This is a review on the 'whaff rewards’ app. This review shows you 'how to make money with android apps’.

WHAFF Rewards App – an app that rewards you to download ‘other’ apps – Review

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Would you download other apps and use them on an Android device to get rewards?

Hey there, you may have heard of the Google Play app called WHAFF app rewards. Whether you have or not, by the end of this review you will know the ins and outs about the product.

But before that I want to say, this app rewards you for downloading ‘other’ apps and keeping them on your phone. They just want you to click the ads and stuff.

Because it’s not an Apple device, you may find it even harder trying to download apps on an Android device, let alone trying to use them.

WHAFF Rewards App 

Name: WHAFF Rewards app
Price: Free for WHAFF PICKS, and paid, for WHAFF premium picks
Owners: WHAFF
Overall rank: 4.4-star rating


WHAFF Rewards App is an app designed to offer its user couple of rewards that include doing the following tasks; downloading the app and receiving the installation bonus, keeping the app on your phone and receiving another bonus, run, play and completing daily tasks on the app.

It is a 9.9 Mb sized app requiring an Android version from 4.0.3 and above and it has been technically classified as a shopping app.

It also has more than 10 million downloads and it is available on Google play store, moreover, it has received 699,930 reviews which is really awesome.

It is of much interest that in 2 years since its launch, it can receive such a high rating and downloads. In this article, we shall look deep into what this app really offer, its pros and cons, then weigh in on whether its worth your time.

The Good & The Bad


The app has several advantages as described below:

1. Wide variety of earnings

As we mentioned earlier, there are many ways that the app keeps you rewarded with from installation times throughout entire usage. It is not surprising that on play store app description part, there is a first impression stating that it offers Bitcoin and Ethereum. These are some of the cryptocurrencies you have probably heard of on social media or other platforms.

(i) Installation of the app gives you 0.12 USD

(ii) Daily play earns you 0.45 USD taking 3 minutes of your time.

(iii) Keeping the app without installation will earn you 0.01 USD per day

(iv) Third-party app installations also are rewarded differently i.e Daum app installation gives you 0.2 USD.

(v) Affiliate program – where you get a bonus of W300 for every friend invite to install the app with your unique Invite code.

(vi) Attendance reward – this is a random counter that you need to check daily for some random bonus

2. Small download size-the app is not heavy (9.9M only) and therefore your phone RAM speed is not downplayed. The developers have tried to compress it for the best performance.

3. Premium picks option giving more earnings – for those willing to upgrade you have an opportunity to do more and earn more.

4. Easy payout – the means that the app pays its users are simple, you just get paid once you reach 10 USD in balance and you can choose to gift card option or Paypal.

5. It is fun creating an app for your free time, playing games on the app can be part of your hobby.


1. The app has restricted location access, you cannot use it if not in united states. There is a disclaimer that use of VPN to gain fraudulent access is prohibited.

2. Amount of money being paid out might sound little or less worth some people’s time.

3. You need an internet connection to perform many tasks on the app.

The target group for WHAFF rewards app:

The app targets the youth population aged 12 years and above. These are the people who love fun, they embrace hobby and will not mid to earn a little extra for free. That’s the reason you will find the app having such a huge number of downloads. Many young people are in school and obviously depending on parents and guardians thus they are always looking for online means of earning money.

Affiliate programs

When you download and install the app, it first takes you through Facebook authoring sign up. There is a place it will request an invitation code. If no one invited you, skip that. Once you complete the sign-up, you also receive an invitation code that you can use to refer to other people and earn extra cash.

However, you are allowed to invite up to 50 people a day but if you use bogus names and get no new signup, your account is banned.

Other fraudulent activities for an affiliate that are taken as serious violation include; creating multiple Facebook IDs to use invite codes with, inviting people outside restricted location and advising them to use VPN and falsely advertising the app as a free money tool yet it is a reward tool after doing some tasks on it.

Tools and Training

The app has several tools that are easy to use, take a look below:

1. Invite code-you can copy it and send it to your friends who need to signup and both of you get a bonus.

2. Play section-here you can play and earn some cash by pressing the play button.

3. Third party apps installation area-here you can install other app’s and still earn something instead of downloading outside the app and gaining nothing.

4. Payout area-here you can choose one of the methods to get a payout. These methods are the following; Google plays gift cards, Amazon gift cards, PlayStation store gift cards, Steam gift cards, Facebook gift cards, and PayPal.

5. Attendance bonus-It is a counter that you check every day and earn some cash.

6. Settings-here you shall find a way of disabling notifications, enabling share on Facebook wall and logging out.


The developers are at 24-hour support towards the app users. You can email them at for quick assistance regarding app crashing, payments and security.

You can also find them on their Facebook page where you can post public feedback, follow them for daily updates or send them a direct message.

From user reviews on google play, there are people with compliments while others with complaints.

After following the reviews, I could see the support team responding politely to different users and urging them to send an email.


As we mentioned earlier, there is the free mode (WHAFF picks and WHAFF premium picks. You can upgrade to premium.

My final opinion on the app

After comparing the pros and cons you will find that the app has more benefits than disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages are understandable, for instance, internet requirement is an obvious need for anything that needs to be downloaded. The income seen to be little can be increased by upgrading to premium.

In my opinion, the app is good and worth a download for people who really need to earn extra cash and love fun. However, it might be hard for busy people to do all this for the estimated income of up to 40 USD per month. Finally, it is good to evaluate your time usage and benefits and make a wise decision though I will encourage you to download it based on my opinion.




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