Is Viewpoint Forum a Scam? An Honest Review

Viewpoint Forum Review

There are so many different reasons for wanting to make money online, and I feel you contentment. But I have something that I want to share with you right before we start this Viewpoint Review. Did you know that you are actually practicing for something a lot larger by searching for survey Sites and completing surveys? Incase you didn’t know now you do. But let me elaborate a little of what I mean.

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What is Viewpoint Forum?

Viewpoint Forum is a community of survey takers, who are based in the United States. Anyone who wishes to become a part of this aspect and Viewpoint Forum survey panel can communicate by sharing their opinions and insights through large quantities of online surveys. You will be rewarded nicely for you time but we will get into that a little later on as well.

Viewpoint Forum operates under MarketVision Research, a company that is well-known, also one of the founders of the Insights Association – a respectable name from within the market research regime. MarketVision Research is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is an Accredited company within the Better Business Bureau, and also sports a boasting A+ Rating upon the organization.

However, along with their credentials at the BBB, they do not have any social media presence, which makes it harder to get updates of their platform and things like that. All the Survey Sites that have a social media presence are the best survey opportunities there are (so just keep that in mind).

Eligibility: United States, 18+.

There is no better way to earn money with your own website. It is getting easier and easier as we speak because so many tools and training is being made to help beginners such as you and me. But I have a training that is the best and people earning money by using it is the perfect proof such as: $3.1K in Sales 60 Days on WA!. $3K in 60 Days on WA!!! Can you believe that? If this is you and you like what you’re seeing then jump in and I’ll coach you for free!

How does Viewpoint Forum work?

The Viewpoint Survey Panel is a little different to other survey sites as it is a Survey Community Forum. It can also be called a Community of consumers, but one thing is, forums are generally opened to everyone.

You may remember before the continuing on about referral and affiliate marketing and how important it is that you be among this industry within the survey industry, and this is so important, and one of those reasons why is because this community forum doesn’t allow new members by signing up on their front page. Instead, to be a part of this community you must receive a special link which will be sent to your email.

Think about that.

This being the case, how important would it be that you get that link out there so many other people can join?

You don’t have hope at all generating that link with just your email and social media. You must have a website of your own. And if you do, you could then write an article and insert your affiliate links into the content. This is what affiliate marketing is, and it plays a huge part in survey taking people just don’t know where the right training is because we are so far ahead of time.

Viewpoint Forum can also send invitations to prospect members.

Members can obtain ‘Forum Points’ for taking surveys, and have them immediately credited to their accounts upon survey completion. The number of points issued will vary depending on the survey. Survey invitations are sent by email most of the time but if they have a strong website presence can also be sent by RSS feed (which is down the pipeline).

Members of the ViewPoint Forum receive invites to surveys 1-2 times a month. Most surveys will pay 125-225-Forum Points for completion. They are usually simple and easy – taking only 10-15 minutes to complete.

Once you have accumulated 750-Forum Points (equivalent to $20) you can redeem them towards a variety of e-gift cards. Please allow 24 – 48 hours for arrival.

Instead of awarding Forum Points, some surveys will reward members with an entry into an exciting prize draw. The sweepstakes may be for a cash lump sum or other lucrative prizes. This is important for members to take heed and really decide on what types of earnings they value more.


Now that the Viewpoint Forum Review is complete I am happy to announce that this survey panel is legitimate. They are not the best but they are worthy of being worked by members of the public. But, remember that this game if consistent along with affiliate marketing and as you saw with this review knowing how to send links is a crucial part to earning money online, and with this in mind if you want to be fully coached on how to do affiliate marketing then start your website here and now and I will see you on the inside.

Pros And Cons About Viewpoint Forum


  • Viewpoint Forum is legitimate and have exciting ways to make money
  • Viewpoint Forum has nice survey salaries which can pay members up to $6 per shot
  • Viewpoint Forum pay members in both cash and prizes
  • Members can also test products and get paid up to 500 points a shot


  • Viewpoint Forum is just like E-Rewards in the sense that they are exclusive to their own. Prospect members must be sent an invitation to join.
  • Low number of surveys are being sent out to members such as 2 surveys per month. If you want more surveys you should try both Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars.

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