Viewsbank: 4 Ways To Make Money + Pays Into PayPal (Scam or Legit?)

Viewsbank Review

There are so many reasons to want to make an online income and there is a great chance that you’re reading this Viewsbank Surveys Review in order to see if they provide a good enough way to make money each month. Survey Sites are always a great way to break into the natural world on revenue raising and there is also another type of industry for small tasks (Surveys Included) through GPT Sites (Get-Paid-To). If you do one, there is a high chance you do the other.

The reason why I am coming to you here before we get into the Viewsbank Surveys Review is to let you know that you are living in a time where money is very easy to make.

When we were young, dreaming on owning that Porsche 944 Carrera was exactly that-Just a dream. I remember wondering (if anything) how I could possibly ever buy my own expensive car. I was young.

As these thoughts prolapsed within my mind it could give me bad feelings because I just could not think of how. But, there was always (in the back of my mind) start an apprenticeship, work hard, and become qualified so that I am making more money than a typical job. This thought meant I would have to work my whole life to buy that car.

Fast forward 10 years and I am in my thirties, having finished with that whole apprentice thing. Mind you, I totally recommend doing an apprenticeship no matter how rich you are.

Do you want to buy that dream car you used to think about? You are doing everything you need to make this happen. Many survey Takers turn into affiliate marketers and this is the audience I am trying to capture.

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What is Viewsbank?

Viewsbank is an online survey panel that is easy to use and has many questions, projects, and Mystery Shopping Assignments on different topics, Subjects, and industries. Members can create and vote on Polls or join the Viewsbank community Group discussions. Viewsbank Surveys Platform is owned and operated by Consumer Intelligence, a nationally recognized market research firm located out of the UK since 2003.

When choosing a new survey website to join and earn an extra income it is commonly assessed to be able to see a social benefit for the company you’re joining. If the Survey Business does not sport a correct correlation in terms of social distancing you will find it difficult in keeping up to date with what that survey site is about. In Terms of finding a social outlet for the Viewsbank website I have not been successful.

Eligibility: 18+, UK citizens only.

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How does Viewsbank work?

As with all surveys sites when you find one that you want to join you will need to create your first account which will include your basic details first off such as your name and email address. Once this is created, you will then need to jump back into your email inbox and verify your email address with a link that was sent to you from Viewsbank.

Fill out the registration form and within 48 hours you will receive a series of 5 surveys that will narrow down what types of research projects you will be invited to. This is going to be something that will enhance your search for new ways.

Viewsbank Surveys offers many different ways to make money on a variety of topics. Members must always maintain to keep first when sporting your first options as these surveys go fast and if you don’t get it first you may miss out. Topics are as follows:

  • Online Surveys – New surveys are available on a weekly basis.
  • Product Testing – You will receive a product and will be asked to provide you opinion on it.
  • Mystery Shopping – May be done online, on the telephone, or in-person.
  • Home Research – Complete easy at home tasks and in return receive a reward.
  • Online Focus Groups – May be done on a group call or in a chat room. Focus groups provide the largest rewards for participation.

As mentioned previously, assignments come as a first come first served basis, and some assignments, like mystery shopping have very limited availability, so act fast if you gain an invitation.

Viewsbank prides themselves in being a “social website”, where members are encouraged to interact with one another. Members can vote on polls and join groups with like-minded individuals for debates and discussions. There is also the option to create your own poll, which you can get paid for. Polls that become popular within the first three days of being released will be rewarded with £10. If a poll that you voted on begins to trend, then you will collect 1p. Members can Learn more about polls in the “poll rules” section of the website.

Most of the time when members complete a research project, they will receive a cash payment directly into their accounts. Some studies offer entries into prize draws for cash or other items. Surveys are usually paid in cash or prize draw entries which appear within your member account, whereas mystery shopping or at home projects are mainly rewarded with a direct payment.

Payments for completed work is calculated on the last day of each month. A minimum of £12 must be accumulated before members can redeem towards a reward. Payment is usually transferred via PayPal.

Viewsbank also sports another aggregate study called The Unique Quote Research Project, which is ongoing. Members can also choose to apply this to their revenue income and take shape. Earn extra cash by participating in this project, as each time your information is used, you will collect a £5 cash reward which is very lucrative.


Now with the Viewsbank Surveys Site Review finished I can fully conclude that the site/business is legitimate and you will earn a good amount of money if you join. They also have an affiliate program where members can also earn more by inviting other prospects to join. With your own website you can bring in new members and constantly earn more on autopilot which means you won’t even have to worry about completing tasks and this can lead onto much bigger projects for your online career. If you are wanting to learn more I will coach you for free.

Pros And Cons About Viewsbank


  • Viewsbank offers Automatic payments to your PayPal account every month (as long as you reach the £12 threshold).
  • Viewsbank also trots a wide variety of surveys.
  • Viewsbank offers an interactive community for their members
  • ViewsbankMembers can create a poll and earn £10 if it trends.
  • Viewsbank also trots a Fair pay rate compared to other survey sites.
  • Viewsbank also has another option to Earn £5; participate in the Unique Quote Research Project and this exceptional offering
  • Viewsbank is another Trusted surveys source site.


  • It’s open only for UK residents.

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