UTest Review: Scam or Legit?

UTest Review

This is my UTest Review. Find out if UTest is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many reasons to be looking for work online that people are trying anything and everything. It wouldn’t surprise me if online business owners had actually received a large increase in their own website analytics and the world just continues to fall. The world will never get better and we’re on the way to an unending that which the world has never seen before. But what is WWW.UTest.com and how much does UTest Pay to their members, is this something that people could turn to if need be to make something that saves them from mortgage loss?

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What is UTest?

UTest a professional platform for digital testers whereby people who think they are good with tech items can sign up and partake in projects testing different software and programs. An example of testing jobs will include operating systems, digital fitness equipment, and so many more, to improve security, usability, functionality and accessibility, bugs and errors in smartphone apps among many others. UTest.com was founded in 2007 by Doron Reuveni and Roy Solomon and also has other testing companies incorporated underneath it such as Applause.

If any of my readers are serious about wanting to find out about this company one of the best ways to find out more about it and know that it could be helpful is by checking to see if they offer a Facebook Fan Page. After checking Facebook I found they do have a Facebook Fan Page and boast over 56K Likes. With a Facebook Fan Page Prospects can now go to their page and do more things that could help them like ask questions or see new offers and job.

Eligibility: 18+, WorldWide.

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How does UTest work?

UTest Sign up is easy and simple. For new people who are wanting to get work on UTest you can sign up on either their website or UTest App which is just as simple and can be downloaded on both Mobile devices. The following are some elements you need to have in place to sign up:

  1. Must be 18 years old
  2. Must have a smartphone or PC
  3. Must install a compatible software for testing

Once your account is created just go to the UTest Login and start checking the site out. I actually thought it would be better understanding the works and The UTest Testing Platform by reading relevant reviews from UTest Testers themselves. Below are two reviews I found I Reddit:

I’ve been with uTest for a couple of months, it’s worth it. It’s far better than anything else you do online, because it’s flexible (work anytime you want) and you get paid more as you go up in ranking. -It was overwhelming for me too when I first started, but the hardest part is really just setting up the tools to take a screenshot or video to show that you found a bug in the app/website. -If you haven’t passed the Sandbox, do that first. -Then when you get a paid invitation, you can read the Overview and decide if you want to accept/decline the project. -Every project will tell you how much you will get paid per bug. -And it’s divided into, base payout (somewhat valuable bugs), very valuable bugs, and exceptional bugs. -For one project, it might be $4 for somewhat valuable, $15 for very valuable, and $30 for exceptional. -If you find 5 somewhat valuables, that is $20. -In my experience, finding 5 bugs usually takes 2-3 hours. But sometimes the bug may be very valuable, so you end up making more overall. -You’re not gonna really understand how the site works for at least a month. -I didn’t really know I was doing until the 4th-paid invitation. -So just get started. I’m here if you have questions. 🙂


You’re welcome. 🙂 I get on average 4 new projects every day, but my ranking is really high. When you start as a beginner there won’t be work until maybe a month after sandbox. The key is to have the newest Android device or iOS device. Or at least updated OS. -You don’t need special skills. You need to know 1) what’s wrong with a website or app 2) how to take a screenshot and video. -For example, you find that a website menu doesn’t open when you click on it. That is a bug! So you need to report it. Inside that report you write how did you find it (steps), and then you attach a screenshot or video showing the steps. -That is all. When you do this more often you will get better, but in the beginning it does sound really complicated. -I heard some people make about $1000/month on uTest but that does require working every day. 

lycheeo, Reddit


Now that I have fully finished my UTest Review I can conclude that this platform is legit and members will learn new plus make money from their site.

Pros And Cons About UTest


  • UTest Pays well when you get started
  • UTest trains members well
  • UTest provides great experience within the testing fields
  • UTest is also a good place for freelancers in particular as they could learn to sharpen their offsets


  • Hard to understand what exactly you need to do at first.
  • UTest forever to approve work assignments
  • Very low payout
  • Majority of projects don’t pay for testing
  • Very messy and unstructured information when being invited to a project

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