TopCashBack Review: A Scam Or Legit?

TopCashBack Review

This is my TopCashBack Review. Find out if TopCashBack is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. Making money online are among some of the most searched for terms and can you see why? Did you ever go to search for how to make money online and then think why you never did this earlier? I did. There are so many different dynamics to making money online along with different platforms but what is and how will it increase your chances of becoming wealthy and successful? These are all the elements that which need to be talked and discussed within this TopCashBack Review.

TopCashBack is exactly the same as affiliate marketing. Members are being led to online stores to purchase as TopCashBack are the affiliates of those stores. TopCashBack earns commissions every time you make a purchase and then they pay you a very small amount of money. Please read this review as anyone can do this themselves and earn the entire lot.

To give you an idea on how much TopCashBack made and how much they had to pay, here is something from Wikipedia:

Wikipedia (as cited in TopCashBack Wikipedia article[13], 2009) noted that “In 2012 the company entered the US & Indian markets with dedicated sites and the US site grew to four-times the UK site within its first year of operation generating sales of $16million with cashback paid out of $1million for its users. The following year, TopCashBack introduced a premium membership option where members pay a fee for additional perks”.

What you just read above is how much an affiliate site earns. If you want to stop paying these companies and start making this money yourself then start here now.

I know for a fact what the number one way is for making money online and I am convinced of this because of the fact that I have constantly seen or tried other things and always realized how I’m wrong. It is when I see that owning your own blog with content is something that beholds value. You think about it, if you join a cash back app and earn some coins doing that, you don’t have anything to show for yourself afterwards; Do you? These are kind of like the situations that were happening to me and taught me that it is my online business that is the best way to make money. You don’t necessarily have to blog to keep the site running if you think you can’t write. You can simply do reviews on different companies and tell your audience if you think they are a trustworthy brand or not.

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What is TopCashBack?

TopCashBack is a website that pays people to shop. There are multiple reasons that people want to get paid to shop and some of those reasons are because they have less money than others or they just want to save as a hobby. TopCashBack is what many have called a Legit CashBack Site that also offers a valuable cashback app to take offers on the go.

TopCashback was incorporated in January 2005 by founders Oliver Ragg & Michael Tompkins and is headquartered in Stafford, England.

During the first six-years of operation membership grew to 1.2million users and the company became listed on the Sunday Times Fast Track 100, which ranks the UK’s fastest-growing privately held companies by their sales growths over the last three years.

Even though we can see that this company is still fairly legitimate I still recommend all online businesses run their own Facebook Fan Page. With this absolutely anyone can check their business out with update offers directly from that social aspect. TopCashBack do offer a Facebook Fan Page and they boast over 212K Likes.

Eligibility: 18+, US, UK, China, India, Japan, and Germany.

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How does TopCashBack work?

As with all survey sites, it is always important to do the study research yourself. This is important because there are people who own companies which are the websites they create, and instead of telling people how they can do it as well, they use people to earn them more money. I could do this as well, except I think it is more important telling others how they can do it.

You’ll notice at the top of this TopCashBack Review that I linked to how much the TopCashBack Site made in 2012 ($16M) and they paid out only $1 in member’s earnings.

It is a Cash based opportunity where they build a site exactly like this and start signing up to multiple affiliate programs. Once they have done that they then ask their space of people to sign up to earn great rewards whenever they go shopping. So the member thinks they are saving money accept this is affiliate marketing and the site is actually earning money of your sales as their Victor who makes a purchase.

What if I told you you could do this yourself, create an affiliate site and earn $16M, would you do it? Even better I offer free coaching for anyone who wants to learn how this industry is and you can start now with me helping you get started.

For anyone who wants to sign up there is also a TopCashBack sign up bonus which is more revenue that you will earn. TopCashBack App Downloads can be retrieved from both Android and Apple Stores and is easy to use.

TopCashBack Prospects can sign up at the main website or once they have downloaded the TopCashBack App.

The TopCashBack Chrome Extension is also another way to track your activities and earnings. Also, check for offers. TopCashBack also offer various domains including which also enlarge their specifics.

Then there is the referral part where members can earn even more by telling others to download the TopCashBack app with their link. This is another element to this whole situation that makes wonder a lot about where society is going. You can tell others about the app and earn a little extra. But you can do affiliate marketing without your own website? See, it doesn’t make sense. It is my pronunciation that you do start your online business and take some of this massive pie that is available. Each person who signs up with your link earns you an extra $10.


Now that I have fully finished this TopCashBack Review I can conclude that the site is legitimate in what it does, offers cashback on the products that you purchase. However, they’re making millions of dollars and I don’t think it is right using people in such a way where they know no different. Get what I mean? What if they knew that they were being used as an affiliate and actually knew what that was and what was happening? I don’t think they would continue because it’s just sickening the amount of money they are making when there is no need really, they can just do affiliate marketing in Google, Bing, and Yahoo like everyone else. This is what makes me sus on them.

Pros And Cons About TopCashBack


  • TopCashBack is Easy to Use Website
  • TopCashBack offers Mobile Apps
  • TopCashBack offers Bonuses for Gift Card Cash outs
  • There are Lots of TopCashBack Partner Stores


  • Payouts Can Be Slow
  • Some Shops Exclude Products which is not helpful

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