TimiFiT: Best Health Fitness Apps (Scam or Legit?)

TimiFiT Review

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But what about when these apps start introducing money?

Does this make you want to use the app more?

I believe these apps first came out with the fun fact that you could earn money to compete in their exercise games.

TimiFiT: Best Health Fitness Apps (Scam or Legit?)

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Product Name: TimiFiT

Website: Timihealth.com

Download: Android and Apple

Owner: Timi Group Inc.

Price: Free

Earnings: 10-20 Timibits per survey (1 FIT token is worth 25 Timibits)

Overall Rating: 69/100

What Is TimiFit?

TimiFit is a Get-Paid-To Health and Fitness app for both men and women.

Users have the opportunity to earn the FIT Token cryptocurrency.

If they want to withdraw, they can, using a crypto currency trading platform.

I’ll go over everything using this app as we move through this review.

TimiFiT: Best Health Fitness Apps (Scam or Legit?)

Over on Google Play, it has over 5K+ downloads with a 4.6/5-star rating. So, with this information it looks pretty legit.

However, you may get a little confused when it comes to pronouncing the name of the app along with how it works. I found the “Timi” word was most confusing. The website is called TimiHealth but the app is TimiFiT. There is also a coin called TimiCoin but funnily enough, this isn’t the coin you’ll be earning!?. They use FIT Token (I thought that this whole thing was to build up their coin with premining exercising, thus you would earn Timicoin?!).

How Does TimiFiT Work?

To get started with TimiFit app, you just need a smartphone with internet data.

Then, head over to either Google Play or App Store to download the app. Once you have signed up, login to begin exercising.

There are two ways you can use the app, which are paid surveys and competitions.

The TimiFit surveys are just based on health related topics, which are easy enough to answer.

The currency used inside TimiFit App is Timibits (I told you it would get confusing).

Members generally earn around 10-20 Timibits per survey.

TimiFiT: Best Health Fitness Apps (Scam or Legit?)

However, for winning a competition, you can earn around 150-250 Timibits.

But winning a competition requires a dedicated workout session.

What you earn is actually the FIT token crypto. 1 FIT token is worth 25 Timibits.

Competitions do have additional rewards among them as well. These can be bonus Ethereum or Bitcoin.

When you want to withdraw your TimiFit crypto for cash, you’ll need to download a cryptocurrency online wallet or use TimiFiT’s own crypto wallet. Then find crypto currencies trading platforms to withdraw from your wallet.


Ways To Earn –

  • Paid surveys
  • Competitions

Payments –

  • Timibit Tokens towards FIT token – you must go through a very confusing process to keep track and withdraw your earnings.

Community –

  • Facebook
  • Website
  • Google Play

Key Benefits –

  • The only benefit is losing weight. However, it comes with a lot of confusion.


Is TimiFiT safe? Yes. TimiFit is a safe man and women’s fitness app.

Does TimiFiT have payment proof? No. I was unable to find any payment proof in Google. However, the tokens are live on crypto platforms.

Is it easy to cash out? No. It is a very challenging thing to do (to withdraw Timi Coin).

Is TimiFiT a real and honest way to earn money online? Because developers want to introduce new crypto, a good way to grow revenue is by formulating apps that you can earn from. I mean, I don’t know the process behind it, but I know ads is what their main revenue source is.

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Paid Promotion

Does TimiFiT have support? Yes. You can find TimiFit Customer Service on the Timihealth website.

Does TimiFiT have any bad reviews? No. Most reviews are all good.

Does TimiFiT have an app? Yes. TimiFit app can be downloaded on both Google and Apple Stores.

Would you recommend TimiFiT to a friend or relative? No. Even though it’s a good Android and Apple exercise app, I don’t necessarily want to promote them unless for exercising purposes. If you want to make income online, you are much better off with certified affiliate marketing training.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • Helps you get fit 
  • Rewards you for exercising

What’s not to like –

  • Low earning opportunity
  • You will not get rich quick of this method
  • Doesn’t provide members with their own business
  • Doesn’t teach people how to start a business 
  • Helping grow somebody else’s business


There are so much health and fitness app for men and women that it’s just a matter of searching for the one that suits you.

However, I believe people are mainly using these apps because they want to earn money and believe it’s enjoyable both exercising and earning money. But I bet if they found out about this new work from home revolution, they would stop everything they were doing to be a part of it.

TimiFiT: Best Health Fitness Apps (Scam or Legit?)

At this stage, you have two options. To keep going with apps that rewards you for exercising you should read Get Paid To Workout – 17 Apps That Actually Pay You Cash To Exercise.

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Both avenues provide great value. It’s just a matter of choosing what you really want out of life.


Now that we have been through some/if not all of what TimiFiT has to offer, what resonates with you? Is TimiFiT a scam or legit? 

I believe it is one of the best workout apps for women and men. It’s also one of the best workout apps for iPhone and Android. These apps go big.

Looking at everything, I would say it is safe and legit. The founders are the ones making all the money, though. Yes, you do make money, but it is such a hassle when it comes to trying to withdraw it.

If you want one of the best exercise apps

to get fit, then this app is for you. 

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