VeryDice Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

VeryDice Review

There is so much validations to want to earn money from home and generally speaking people think that the internet can help them.

Once you get started searching for different online methods to earn money, it isn’t long before you start seeing different games offering to pay you just for playing them.

But does playing games online pay you enough to buy a house? No.

Games online are basically for the developer to earn money with ads. When somebody signs up and starts playing the owner of the game earns money when they press on ads and this is how they pay the members.

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What is VeryDice?

VeryDice is a game that pays different rewards to users when they play. The idea behind the game is that you roll the dice and whatever ticket it lands on you get to keep the prize behind it.

The company behind the app is called Square Two Inc and the app is available on both Apple iOS and Android Google’s Play Store.

The app is free to download and is great to play using a mobile device because that’s probably all it’s worth.

When you rack up enough tickets you can cash them out for a number of different gift cards.

At the moment the game is only available for people living within the US.

Games like these are small but if they pay an alright salary you may be able to get rich, but I would not count on that.

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Is VeryDice Legit?

Yes. VeryDice is a legitimate app and game to play.

Once you have downloaded the app you get 50 free rolls of the dice and it could turn out to be a big win.

Next to earning a gift card for your win, you can also exchange them for products that the app has to offer.

VeryDice also has a daily double game that is free and is sort of created to make sure users keep coming back. This daily bonus game can give you the chance to earn 300 extra tickets if you complete it daily.

Each day you get 1 spin of the wheel and this gives you a certain about of rolls of the dice for that day. You can get up to 50 rolls with one spin of the wheel.

Sounds like a pretty good game doesn’t it? Well, it might be.

But it isn’t going to help you pay off a house or anything like that, so in this case you can still find something that will by being at this site.

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