Time ETC Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

Time ETC Review

This is my Time ETC Review. Find out if Time ETC is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many ways to make money online nowadays and the internet is set to expand by 2-3 billion over the next few years online. This means that the chances for you to make some serious money is very big. If you only have general social media accounts it will not be enough to promote a product or service. You can still blog on your profile and tell your friends and family about things but when it comes to affiliate marketing you need a dot com website.

Once you have that built you can add your social accounts to it and share the content from the blog to your social media. However, what it Time ETC and what do they offer you? There are a few different ways you can make money with them, which I’ll go through very soon. But next to this I want you to know how to make money for yourself using nothing else but your own website. Can you type a review? If you can type up anything at all you can get traffic to your website and earn revenue from clicks to ads or affiliate products. Just add the equipment to what you want to earn from and watch your accounts grow.

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What is Time ETC?

Time ETC is a platform whereby new users can go and earn money completing tasks as a virtual assistant. Time ETC is a Virtual Assistant service that matches entrepreneurs and professionals with hand-picked Virtual Assistant Jobs. Time ETC was founded in 2007 by Barnaby Lashbrooke and has its headquarters currently situated in Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom. Time ETC is a company for profit and industries include Outsourcing and Social Media. Since 2007 almost one million tasks and projects have been completed through Time ETC and the company counts Penni Pike, formerly Sir Richard Branson’s closest adviser for 32 years, as a key adviser. Time ETC main competitors are LongerDays, Zirtual, and CIS. As of August 2020, Time ETC has 156 Likes on Facebook and 2.8K Likes on Twitter.

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How does Time ETC work?

I found getting started with Time ETC as a simple process and one that looked promising to say the least. For anyone looking to get started, head straight over to the TimeETC.com website. I want to first tell you there’s two domain names for this company, which is the domain just mentioned and web.timeetc.com and they both do basically the same thing except one address has more opportunities than the other. Thousands of businesses in the UK and USA use Time to get things like admin, social media, and customer service done without hiring.

However, getting started with just general work you can do by signing straight on their website, it will include filling out a simple form with your name and email address. There are also other alternatives that which you can look at like how they test you and why are they something to look at. However, with the second page that I gave you there are actually a bunch of things that which you can look at getting into. These all include the following:

General Virtual Assistant:

Assisting business owners and entrepreneurs on a day to day basis with their business tasks, including everything from basic admin and form filling to schedule management and making travel arrangements.

Typical tasks might include:

  • General administration
  • Document work including formatting and typing
  • Travel arrangements
  • Schedule management
  • Arranging meetings and appointments
  • Making telephone calls
  • Sorting expenses

Marketing and Social Media Assistant:

Got marketing or social media experience? In addition to providing clients with general administrative and assistant support you will also be able to use your marketing and social media experience to help clients promote their businesses.

Typical tasks might include:

  • Social media including Twitter
  • Blogging
  • Content writing including newsletters
  • General administration

Writing Assistant:

Got writing experience? In addition to providing clients with general administrative and assistant support you will be able to use your passion for writing to create articles, blogs, marketing materials, website content and more.

Typical tasks might include:

  • Article writing
  • Blog writing
  • General copywriting
  • General content writing
  • Proofreading
  • General administration

Customer Service or Telesales Assistant:

Love talking to people? Have experience in customer service or telesales? In addition to providing clients with general administrative and assistant support you may be able to provide clients with customer service or telemarketing skills and expertise.

Typical tasks might include:

  • Dealing with customer service issues by phone or email
  • Making telesales calls
  • Appointment making
  • General administration

All of the roles mentioned include general administrative and assistant duties.

During the look around the site I notice the site is clean with an easy to use layout design. Time ETC also make mention your time is important and getting things done is paramount. If you think you have what it takes and can put in the work required then maybe they’re something worth looking at.


Now that I have fully finished this Time ETC Review I can fully conclude that the site is legitimate and you can earn money from them providing you put in some hard work.

Pros And Cons About Time ETC


  • Time ETC has a good company name behind them
  • Time ETC has a good reputation within their community
  • Time ETC has many different opportunities to get working online


  • Time ETC does not provide a way to build your own establishment online
  • Time ETC does not offer a free website where you can build your own company
  • Time ETC doesn’t even offer training

Start to earn real money online with your own website and business name

Starting a website now is one of the smartest decisions you can make and I want to show you a platform where you can get trained for free and also receive my free coaching. Where I want to coach you is inside a platform that has evolved into something for both beginners and professionals and takes you from building your first site into making money online. All you have to do is show up and begin training. Everything is free and when you look at what you would do in any other industry regarding online work, there isn’t anything like being able to promote external products and services. This is something huge right now and constantly expanded where people are always looking for others to help promote them.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience Virtual Assistant Jobs? Have you worked for Time ETC before?

Please share in the comments section below.

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