taking off or already has taken off, it is just as important that you stay focuses as it is learning how to use the internet.

What is being successful? (9 Powerful Steps to be successful in life)

Trust me, it is very hard work, and when you’re a tradesmen and have worked (tried) hands, learning how to type online is going to be hard work. But again, the wait time along with the benefits is worth it.

This is very important that at this stage you remain focused and not lose hope.

I have heard about affiliate marketers building a business and it not working the right way for them and so they quit, early.

No matter what happens in life, always stay focused on your business and never quit. If you learn to work hard remaining focused some day you won’t even have to work anymore as the foundations will be too strong and you’ll be able to sit back and relax.

Step 7. Find and Keep Trustworthy People within your loop

I know this you could think is meant to be added to expanding & growing but it is a little different with what I want to mention.

Building a business and becoming successful is something that takes a lot of time and focus. You need to find people who “understand” how you think and what your visions for your business may be.

What is being successful? (9 Powerful Steps to be successful in life)

These people are hard to find, and sometimes the only reason why you find them is because of money.

But imagine finding people who like you and understand what you mean for nothing? It would mean the world to most companies on the start.

If you find someone who likes and trusts your business then it is my advice to do everything you can to keep that person and make them feel special.

Step 8. Dismiss people who are not seeing your goals and visions for your business.

You may think this is a common issue and that “of course” people will sack and let go of workers for not seeing what they have in mind for the growth of their company. But I think I have seen a fair bit times where employees get away with so much and the bosses never really care or do anything about it.

You may be used to seeing this within platforms being built. The platform just isn’t made right, and so it remains a problem for a long time.

What is being successful? (9 Powerful Steps to be successful in life)

I can tell you about a story from last night while I was running. I saw some small 2-story town houses that which had just been built and noticed unnecessary flashing, downpipes, small lower section roofs, and box gutters, that has been placed and designed for no better reason than to look wrong.

To me, if this was somebody designing me a house looking like this, I would have to terminate the project because the person is not seeing what I am seeing, and it just won’t work. But in my example, the houses went ahead and got built… Think about that.

Step 9. Exercise, Drink water, and stay away from any unwanted bad fats & habits

Drinking water and exercising regularly is among some of the most important aspects to living a successful life.

I train myself and over the years have also experienced what it is like to gain weight. Gaining weight is just constantly carrying unnecessary fat around with you for no good reason. But when someone is fat, they don’t see it like this. They only see the cravings that they’re experiencing for food.

I have seen regularly over the years the way an unhealthy lifestyle does lead to death.

What is being successful? (9 Powerful Steps to be successful in life)

In ways in which you would never have imagined, perfectly healthy people, in their fifties who suffer heart clogs and pass away is something that I see happen all the time.

You can see it for yourself if you look, imagine a man in he’s fifties who does not have any “body” definition? It means, for he’s entire life (mid-fifties) he has never ran, lifted weights, or eaten healthily?

Although people don’t consider this to be very bad or becoming very unhealthy, the truth is very the opposite.

A man who is in he’s fifties and has never been to the gym is called a feeble man. Take this and begin to imagine the frame. This is how people die all the time, just from years of not doing anything.

If you live a completely ordinary life, having never trained the muscles in your body, or eaten healthily, ever, you’re one of the ones who are at serious risk of heart clogs, a phenomenon I am beginning to expose.

Go to gym, train hard, and eat healthy meals to strengthen your body in order to live successfully and not fall victim to health problems, and, in time, even death.

Also, keep in mind that water is the number one thing that body needs the most, therefore don’t take it for granted. Constantly think about water, the way it sparkles, and remember that water is far more important than alcohol & Sugary drinks.

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