Traffic Authority Review — Scam or Legit?

Traffic Authority Review

There are plenty of products online claiming to be the one that makes you rich!

Let me just start by asking, how many times have you spent money online in search for a system that helps you generate an online income? I bet a few or more.

When a system that promises this does not do what it stated, you’re the one who misses out. This is something that you should always take with a grain of salt until you begin the learning process. This activates all lesser keys Solomon and online marketing and stops you from falling always.

If you don’t want to be punished by the landscapes of these things any more than I want to show you the one true way to earn while you sleep. It is by way of blogging, just type and let loose, it will do its work.

I have been doing this for a long time now and can help you a lot I would say. Do you want my free coaching involved? If not, you don’t have to, just start anyway.

Product Name: Traffic Authority


Owner: Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens & Chad Stalvey

Price: $27 – $2,000

Overall Rating: 0/100

What Is Traffic Authority?

Traffic Authority is an online agency for traffic resources back to your website. This can be arranged for any product or service online that is looking for more leads, thus able to bring in a new revenue line.

Not only do people get traffic when they pay, but they can also get paid by referring new people.

Traffic Authority Review — Scam or Legit?

How Does Traffic Authority Work?

The way traffic works online is by running ads or using a blog and targeting keywords. These are the only two ways in which this type of opportunity works.

This means, that when you see an offer such as Traffic Authority, you can work out whether it is legit or not.

Say you want to get some leads to your website or product, Traffic Authority would have to write you a post targeting keywords or create an ad on Google so that people can see your offer.

I believe that within the backend of Traffic Authority, they need people to believe that it is quality traffic that they’re pouring out abundantly to everyone.

People and companies can also get paid to “refer” other members to their scenario.

Just log into your Traffic Authority account and click through to some of the amazing deals they offer.



They offer 4 Types of Products, namely

  • Traffic Store – $220 to $8,397.
  • Traffic Optimiser – $47 per month.
  • Traffic Academy – $97 per month
  • List Leverage
    • Newbie Program (Monthly Membership) = $49/month
    • Super Affiliate (Annual Membership) = $398/year
Pages – $97
  • Access all 15 of our best Squeeze Pages for only $6.40 per page!
  • Instantly Added To Your Members Area
  • Convert more traffic into leads and build a huge list!
  • Build your own traffic source, you can promote unlimited times!
Swipes – $247
  • Get Matthew’s 1,000+ Email Marketing Swipe File Templates
  • Automatically Posses The Best, (Proven) The Highest Converting Emails
  • Instantly Added To Your Members Area
  • Copy Matthew’s Best Selling Campaigns of all time
  • Automate Your Marketing for maximum results
Webinars – $497
  • Instant Access To All 10 Webinars
  • Download & Stream All Videos
  • Unlimited Replay Ability
  • Over 30+ Hours Of Webinar Content
    • + Bonus Webinar: ‘How To Flip Domain Names For Thousands’
    • + Bonus Webinar: ‘Internet Marketing Conspiracies’


Traffic Authority has a variety of packages that they claim will help grow your business.

  • Basic – $200
  • Bronze – $440
  • Silver – $660
  • Gold – $1,097
  • Platinum – $2,197
  • Titanium – $$4,297
    • In addition to that, there are two monthly memberships that can cost even more. The Traffic Optimiser Tool is $27 per month, with the Traffic Academy Training costing $97 per month. For just the additional tools – which you of course must have to make money as an affiliate – you will be paying $124 per month.


Is Traffic Authority safe? I wouldn’t trust it. There is no real proof of how they’re getting this free traffic?

Does Traffic Authority have payment proof? No. There is no real payment proof online.

Is it easy to cash out? There hasn’t been any payment proofs released online to which people can observe and learn for themselves.

Is Traffic Authority a real and honest way to earn money online? Not really. I mean, who would invest a business into promoting this website when they have no contact to their superiors?

Does Traffic Authority have any bad reviews? Yes. Some blogs say to stay away from this company and its cohorts.

Does Traffic Authority have an app? No. Just website URL only.

Would you recommend Traffic Authority to a friend or relative? No. Even though Traffic Authority offers an affiliate program, I am just not keen in selling it to people because it doesn’t offer real trust factors.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like

  • It is free to join
  • You can earn 80/20 commission
  • There is a contact phone number for support
  • Has long been established (since 2015)
  • An elaborate business structure
  • Offers educational resources

What’s not to like

  • You must own every traffic package to earn commission
  • There are monthly subscriptions that you must purchase
  • You have to make three sales every month to get your commission
  • Vague Refund Policy
  • Questionable Traffic Source and Quality
  • Hidden Upsells
  • Hidden Fees (Membership Fee)
  • Other unsuccessful/obsolete MLM businesses set-up by owners
  • Overpriced products with features that can be accessed for free on other platforms
  • Testimonials cannot be verified


I have always been able to mention to people that getting traffic online is done in two ways. Either paying Google Ads or writing content to a personal blog and targeting keywords. When you write to a blog, you’ll get traffic pertaining to your niche, specified.

However, with paying Google for ads, this is where it gets expensive.

I actually run my own coaching program for people who want to learn how to get free traffic to their company.

The following alternatives I have for you, is a post that goes broad into this topic which will show you a bigger insight into what is going on here –


Traffic Authority is a website that is claiming to get people more website leads and offers a large range of products to get funky with. However, the last time I tried this, I found out something that was not nice. I learned that the web traffic I was getting was in fact something called fake traffic hits. I don’t know the exact term, but it’s where hackers use bots to record fake traffic to their clients.

When I learned about this, I understood things online a little better.

I haven’t been able to testify or come up in the right frame as to which traffic authority is also doing this.

But at the end of the day, you need money, right? Traffic Authority is not making you any money, the ones at the top is the ones getting paid.

You can learn with my free coaching how to build a website and get traffic.

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