UserTesting Review: Scam or Legit?

UserTesting Review

This is my UserTesting Review. Find out if UserTesting is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review.

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What is UserTesting?

UserTesting is an on-demand human insights platform founded in 2007 by both Darrel Benatar and Dave Garr. UserTesting is headquartered in San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US. UserTesting Industries include Consumer Research, Market Research, Marketing Automation, Product Management, SaaS, Sales Automation, Software. UserTesting gives organizations the power to further test their software and get feedback on all products, services and software.

Some of the ways an online will look even more legit to you is when they offer their niche of people a Facebook Fan Page as these always add tons of value to anyone’s inquires. And by doing a quick search I was able to find that UserTesting does have their own Facebook Fan Page and they also boast over 79K Likes.

Eligibility: 18+, WorldWide.

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How does UserTesting work?

One of the first things somebody will have to do is create their account with UserTesting which can be done at their website. UserTesting Sign up is not hard and requires the usual details that a normal account would need. To start making money as a Tester prospects need to first apply for a sample test which if approved turns you into one of Panel members. Basically the same as surveys sites, a little further into the set up of your account will also help determine what jobs you get. A new UserTesting will receive different tests based on their demographics. Login can be done on both the app and website.

For each successful test that you perform, you will be paid some money depending upon the kind of test.

  • Identify pain points in your customer experience
  • Understand what your customers are thinking and feeling
  • Validate design decisions before committing resources
  • Influence stakeholders to make improvements

Just about every test that you get will also have a screening test taken first. You will need to pass this test to qualify for the job. The good thing with screening is that there’s no right or wrong answer, they are simply looking to see if you match the questions they need answered.

The payment for each test varies depending upon the type and duration of the test. Generally, the pay for each test varies between $3 to $60. The average payment is $10 per test.

UserTesting pays $10 for every 20-minute video a member completes. For this, you need to visit a website or an application, follow instructions and finish a set of tasks using your computer or mobile phone and then give loud feedback about the user experience.

UserTesting also does not have a referral program which means you can’t earn more by promoting them with your own website or social media.


Now that I have fully finished this UserTesting Review I can conclude that the platform is legitimate and members will make money testing out new services and products.

Pros And Cons About UserTesting


  • UserTesting is Transparent, user-friendly and systematic process of work.
  • UserTesting also offers a Smooth Sign up process.
  • UserTesting is Quick response regarding your selection status i.e. takes only up to 48 hours to know if your sample test is approved or disapproved.
  • UserTesting offers a Standardized mode of payment and process your payment only through PayPal account.
  • UserTesting has Clear and well-defined guidelines regarding performing tests, with tasks that members need to perform are very well explained.
  • UserTesting has Helpful tutorials before beginning with real tests.
  • UserTesting doesn’t require any money investment
  • UserTesting offers Fair payment for each test you take up
  • UserTesting has More opportunities for those who live close to the US.


  • Members don’t receive email notifications for new tests.
  • Members always need to be logged in to their account and have a constant watch on your dashboard for any new tests.
  • Disqualifying in screener is disappointing:
  • Qualifying for a test can be hard
  • UserTesting Requires good skills in English and technology
  • There are fewer opportunities if you don’t live close to the US.
  • Not suggested as regular work and income option and offers low salary
  • The UserTesting mobile version is quite slow and takes a significant time to load.

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