Turo Review: Scam or Legit?

Turo Review

This is my Turo Review. Find out if Turo is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. This is a rather unique type of post because it is based on using a website to selling or rent cars. It could very handy for people who are within the car niche as well as it also offers an affiliate program, so with this being said, if you own a car blog it means that you could type your reviews or articles and add Turo affiliate links. Then, when someone comes onto your site looking for a way to sell their car or hire one you can be the person who refers them and you will make a commission.

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Now with some of the ways you can start your company said and done, I’m wondering what is www.Turo.com and how will it help you and your company. Let’s find out.

What is Turo?

Turo is an American person to person car sharing business that allows private car owners to rent out their cars via the Turo Website and mobile interface. According to Turo, in 2017, over four million people had become members of the website which made a staggering 170,000 privately owned care available for rent. This is when the business became a recognized branch for car rentals. The Turo Website launched in Boston in June 2010 but did not become a nationwide car rental business in the US until 2012. At the time of writing, Turo is headquartered in San Francisco. In July 2019, the American holding company IAC invested $250 million in Turo, a deal that valued the company at more than $1 billion. In 2020, Turo reported raising an additional $30 million in VC funding; a second follow-up to its $250 million Series E round.

Even with all this funding and true sportsman like work to and from it is still recommended that an online business also sport their own Facebook Fan Page which helps both future prospects and clients get more valued information easily. After searching for Facebook I did find that they boast over 151K Likes with their Facebook Fan Page.

Eligibility: 18+, US.

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How does Turo work?

Getting a car is much easier in today’s day age because we now have the internet. All you have to do to get a car business going on is to create a website and make some posts to earn some affiliate commissions. Once that is done just reinvest all that money and you’re on your way. What is the Turo Car Rental in terms of their own technique and is it maintainable? Well, Turo is available within 2,500 American cities and airports. This makes them profitable because of volume. Within the Turo US community, the average owner earns $600/month and for renters, the price is about 30% less than average rental agencies.

The concept is now being exported to Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec. Keep this in mind for future Turo Car Rentals and you may make things easier for yourself within the future. Initially, renting a car through RelayRides required installing an in-car device that enabled GPS monitoring, remote unlocking, and smart-card entry, similar to Zip Car. To rent a car on Turo the first thing you have to do is make your Turo account on the Turo Website or the Turo app which is effortless. Turo Car Rent checks and validates each driver and car owner they are using before they can even start renting from the Turo Platform. The car owner then sets the car’s price, location, and information. Travelers can explore available cars and browse the other users’ comments and ratings. Certain owners offer a pick-up, others deliver. If you think Turo Car Rental is for you then consider their 4.6-Star rating on Glassdoor out of 145.


Now that I have fully finished this Turo Review I can fully conclude that the platform is fully legitimate and you will find what you’re looking for from this location and make money.

Turo also requires their clients renting out cars to have car insurance.

In the Turo app, it will tell you who is insuring the car.

Open the app, find the car you want, then scroll to the bottom and it will tell you who is insuring the car.

Chris Lovingood, ABC7

Pros And Cons About Turo


  • Turo Car Rental has Low Price points available
  • Turo Car Rental offers Massive saving on insurance costs
  • Turo Car Rental is also Available for under 25 rental
  • Turo Car Rental offers Good pick-up/drop-off experience
  • Turo Car Rental is good for Making a Local Connection
  • Turo Car Rental sports Useful and relevant rental reviews


  • There is no one-way rentals
  • It offers Possible pick up/drop-off inconvenience
  • Varied car condition for clients
  • Commercial rental companies coming onto the platform is something that is questionable
  • Mileage on owners cars

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