Valued Opinions Review – What to Expect

Valued Opinions Review

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Product Name: Valued Opinions


Download: Website version only

Owner: Dynata

Price: Free

Earnings: $0.50 per survey

Overall Rating: 69/100

What Is Valued Opinions?

Valued Opinions is an online surveys website that also offers product testing, mobile surveys, and teen surveys.

From the research I did, I found Valued Opinions has over 3 million members worldwide and was founded back in 2004.

The panel is available in over 15 languages across more than 20 countries, and is affiliated with the Market Research Association, which means they adhere to strict rules which could enhance their value.

It also uses Facebook to ask their community questions that you don’t get paid for. 

Valued Opinions Review – What to Expect

To find what people are saying about them via review websites, continue to read until the end.

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How Does Valued Opinions Work?

To get started with Valued Opinions, you first need a computer and internet connection. You’ll then sign up and login using your name and email address.

Valued Opinions sends you an email after you sign up offering you free rewards ($1) if you complete your profile. It takes 6 minutes and it will kick-start your earnings. After completing the basic profile, you can also complete additional profile information regarding your household, shopping habits, etc. which will help you qualify for even more surveys.

As long as you live in the 20 available countries, you are good to go. Some of these countries are US, UK, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, India, Thailand, South Africa, Indonesia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

Valued Opinions do not have an app. This means, you have to use the web browser on mobile if you want to do activities on the go, which is just as easy if you ask me. Apps are generally just to make it easier, but sometimes they actually make it harder.

At times, Valued Opinions sends you unpaid surveys in order to help identify what surveys you are good at.

Generally, members will paid between $1 and $7. Survey typically take 15 to 20 to complete.

Member can withdraw when they reach $10 minimum.

There’s the options to receive the following:

  • Magazine subscriptions – Earn a 1-year magazine subscriptions to Cosmopolitan, ELLE Decor, Food Network, Magazine Midwest Living, and Women’s Health for $15 in rewards.
  • Restaurant gift cards – Bag Domino’s pizzas, Chili’s, and Members can accept Valued Opinions paid in $15 or $20 denominations.
  • Airline miles – Attain 600 Rapid Rewards Points for $15 in rewards, or 825 points for $20.
  • Retail gift cards – Acquire, Apple, CVS Pharmacy,, Macy’s, Target, and the Home Depot, each in $20 denominations.
  • Pack & Go gift card – Collect $25 gift card can be redeemed at a Chevron, Texaco, Airbnb or Southwest.

They also post questions on their social media pages to keep the community interested. These questions you don’t get paid for and can answer in the comments sections.

There’s also a referral program, but there isn’t much information on this. I’ll provide additional information down below.


Ways To Earn –

  • Online surveys
  • Product testing
  • Diary surveys
  • Mobile surveys
  • Teen surveys

Payments –

To make a request for payment, members need a minimum of $10.

  • Amazon gift cards
  • Airline Miles
  • Apple gift cards
  • Prepaid debit or credit cards
  • Target gift cards
  • Home Depot gift cards
  • Retail e-vouchers
  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Merchandise
  • Sweepstakes entries
  • Donations to charity

Community –

  • Members can use the Valued Opinions blog and social media to interact with the platform. 

Key Benefits –

  • You can interact with the community on Facebook.


Is Valued Opinions safe? Yes. It is safe to use. The reviews in Google indicate an average experience.

Is Valued Opinions free? Yes. Members can join for free.

Does Valued Opinions have payment proof? I tried searching in Google, but was unable to find any proof of payment. 

Is Valued Opinions easy to cash out? Yes. Once you reach a minimum of $10 you can request payment. 

Is Valued Opinions a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. Valued Opinions acts like an intermediary and advertisers. 

Does Valued Opinions have support? Yes. If you look on the website, it offers a contact form for Valued Opinions Customer Service.

Does Valued Opinions have any bad reviews? All Valued Opinions reviews I’ve read have been excellent. 

Valued Opinions Review – What to Expect

Does Valued Opinions have an app? No. There’s no app. 

Would you recommend Valued Opinions to a friend or relative? No. I focus on helping people make money from home using affiliate marketing. If you wish to try product testing from home, you are better off using another website because that won’t help you. You need to learn how to get paid to review products online, and you’ll get paid to try products at the same time. This technique is done via a 4-step system

How To Get Valued Opinions Referrals

Even though there isn’t much information on Valued Opinions referrals, I still want to show you how to get them. You can save this for other programs if you have them in mind. 

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5) Add your Valued Opinions affiliate link to your review

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Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Has  working social media accounts on the homepage
  • Offers good rewards
  • Easy to use website.

What’s not to like –

  • Not much information on the referral program
  • Doesn’t pay you to answer questions on the Facebook page.
  • Isn’t a real way to earn money working
  • Low-income opportunity


There are plenty of other options you can use to make money from home. I have written many reviews and there’s also Google that you can use. 

What I find being the best is affiliate marketing. 

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As I was searching for alternatives, I found MySoapBox, Opinion Outpost, Branded Surveys, and Univox Community to be the more common ones.


To me, this panel seems just average. I like how it offers free questions on social media that you won’t be paid for. I get that this is just trying to keep the community happy. 

At least they have working social media sites, many other panels don’t have this.

There’s not much information on how much members earn for inviting others. This is generally a big way to earn with the panel. 

On trusted review sites like TrustPilot it has 3.1/5 stars 2627 personal reviews.

I don’t recommend you take this option if you want to make money online, even though the platform is fully legit.   

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