What is AccuTran Global: Scam Or Legit?

AccuTran Global Review

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But what is Accutran Global and what they do offer to get you moving within the right direction? Let’s find out now.

What is AccuTran Global?

Accutran Global (AG) is an online transcribing company that provides services in the medical and legal fields, as well corporate and financial environments. Although finding information on who they are remains difficult, I was still able to learn a bit about them from online research. AccutranGlobal.com is headquartered within Victoria, British, Columbia. With our established network of North American real-time writers, transcriptionists, and editors, WWW.AccuTranGlobal.com says they’re a proven and reliable partner for all your transcription needs. They boast a high level of accuracy and ability to meet tight turnaround times make us the right choice for all your outsourcing projects. Whatever your requirements are AccuTran Global, takes pride in providing personal service to meet your individual needs. Because there is not a whole lot of information based on this company, it makes the information they do have an element whereby you can create some sort of trust basis. With this being said, Accutran Global says they are always interested in engaging with new contract transcribers, real-time stenographers, and voice writers. They also offer work in other departments to contractors who have an established track record with them. The ability to work independently and meet client deadlines while following guidelines precisely is critical for anyone contracting with them. Because of these last lines it clearly says that you can become a contractor and make some good money with them. By the way, I also tried to find them on social media to which they had no profiles to mention.

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How does AccuTran Global work?

Getting started with Accutran Global is as easy to typing into your web browser “How to start transcribing with Accutran Global” and with this added to your search, a bunch of results will appear to which there is only one for this that we need. Sometimes you may find a bunch of results, where the company wants to give you information about them; but because we’re applying for work they only sport the one sign up page. Click the top link that says “Accutran Global” and you’ll be taken into their sign up page, where you can also enlighten yourself a bit more with who they’re. You’ll see a small little blue button at the bottom of the page that which says “Apply for work”. Click that and you’ll either get a list of jobs or if they a full up they’ll apply you with a page that says there’s no vacancies. To get started now just click this link here.

Accutran Global is very open about the rate of pay. It’s per word and ranges from a starting base rate of $0.005/word for a beginner on basic audio, to their top rate of $0.0066 for difficult and/or foreign audio done by a senior transcriber. Accutran Global gives a 20 percent bonus for foreign-calls from non-English speaking countries and 20 percent bonuses for calls containing a lot of technical talk. When members have been with them for longer than six months and earn $2,000, they will then reimburse you $50 for your training time. Payments are made on the 15th of every month via check or wire transfer for work done the previous month.

As you gain experience, there’s also the opportunity to get invited to do additional transcription tasks. These are the jobs where the $.40 per audio minute rates apply, which includes:

  • Scoping – This is where members read through transcriptions while listening to the audio and fixing things like dropped words, incorrect punctuation etc.
  • Review – Compiling multiple transcriptions into a single document, ensuring continuity in concepts, style, and format.
  • Editing – After scoping, the transcriptions go through a second read through (with the original audio) to make additional corrections and research all names and terminology for accuracy.
  • Proofreading – this is the third step in the quality assurance process after scoping and editing.

Bonuses and invites are available for transcribers who that ensure competence in their work and in specialized areas, such as medical or legal terminology or accurately transcribing specific accents.


Now that I have fully finished my Accutran Global Review I can fully conclude that this site is legitimate and after working some long hours will earn some good money working for this company. But this will not meet your true work from home requirements and if you want to do this then I want you to keep reading all the way to the end or start your site here now.

Pros And Cons About AccuTran Global


  • AccuTran Global offers a work from home experience
  • AccuTran Global has a long-standing company offering the work
  • AccuTran Global does not have many complaints over pay
  • AccuTran Global has positive reviews from other MMO (Make Money Online) bloggers


  • This type of work is still working for a boss. I don’t know what you are looking for in this waste gate but if you solely want to work from home (so you can get up and get a drink when you like, maybe go to sleep) then this is something. But in terms of getting very wealthy and making millions of dollars this is definitely not something I would recommend. I want you to take heed on this blog scroll because, tho this company does not give you a way to spark, wealth Affiliate Training Now does, with which you can find out both top and bottom of this review.

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience captioning, voice writing, or transcribing? Have you worked for AccuTran Global before?

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