Thinkific Review: An Undeveloped Platform, Coaching & Community would be good!

Thinkific Review

There are so many ways to start making money online right now that people are looking for whichever suits them.

You could be new to working online but very interested.

Creating and selling courses online can make you thousands of dollars in revenue, even up to $100K per month.

But with selling courses you have to reevaluate what you’re doing and determine if this is truly what you want to do or not, then more importantly signify what platform you’ll want to use to make this dream a reality.

Don’t be like the rest of them and only sell a course because they’re quick and easy to create and an easy way to start earning money. We all need money, I understand this, but there are right ways and wrong ways to go, and I know many people who have gone on to sell courses not even understanding if this is what they were meant to do or not.

But What is and is it a reliable source for you to begin generating online courses? Yes, Absolutely.

However, the cost price is substantial and it is was it is. A Bare platform with no community and only a resounding resource for building courses.

One of the first things in entrepreneurship to look for when starting out is how many people are writing reviews, posts, or articles sporting how much they like the platform and more importantly how much they’re earning from it? You must go for platforms where people are having serious success such as $2,158.76 In July from (Just) Ad Revenue – Yes It Works!.

What is Thinkific?

Thinkific is an online course building platform where start up entrepreneurs are able to pay a subscription fee and begin building their own courses.

Thinkific offers pathways for their members to create, market, sell, and deliver all in one going.

Is Thinkific a reliable site to earn?

Thinkific was founded by Greg Smith, Matt Payne, Matt Smith, and Miranda Lievers back in 2012 and is situated within Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Thinkific powers online learning for over 50,000 course creators in 190 countries and in 20+ languages. Over 100+ million courses have been taken and $650 million generated on the platform.

Industries for Thinkific are E-Commerce E-Learning Education Internet SaaS and Software.

As mentioned previously, there are so many options to get making money online with courses and so on. Do you feel like you’d fit well becoming a training course tutor?

There is a platform that I am using at the moment that offers course creation tools, hosting, 8M+ community, and course coaching and tutoring. You just need to see proof like this Sold a Domain Name for $2,000.00 USD! To imagine the sheer scope it takes to really make value online a yes for everyone. If you want direction, I would say yes to the latter and allow me to be your coach.

How does Thinkific work?

To get started with Thinkific you just need to go to their website and hit the create account button.

If you don’t have a domain name you’ll need to buy one. This means creating your own branding which is what you want to do from the start. If you build a course with Thinkific and have no branding it just means you’re making them more valuable than yourself.

Thinkific is a very hard site to use. I mean, if you’re a beginner, I don’t know how you’ll be using this site. Again, I haven’t created a course as yet, but I know of a source where I can, with ease, and this is how I judge the ease of a course creation platform.

The tools used in Thinkific are drag & drop features which means, you can change the look of your course. But again, with a drag & drop builder it only puts the piece where you need it to do, you’ll need to know how to code with CSS and maybe HTML to get it right in the perfect spot. Drag & Drop builders only make it easier for a professional designer so never get this mistaken for being good for a beginner.

I mean, creating a course should be a very easy process. It should look like this:

Thinkific Review: An Undeveloped Platform,  Coaching & Community would be good!
Thinkific Review: An Undeveloped Platform,  Coaching & Community would be good!

The screenshot above is giving you an idea of how easy it to produce a course.

It can get so confusing with how everything works when it comes to tech and that’s why it’s important to keep things simple.

It is very important to understand that Thinkific is just another website. Its sorting of claiming to be something that it is not. When you build a course with Thinkific it uses the Thinkific brand name to get traffic to your course. Thinkific will advertise and when people are looking for a certain course, they come into the Thinkific website (after seeing it on ads) and type in their keywords and then stumble upon your course.

In turn, this means you’ll have to spend more money on ads yourself because you’ll notice very quickly that Thinkific is not getting you much traffic.

With the screenshot I uploaded just above, you don’t need to do anything, you just add your course lessons and features and that is all. It is just amazing how good this platform is. Building a course is kind of very overrated. It isn’t the course you want to build, it’s the blog. When your online business is built and getting traffic you can then host your own courses in your own blog.

Check out how much people are earning with this $3,700+ in 1 day from Affiliate Earnings. The latter offers everything, website building, training, course building, and hosting. It doesn’t require you to know any drag & drop skills, or anything like that.

Thinkific offers three prices for their memberships and they’re $49, $99, and $499.

Check out the screenshot below for some better understanding:

As mentioned earlier on, Thinkific doesn’t provide domain names, so with this being said, already the value of the Thinkific platform is being reduced. This is because you’ll need a third-party website where you can purchase a domain and then come back to add it to your Thinkific account.

For these reasons, I believe they mainly target unsuspecting prospects (beginners) because they have no idea about blogging.

You have hit a value website today and you should listen to my advice. Try building your course with a website that offers everything and this way you won’t have to consort to so many moving parts. Read $500 in a Single Day and Other November Highlights, and create a course in this training for maximum gains. You can also be a course tutor for your courses in this training.


With my Thinkific Review finished I can now conclude that the site is an average platform for course creators. I mean there is not a lot that has gone into it, and it doesn’t help its members in being able to brand themselves. This is because they don’t offer any domains in their memberships. So you have to go to another website to buy a domain and then bring it back. And this is bad for your business, because when you try to promote your courses, people will see it as being a Thinkific Course and this is why Thinkific does this, to get more clients. They put more emphasis on everything being about them and not the course creator.

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What I personally recommend

Affiliate marketing is the best industry to get into right now.

But there is a platform that offers so many things in one. If you want to be a blogger you can, if you want to create courses you can, if you want to start a dropshipping store you can.

The list goes on with this training and that is why I am offering a free lifetime coaching offer if you take it and begin now in the direction you wish to go in.

I look forward to seeing you in there.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in selling courses online from home? Have you tried Thinkific before?

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