Usborne Review: Scam or Legit?

Usborne Review

This is my Usborne Review. Find out if Usborne is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. Are you looking to sell children’s books from home? Then Usborne is something you can definitely consider.

Long before I performed this review, I had known about Usborne Books. The reason why, is because the company is big, and they perform a definite impression online.

Usborne books would have really made an increase in their business when the internet came to fruition as well.

The method used to sell these kids’ books, is, with direct Marketing which is an industry that’s been around for many years. It was the main way of selling way back before the internet. Simply put, you just need to be able to carry some stock and begin door knocking on your local area to begin selling your inventory. Once that’s done, you can then expand as your business grows.

But how can you make money selling Kids books the easy way? Build a website.

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So, what is Usborne Publishing and can you sell Children books from home and earn money? Let’s find out the truth now.

What is Usborne Publishing?

Usborne Publishing, often called Usborne Books, is a Multilevel Marketing children’s books firm that which is situated within the United Kingdom. was founded way back in 1973 by Peter Usborne and consists of a team of in-house writers, editors, along with designers.

Where with a plan to start working from home, Usborne Books at Home is the Usborne sales channel in the MLM industry and was founded in 1981. So you can imagine, the company was launched in 1973 and then 8 years later they began a sect inviting people to sell their children’s books from home and earn money. This same opportunity is available today for anyone who has a passion for selling kids’ books, to which I think is absolutely amazing.

Is Usborne a reliable MLM to earn?

Usborne Publishing’s main competitors are Little Tiger, Make Believe Ideas Ltd., and Reading Zone.

They’re a division of Educational Development Corporation (EDC), a publicly traded company that’s been recognized by Forbes and Fortune.

I also have social media elements to show you which you can also use to grasp an in depth understanding for them alternatively, and how they work. They have Facebook (34.9K Likes) Twitter (52.7K) and LinkedIn.

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How does Usborne Publishing work?

Getting started selling Usborne Books from home is as easy as heading on over to their website and scrolling to the bottom of their homepage, where you’ll see a link that says “Sell Usborne Books”.

On the inside of your application form, you’ll need to buy one of 2 kits:

The “Mini-Kit,” $75, includes:

  • 10 best-selling Usborne books, worth over $100
  • Start-up supplies, including a business website, worth over $75
  • A Usborne Books branded box to hold everything
  • Access to the Sunshine Team training website

The “Big Kit,” $125, includes:

  • 20 best-selling Usborne books, worth over $200
  • Start-up supplies, including a business website, worth over $75
  • A Usborne Books branded box to hold everything
  • Access to the Sunshine Team training website
  • Usborne Books has some amazing different styles of Kid’s books including Their picture books which can get serious attention from young children (picture books are great for young kids). Their easy readers are fun for early readers. And their topical books are fascinating for all ages. Topics include math, science, history, adventure, literature, and hobbies.
Is Usborne a reliable MLM to earn?

Around the world, Usborne sports over 35,000 distributors for their company, so if you think about it, it still leaves room for more people to join and make money.

The commissions you’ll earn for selling Usborne Books are as follows:

  • Internet Sales 25%
  • Home Shows 25%
  • Book Fairs 17%
  • Booth Events 44% gross profit (minus booth fee/expenses)
  • Cards for a Cause Fundraiser 10%
  • Reading Incentive Programs 30%+
  • Direct to Schools/Libraries 20/25%

Now, with everything you need to find out more on the Usborne Books business franchise you can now make a choice on what you wish to do.

Keep in mind that this may be a hard and slow job and if you’re new to marketing you may want to look towards starting an online business so that you can grow an internet presence and completely skip having to walk around and perform house parties.


I have carefully reviewed Usborne and now conclude that the company is legitimate and worthy of people starting their own company franchises with them and earning money.

Overall, You need a company that respects you, keeps you updated on what’s going on, and gives you full disclosure before and after you join. If this company or any other company you long to work for does not do this, then you must renegotiate who you need to work for, and with this being said, I can give you your first pipeline of employment starting with your own online business. Keep on reading below to get this orchestrated.

Usborne Publishing Pros And Cons


  • Usborne offers a Free personalized website that which you can use to take people to, to help sell your book purchases and make money from the profits.
  • Usborne offers Affordable books
  • Usborne is an Established company
  • Usborne doesn’t just Focus on direct sales
  • Usborne is also Affordable to Join
  • Usborne has High-Quality Children’s Books
  • Usborne offers High paying commissions (20%-30% commission on personal sales)
  • Usborne has an Educational consultant program – If you purchase the additional Educational Consultant Kit, you can sell your books in local schools.
  • Usborne is also Published in a variety of languages
  • Usborne sports Lots of awards under their belt
  • Usborne Sports both Children’s books and young adult novels
  • Usborne is Based in the UK
  • Usborne sports both $75-$125 sign-on kits which is particularly cheap
  • Usborne has an uphill trends on Google Trends


  • Low-income potential
  • 99% of MLM recruits lose money
  • There are Hidden monthly costs
  • It is could be an Outdated business due to Amazon
  • It sports an MLM Business Model and these have always created issues within the past
  • There can be some sort of Reliance on Hosting Events
  • It is going to sport a Low Income Potential
  • It sports a D- Rating from the BBB
  • I did some research and learned that there is No Official Compensation Plan Available
  • Recruiting via book parties is old school embarrassing
Is Usborne a reliable MLM to earn?

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in selling math books, science books, history books, adventure books, literature books, and hobbies books from home? Have you worked or tried working for Usborne before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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