What is Ath Power: Is it a Scam or Legit?

Ath Power Review

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But, What is Ath Power and are they better than making over $7K per month? Let’s find out now!

What is Ath Power?

Ath Power is a provider of research and customer experience solutions for the financial services industry. Ath Power Consulting is headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts. Ath was founded in 1997 by Frank Aloi remains CEO of Ath Power Consulting at the time of writing. Ath Power Consulting main competitors are Market Force, Reality Based Group and Second To None. Ath Power Industries includes Financial Services and Marketing Research Training. Although there are tons of these types of businesses online Ath Power Seems more professional than a lot of others. Another element to learning more about the business you want to earn money from is whether or not they boast their own Facebook Fan page as this can help on both ends of the stick with up to date resources and support. But to my surprise Ath Power does not have a Facebook Fan Page therefore all support must come through their site.

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How does Ath Power work?

To start earning money you will have to head over to the Ath Power Login and enter both your details such as email and name. If you have ever done surveys and Mystery Shopping before then you’ll understand completely fine that this is and get off to a good start with minimal effort.

The following is an in depth look at aSHOP Shopper Portal and how you can combine this information into your technique:

  • Ath Power has over 500,000 mystery shoppers across North America, and we have just recently expanded into South America.
  • We perform over 10,000 mystery shops per month and we work with many of the most recognized brands and organizations across the globe.
  • Ath Power’s clients use the feedback you provide about your experiences with their products and services to help them pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses and improve their sales and service protocols.

Checks are cut at the end of each month for assignments completed during the prior month. Those checks are processed and mailed within 7 to 10 days. For example, if a shopper completes a job on the 1st day of May, the check will be cut on the 30th of June. The shopper should receive the check in the mail prior to July 10th. That means it is possible to wait about two and half months for payment.

Ath Power Consulting instituted an alternative form of payment about a year ago. Using Bill.com, an e-payment can be made directly to a shopper’s bank account.


Now that I have fully finished this Ath Power Review I can conclude that this site is legitimate and users will make some extra side income from their services.

Pros And Cons About Ath Power


  • Ath Power is a free source of interest
  • Ath Power provides a real way to make money online shopping, which is what you already do anyhow
  • Ath Power has been in business for over 2 decades making them a reliable source of outreach


  • Specific details on how to get started are not there
  • The Ath Power platform is lacking in terms of information on what Members will be paid
  • Ath Power does not mention how shoppers will be paid
  • The website needs to be “Redone” as it is very informational and lots of elements

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