Is Really Worth Your Time? (Freebies & Freeware Offered)

The Free Site Review

This is my Review. Is The Free Site A Scam or Legit? This will be shown during this segment.

There are so many different ways to make money online but now I’ve just found a site that offers free stuff, hence why the name is called the Free Site. Pretty unusual right? Well, when I found it I thought it looked pretty old and outdated but I did some further research to find that the site does receive good amounts of traffic so no matter what their efforts are they are still operating under their company name.

But before diving into the Free Site Review, I just wanted to offer another element to this online journey to you.

I have started this site within the last 18 months and I want to show you how you are able now to start making money for free with the training that I have to offer, and not only will you make money coming along, you will also create your own online business. This means that all the hard work you put in reviewing all the latest and greatest, you will have the website to make money month after month with a brand and logo that you own. This whole training exercise is free, but if you do choose to upgrade you will earn more money as it pays more.

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But what is The Free Site, and how can you get free stuff? Let’s find out!

What is The Free Site?

The Free Site was a website that boasts tons of legitimate freebies, collecting hundreds of offers in dozens of categories, from food freebies to free services — and even free health care — all while maintaining strict quality control standards. TheFreeSite is the place to go to ensure the offers you find won’t come with any hidden surprises. was founded by Marc McDonald way back in 1997 and has since turned into the Internet’s most trusted source for free stuff. As the founder and curator of, the web’s original free offer site, Marc McDonald knows it can be hard to find the truly free gems among the fee-laden duds in the world of online offers. That’s why he’s worked for 20 years to make The Free Site the go-to source. Nowadays, there are sites all over the internet offering free stuff and since the internet is constantly evolving, you can understand the competition The Free Site now faces. When it comes down to finding a source you can trust, and the best way to track down those truly free freebies is to go to

What one of the trusty elements to this site is that I researched about was the fact that this is not a site that leads you down the wrong path. As many other sites online are only mainly clickbait sites, meaning they offer free stuff but then say you still have to pay the shipping, According to Marc that stops here.

The Free Stuff Site also has a large social following, with over 14K Likes on their Facebook Fan Page and a small Twitter profile.

Don’t keep doing small online jobs that don’t pay much. I understand that there are work types that you can do online that do pay some OK amounts such as translating and what not, but at the end of the day, we try to show people how to work online where they build up passive income by way of recurring. This means that once the job is done, you always keep getting paid for it. Just check out how much people are earning from this: $452 From ONE Platform, ONE Day. YOU can do this too! The latter is a well-known member who built themselves real wealth online and is proclaiming that you can too!

How does The Free Site work?

After doing the research, I found that The Free Site has had over 20 years of hard online work not just pay off for themselves, but also for the companies that provide them with the free offers. The Free Site seems to have built a good reputation and now they don’t have to chase around like they did in the start for free stuff, people will often email them when they have found that perfect offer.

If you’re interested in listing items on The Free Site, then you may be happy to learn now that they do not charge for this luxury. As long as any deal that you want to add does meet their quality standard, they are more than happy to add that item.

To start using The Free Site as a way to get things for free is what you have all been waiting for. The Free Site is not a boring site like you all may have imagined, and in fact sports large varieties to choose from, including:

  • Mobile phones
  • Family stuff
  • Free software
  • Free services
  • Food Freebies
  • Free graphics
  • Free stickers

You can even sign up to their site to receive a weekly mail on the best free stuff on the internet. The site is easy to use and consists of the main menu and search form above. Users can make an in depth search at any moment for what they’re after. If you wish to contact the site, they also have that option with a link provided at the top of the site.


Now that I have fully finished The Free Site Review, I can fully conclude that the site is legitimate and getting the free stuff they speak of is a true aspect of their platform.

Pros And Cons About The Free Site


  • The Free Site has Free stuff for all types of categories
  • The Free Site has up to date and relevant topics and categories to choose from
  • The Free Site website is easy to operate
  • The Free Site also has a contact form at the top of their site


  • Some items may be out-of-date and not available even though advertised

Are you interested in making enough money to buy the things you wish for?

Money is something that everyone needs and that’s why I want you to begin a journey with me so brilliant that you won’t be able to say no. I want you to build a free online business with a free trial and ongoing training involved so that you can make money and get your label off the ground.

I explained a lot of what I’m offering here, and all you have to do is follow what the founders have already created and build a website. From there, you will be shown what actually makes your site make the money that it makes and this is through advertising to the people who search online for things that they want to buy, you act as a middle man basically. If this is something that stands out to you, then start your site now and meet me within the beginning. I look forward to seeing you in there.

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