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This is my preferred writing platform when need some form of content written

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iWriter review

Name: Iwriter
Price: $1.40 for 150 words article to $3805 for Kindle book
Owners: iWriter LLC
Overall rank: 4.0


Iwriter is leading a platform for content writing. It was founded by an affiliate marketer Brad Callen with its headquarters at St. Pete beach, United States. It has a huge client base and equally enough freelance writers. It is regarded as one of the most affordable content ordering sites for websites. Article length varies from 150 to 4000 words. The site operates for three parties; Writers, clients, and affiliates. For writers, there are four levels based on experience and rating by clients; Standard, premium, elite and elite plus. The platform has a quite responsive support team and makes and receives payment via PayPal.


For Writers

1. Generate quick cash depending on your effort

Depending on the level of ranking a writer can earn from little to a huge income per day. For instance, a standard writer will earn 2.15 USD while elite plus writer earn 25.35 USD for 500 words. That means the platform can be your full-time dependable job for a living.

2. Write without limit-As an Iwriter, I have never lacked an article to write or reached any limit. There is absolutely no limit to the number of articles you can write per day.

3. Weekly payouts-An article written today is paid after two weeks but let’s assume you are a daily writer, that means every Tuesday-the payday you shall an article that is being paid.

4. Get full writer support from customer support-there is a support team that responds instantly to issues like account blockage, payment issues, and security.

5. Receive automatic payment-If the requester of an article takes more than 3 days without approving your article, Iwriter will auto-approve it and credit your account.

6. Improve your rank as you get better rating-If clients keeps rating you with a 5/5 you will end up in an elite plus level that pays you the best per article.

For Clients

1. Get high-quality articles-Iwriter platform protects clients quality service demand by filtering for the best writers. The requester has the right to reject poorly written, plagiarized or Copyscape work and poorly rate the writer. The ensures that writers maintain high standards of writing to avoid being banned.

2. Request for content at an affordable price-The platform is pocket-friendly, if you have a little budget, you can opt for standard article while if your budget is high, you can go for top elite content.

3. An unlimited number of orders-client can make whichever number of content requests so long as you a balance in your account.

For affiliates

1. Get paid for referrals-you shall earn a lifetime 50% commission for every article requested. All you have to do is apply to be an affiliate, get a link and share it with potential clients who need content.

2. Receive weekly payments to your PayPal-this is based on the time you specify to be receiving them.


For writers

1. One article at a time-The site does not allow you to have more than one article in draft. This can limit you from getting more work from articles well understood to you that get picked so fast by other writers. This can be compensated by improving on your speed but maintaining quality work.

2. Potential article rejections from low rated clients-some clients have an attitude of looking for rejection reasons rather than approval ones. Sometimes you can end up having your high-quality article rejected and no reason provided. This can be avoided by going for clients with a high approval rating.

For clients

1. Auto-approval after 3 days if you got engagements that did not allow you get back to the platform and approve an article you ordered, you might end up with bad quality since Iwriter will auto-approve it.

This can be avoided by looking for a time to revise the submission from writers and making a decision.

For affiliates

There are no much disadvantages being an affiliate but a lack of reliability on referral income is detrimental. It is hard to get many clients who are quite active to away that you can fully rely on that income.

Who is Iwriter for

The platform is suited for two groups:

1. Those that want to make extra cash from writing content or referring clients to the site. They can range from college students, graduates to employed individuals.

2. Those that are in demand for content for their websites and other platforms.

Iwriter affiliate program

We mentioned earlier, this platform can help you generate lots of commission on a referral basis. You bring a new client, they sign up and start requesting for contents and you shall start gaining 50% per article on what they pay. The goodness with it is that it is a lifetime value meaning no single time you shall stop gaining from that client. Now assume you get 20 active clients for content requests. You can actually make a lot of money without performing any other task on the platform.


Iwriter has a reliable customer service that ensures clients, writers and affiliates get attended to with burning issues that cannot be addressed by FAQs. They have a 24/7 contact center most preferably via email that gets responded to within minutes.


Writers are quite affordable compared to other platforms yet maintaining high-quality contents. There are varied prices from articles, blog posts, press release, e-books and Kindle books that also varies from the level of writing i.e standard, premium, elite and elite plus. Basically, the least is a 150 words article at standard level costing $1.40 while the highest is a Kindle book at elite plus costing $3805.

My final opinion about Iwriter

Based on the above features, pros and cons I can say that the platform is suitable and worthy for writers who are looking for freelance jobs. It is actually the best for clients who would wish to request content. You will definitely get value for your money. For those who love affiliate marketing, the platform is the best for you since there is a guarantee of payment and lifetime commissions.

The quick customer care responds that I once experience gives me more confidence to recommend it for all parties. Actually, the most important thing I value as a relationship between myself and a system is the interaction. Wherever I get quick to respond to customer support, then that is the best for me.


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