Ubersuggest by Neil Patel Review: Scam or Legit?

Ubersuggest Review

This is my Ubersuggest Review. Find out if Neil Patel Ubersuggest is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review.

Neil Patel and UberSuggest are among the high-ranking members & tools online when it comes to content marketing and SEO. When you’re in this niche space online, you will almost see a post from Neil Patel everyday, he’s website is huge, and why not, it has been around for over 23 years.

Just recently, the Neil Patel Ubersuggest website had proclaimed a lifetime membership to use their software. If you look at all the other platforms for keyword research, you’ll see that these competitors MOZ, Ahrefs, & SEMrush charge $950 to $9,900 a year. I was shocked when I noticed this by chance within the Ubersuggest back end. I thought it couldn’t be, Neil had offered a lifetime membership for Ubersuggest and ridiculously low prices. I’ll talk more on this later. But anyone who blogs know that what is going on right now within the keyword industry is exciting, and if you don’t have an online business and want to make money online, then I highly recommend checking out my #1 training where you can start an online business from scratch (professional memberships available too). But what is Ubersuggest.com and just how good is this keyword research tool? Let’s find out now.

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What is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is a keyword and Competitor research tool that enables SEO and Content Marketing Experts to gain better traction when lifting their lists. A list is a bunch of keywords research results or competitor results that you can extract from the machine itself.

Ubersuggest.com was created originally for scraping the internet Google Suggest Terms which are lists of results for the queries entered into their search area.

WWW.Ubersuggest.com was acquired by entrepreneur Neil Patel, who has since expanded upon what is been originally.

Now you can use Ubersuggest to learn about the keywords and pages that your competitors are ranking for which is just huge.

There was never any other way, or even the idea, of what other website’s were ranking for, until Neil added these new features to Ubersuggest. Now you can put in a competitors domain name and see all their ranking key terms and begin to rank against them; but we’ll talk more on that soon.

Ubersuggest is on Facebook that you can use to learn more about the tool, as Neil is always posting new videos to the page. 

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How does Ubersuggest work?

Getting started with the Ubersuggest keyword and competitor research tool is very easy. All you have to do is head on over to their website which can be found here. Then once you’re there it will give you a free time of use. This will be possible by either creating an account with your name and email address, or using their auto login with your Google Account. 

But at the moment, Ubersuggest is having a super special on which is the fact that you can now become a lifetime member. If you haven’t used this tool yet, then you may not know why this is so good right now. But as I mentioned earlier, one of the new features with Ubersuggest is being able to type in any domain name and learn about all the keyword and posts they’re ranking for. That within itself is absolutely huge. So, getting back to new lifetime memberships (for a limited time) means you will never have any trouble finding something to write about again. That is how big this is. 

The whole point of blogging is to write reviews and tell others if the product or service is good or not. 

Before Ubersuggest new feature implement, you literally had to use random website’s and look for pages just by hitting their home button, and it was very limited

Now with Ubersuggest you can target thousands of keywords and pages that are inside each competing website

But getting back to the Uber memberships, there are three standard memberships which are

  • Individual – $29AUD per month (Approximately $40US)
  • Business – $49AUD per month (Approximately $67US)
  • Enterprise/Agency $99AUD per month (Approximately $136US)

The memberships above are standard, but you still get the free version which gives you around 2-3 reports per day. A report is the checking of each menu item, and in the membership contracts, the amount of reports you may require can vary a lot depending on the price plan you’re on. So the tool can become quite limited from time to time.

Inside the Ubersuggest platform there are over 13 features in the left side menu panel that are available for your research usage

Let’s now go over each action within the menu so you can learn how to use the tool and how it works; and if it is something that you will benefit from moving forward with your career in both SEO and Content Marketing.

How to use UberSuggest

The first action is The Dashboard. This menu item beholds all your domain insights that you’re tracking. Each insight element is as follows

Is Ubersuggest a reliable Tool for SEO?
imformational photo
  • Organic Monthly traffic 
  • Tracked Keywords 
  • Backlinks 
  • Referring Domains 

You can click into anyone of these insights to gain in depth research on each project you have running. 

The next menu group down is the main Ubersuggest menu, and it entails the following


Is Ubersuggest a reliable Tool for SEO?
imformational photo

Keyword Ideas 

Is Ubersuggest a reliable Tool for SEO?

Content Ideas 

Is Ubersuggest a reliable Tool for SEO?

Each one of this metrics beholds advanced insights into what your are researching. 

Then as we move down another category, next you’ll see the Traffic Analyzer menu, and in it are the following attributes: 


Is Ubersuggest a reliable Tool for SEO?

Top Pages 

Is Ubersuggest a reliable Tool for SEO?
Is Ubersuggest a reliable Tool for SEO?IMFORMATIONAL PHOTO


Is Ubersuggest a reliable Tool for SEO?

Competitors (new) 

This may very well be the most advanced part of Ubersuggest as it sports all the keywords your competitors rank for including GAP keywords, which are keywords the competition ranks for but not the examined site.
Is Ubersuggest a reliable Tool for SEO?
Is Ubersuggest a reliable Tool for SEO?

Again, each menu item here beholds very advanced keyword metrics. What I mentioned earlier was being able to track your competitors keywords and posts, and that is through the new menu item “Competitors” that has just been launched. 

The next menu down is SEO Analyzer and in it are the following aspects

Site Audit 

Is Ubersuggest a reliable Tool for SEO?
Is Ubersuggest a reliable Tool for SEO?


Is Ubersuggest a reliable Tool for SEO?
Is Ubersuggest a reliable Tool for SEO?Is Ubersuggest a reliable Tool for SEO?IMFORMATIONAL PHOTO
Is Ubersuggest a reliable Tool for SEO?

The above menu has insights into whole website’s health and backlinks. 

Then, the final menu to this tool is the Help item which has the following metrics to it

  • Knowledge Base 
  • Coaching 
  • Support 

The final list above is very self-explanatory which doesn’t need imagery added here either. The power of this tool remains in the posing factors that I have just mentioned.

This tool is very powerful and I highly recommend everyone with a business online buy into this platform as it is the ultimate for bloggers. Speaking of bloggers, Ubersuggest shows you that much relevant content ideas, and they’re not just random, they’re the exact metrics of your competitors.


If you’re asking me personally what I think is the best keyword research tool, I have two; and they’re both Neil Patel Ubersuggest and Jaaxy from Wealthy Affiliate. There are small differences that makes the two combine very well indeed, but the UberSuggest is very powerful. It can break away remaining links and pages like not other, I mean, have you ever seen a keyword research tool, gather competitor pages and show you them the way Uber does? I would say that Neil Patel Ubersuggest is the most powerful tool on the market, and I’ll explain why.

If you’re a blogger you will know that it means finding the right content to write about. In affiliate marketing and the Make Money Online Niche, SEO and Content Marketing means everything. When you write content it lasts and I spend a whole day putting content together to rank my site and give people my opinions. But the whole point of this is to outrank the competition.

There is competition in everything we do, so I think it comes with the territory. But when you can enter in a competing website and literally check out all their keywords and pages, I mean, that is a complete game changer.

The only other way to see what your competitors are ranking for was to hope they have a home button on their website that has all their recent posts on their home page and not hidden within categories. Because when they’re hidden it makes it barely possible to find them.

Of course, you can try Google using Site: but that is limited also. The Neil Patel Ubersuggest takes away every problem you have in Content Marketing and SEO when it comes to competitors Analysis and Site Audits.

Ubersuggest Pros And Cons


  • Neil Patel Ubersuggest Is one of the most powerful SEO tools within the market
  • Neil Patel Ubersuggest Shows you all your competitors ranking keywords and pages
  • Neil Patel Ubersuggest Is fast at loading the metrics for your query
  • Neil Patel Ubersuggest Has an abundant amount of features
  • Neil Patel Ubersuggest has Nice clean and clear layout that’s easy to use


  • Is expensive if you don’t get in and purchase a lifetime plan (While it still lasts)
  • Traffic Analyzer only shows you one year of previous traffic
  • SEO Keywords only shows you one years worth

6 thoughts on “Ubersuggest by Neil Patel Review: Scam or Legit?”

  1. Hi Michael

    I love Ubersuggest and use it alongside Jaaxy. Neil does a fantastic job with this keyword research tool and also he teaches how to use it which is wonderful for marketers.

    Neil is a very clever man and although Ubersuggest is a great tool I feel Jaaxy is usually very adequate for what I need and I spend time before I write getting my list of keywords ready for the next 20 posts and this saves so much time.

    I do wonder what Neil will come up with next as he is so clever and has a great team also. What are your thoughts on this

  2. Hey there, Neil Patel’s stuff is great, and of course so is Ubersuggest. I know he has a good free SEO pdf you can download, it’s very helpful. I discovered Neil Patel about a month or two ago and I’ve been spending quite a bit of my keyword research and SEO time using his tools and studying his guides. I haven’t upgraded to the paid/pro version yet, but the free tools alone offer so much value, just wonderful for all internet marketers.

  3. Hello, there, This is an amazing article you have got here. Why would you stay at work any longer after reading this post? If you can build an online business, and over time bring in traffic, and recommend a helpful information to people, this will result in earning money online that you have a great day at the office today.


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