Testing Time: Get Paid To Test Digital Products (Scam or Legit?)

Testing Time Review

This is my Testing Time Review. Find out if Testing Time is legit or not with top-rated insights with this in depth review. There are so many reasons to want to make an online income and during this review I will show you the Testing Time relationships along with what I do which is to perform affiliate marketing. I want to give you a brief explanation on what this includes because I feel that there are many people who could be searching for ways to fully escape the 9-5 work frame permanently and this is how.

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But what is Testing Time, and do they offer services that can really help you get online success in your direction? Let’s find out now.

What is Testing Time?

Testing Time is a usability-testing platform that pay users to test out new products, complete studies/surveys, conduct user research, and more. Testing Time’s customers are in the UX and market research industry and both markets are in need of participants for usability tests, interviews, focus groups, diary studies, and surveys. Testing Time provides a pool of more than 350,000 test users from which customers order their desired target users for qualitative and quantitative user research online. Test users are acquired through online campaigns and referral mechanisms, and a smart rating system and predictive machine learning algorithms ensure high quality test users with a low no-show rate. The company is currently used by large corporations like UBS, Zalando, Microsoft, Accenture, and many more. TestingTime.com was founded by Oliver Ganz, Rahel Vils, and Reto Laemmier in 2015 and is situated within Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland. Testing Time is a private for profit company where industries include Market ResearchUX and Design. Testing Time generates $146.9K in revenue per employee Testing Time has raised a total of $3.7M in funding. Testing Time’s top competitor is UserZoom, led by Alfonso De La Nuez, who is their Co-CEO. As of September 2020 Testing Time has 90K Likes within their Facebook Fan Page while on Twitter they boast over 11k Users. Since they have a social media existence, it means they’re trusted and that you can now work with them with the knowledge that they’re true to their expertise.

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How does Testing Time work?

Getting started with the Testing Time site is easy, for which I have already created a pathway for you to enjoy and get your registration done quicker. To begin this technique, I need you to hit the website link for which it will then take you to their website homepage, and from there, you just read the site information for which you can begin to learn more about the site plus the opportunity.

Once you have read the site, you’ll see a link within their main menu that says “become a tester”. Hit this link and you’ll get taken to the next page where you can create your account. When your account is made, you’ll Earn up to €50 per study. Each study is conducted via Skype and usually takes 30-90 minutes. Once the study is completed, you’ll get paid within 5-10 days via PayPal. Testing Time is open to global residents who have an internet connection and Skype installed on a computer.


Now that I have fully finished my Testing Time Review I can now conclude that this site is legitimate and that you will earn some good money from their jobs.

Pros And Cons About Testing Time


  • Testing Time offers a good way to make some extra income
  • Testing Time has an easy sign up process
  • Testing Time offers good ways to get paid with no complications
  • Testing Time has social media where members can stay up to date with new jobs and company commandments.


  • The opportunity still produces an overall opportunity and time is mandatory for you to earn with this platform. There are way better pathways to take in career industries that are much more rewarding for my say.

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Now it’s your turn. Do you have previous experience in conducting online studies? Have you worked for Testing Time before?

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