Have you ever heard of a “niche”? What is a niche?

There are so many reasons to want to learn about niches in Internet Marketing.

Without first learning what a niche is, you run the risk of building an online business that you don’t like or cannot keep moving forward with.

Trust me, I have been within this game since 2018 and have built many online businesses. For me, when I first learned of this niche concept, I took off building numbers of different online businesses. I just kept coming up with a new Idea and thought I could make serious money with my new concept.

But each time I created a new business, I grew, and this finally took me to a place where I found something that I was happy with and could focus on entirely. In turn, I didn’t want to move around with different niches anymore, I was happy to have found “My Niche Topic”.

This guide I am creating for you right now will save you a tremendous amount of time.

In hindsight, I wish I had started off my life in the affiliate marketing industry because I would have chosen one business to stay with from the get go. When you’re new, it is hard to know what your niche is going to be, and this can cause you to create tons of websites and never get much traffic because you have so many articles on different sites.

If you can get a free coach (I am one) it can help you tremendously, as well.

What is a Niche?

When we’re just about to discuss what a niche is, it is highly recommended that we take to the dictionary first, as this sets the main stage for what we’re about to deliver.

What does the dictionary say about a niche?

I looked it up using my trusty Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, and the answer was so nourishing.

The Oxford Dictionary says a niche is

Niche noun

1. a comfortable or suitable role, job, way of life, etc.

  • He eventually found his niche in sports journalism.

2. a small section of the market for a particular kind of product or service

  • They spotted a niche in the market, with no serious competition.

3. a small hollow place, especially in a wall to contain a statue, etc., or in the side of a hill

  • The niche was just big enough to hold two small candles.

4. a position or role taken by a kind of living thing within its community. Different living things may have the same niche in different places, for example, antelopes in Africa and kangaroos in Australia.

  • Within each niche, similar animals avoid competing with each other.

Pretty cool meanings behind the word niche, isn’t there?

A niche is basically a portion of a much larger market. When you take a piece or chunk out, and focus on that, it makes your chances of success a lot easier because it’s narrowing down what you’re targeting, and this makes it easier to compete.

In the dictionary meanings above, I want to focus on both 1 and 2.

In the first selection (number 1) the example the Oxford Dictionary gave for a niche was –

  • He eventually found his niche in sports journalism.

You can see “He eventually found his niche in sports Journalism” and this is exactly what had happened to me, when I first started out (I eventually found my niche in internet marketing coaching).

You can also see with number 2, the example is “They spotted a niche in the market, with no serious competition.”

Example Number 2 is perfectly explained!

This is what took me so long to learn.

You’re Just On Your Computer, How Do You Know?

If you’re somebody who is in their thirties and want to start affiliate marketing, you have to pick a niche and learn how to attract audiences to your products or services.

This is not as easy as said.

For me, my niche is coaching.

How would I coach somebody who is in their thirties if they have no way of knowing what products or services have more or less competition?

When you’re young, everything is OK because you have time to make those mistakes.

But when you’re old, you don’t have all those years that you used to have.

If you’re old and want to pick the right niche, how will you know without having some years to spare in case you get it wrong?

The only way is to find in depth guides like this to show you a picture of what is happening. Another way is to get a good coach who can show you what the whole point of all this is?

What is the complete Point of a Niche?

There are so many gurus out there who are creating ads and trying to sell you a product that they back and trust 100%.

Are you here to make money or create value?

I see it as creating value and then money will come.

When you want to choose a niche, pick something that is a smaller segment of a larger industry. It’s a bit complicated and takes some time, but does work out.

Are you going to pick a niche because you like to write about something? And then by getting so much traffic, you’ll be earning money? That is what niches are, alongside affiliate marketing.

A Niche Is The Foundation Of Your Online Business

Just because somebody teaches you how to pick a niche or what a niche is doesn’t mean you have to do what you think you want to do.

What you want to do many not be what is pointing at you.

There could be a much larger niche facing in your direction, but because you only learned the basics of what a niche is, you go with the flow and build something that just isn’t good enough.

The internet is expanding, and you have to know how.

Yes, you can pick a niche because you have been riding horses for ten years and want to blog on your favourite types of horses, and that will be great. You’ll make a lot of money and teach a lot of people many new things about horses, but does this help grow the internet? No, not really.

A Powerful Way To Start In The Right Industry Today

I can show you how to start an online business in affiliate marketing, where you instantly become an affiliate marketing coach and mentor.

This is a very big concept, but take it from me, I have seen so many people go down the same path as you right now.

You’re more than likely somebody who hasn’t done this before and hasn’t got anything to write about. In saying this, what I mean is, for you to get started, you’ll have to learn about a product or service on top of writing about it.

This is where it can be hard (but what is a few months of hard work?).

If you’re one of the people who don’t have a favourite industry and don’t know what to write about, then that’s even better for you.

There is a training that taught me everything I know, and I went through many different niches until I grew to a point where I could just promote the training itself. It’s so hard to describe what I am trying to say, but anyone can make money with a wonderful internet business by writing about this training course that I attend.

When you take this Affiliate Bootcamp Course, it bypasses having to face the lonely trek of picking a niche and going at it alone.

But if you wish to do that, then there is also a niche training course as well.

From here, you’ll get me 100% coaching you along the way for free as well.

I hope this guide has pointed you in the right direction somehow, and you’ve been able to see clearer as to which way you should face.

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  1. Hi, Good day. This is a perfect guide for any beginner in the world of Affiliate Marketing. It can often be super confusing when you are new to affiliate marketing and you may not be aware of how to go about things. This article is great as it talks about the various factors that can make Affiliate marketing good. I agree with every single point that has been mentioned above.


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