'Talk Fusion’ review. If you want to do 'internet multi level marketing’ my suggestion is you bypass on this one.

A Multi level marketing company – Talk Fusion review

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: Talk Fusion
Website: talkfusion.com
Price: $125 + $20 per month, $250 + $35 per month, $750 + $35 per month, $1,499 + $35 per month
Status: Private, independent company
Owners: Bob Reina
Overall rank: 20/100

The good & the bad


• 30-day money back guarantee
• Cash payments
• a CEO who believes in giving back


• Pyramid scheme in plain view
• unsustainable business model
• people who work there can not make money – example in photo (income disclosure statement)

Talk Fusion overview

Hey everyone and welcome to another one of my reviews.

In this review I’m going to show you the ins and outs on an online video marketing company called Talk Fusion.

Now, this company is a multi million dollar online hype that which offers more packages than just one.

Another point to mention earlier on in my review is that this product/company is in the MLM space, so if your ok with the pyramid scheme then let’s get this show on the road.

Talkfusion.com was foundered back in 2007 by a man named Bob Reina.

At the moment, Talk Fusion is located in Brandon, Florida.

Something to note with this mob is the extensive employment level it boasts, with over 228 employees, the company must be popular.

Talk Fusion has a net worth of 63.7 million.

The company’s main competitors are businesses like Whizzbang Studios, PP+K, and Smash Video Marketing.

The company in 2019 has a staggering growth of online popularity according to Facebook – 68.7k and Twitter – 9.4k followers.

What this company offers is video communication software that they claim is revolutionizing the way people communicate.

If you are into making your business or website look appealing due to video software and marketing, then this company might be for you.

Me personally, I like to just write reviews and add pictures as needed. But if I was doing videos more often, I think this company would go down well with me also.

The way Talk Fusion works?

If you are familiar with an online marketing space called ‘multilevel marketing’ you will most likely understand this business structure a lot faster.

This online hype uses the MLM pyramid scheme to offer and sell there products.

The reason why the pyramid scheme is so badly looked upon is because, as you recruit more people, you have to recruit more and more for equal salary, thus becoming impossible. People end up working for months or even years without ever getting paid or to a winning point in the career.

Within a review, a business model must be analyzed correctly to see whether a pyramid scheme is taking place. In cases across the world, the pyramid scheme is illegal.

In this business model the products that your are to sell are as follows:

Video email: Talk Fusion has over 1000 HD templates to choose from. No doubt, you will be left standing out.

Video newsletters: Being able to incorporate video newsletters into your emails is a total game changer. Video newsletters also increase sign rates.

Live meetings: This allows you and your business to advance in up to 500 people telecommunication conferences from around the world. It also allows you to share files with desktop attendees, with every recording done in HD.

Video chat: This is another company game changer. It allows you to have videos calls to people from work no matter what device they are using.

Sign up forms: Being able to create a custom sign up forms for your website is great. But it will also send a video follow up with an autoresponder.

Other earnings at Talk Fusion

Other than the products in which you sell, I guess you can say the recruitment of more men is something of the such, in terms of other earnings.

In other words, apart from selling products to people, you earn extra commissions by recruiting people also.

Apart from the lavish lifestyle that these mega bosses uphold, there are some other benefits that which you can try and get. They are products like Rolex watches, 5 star vacations, brand new Mercedes Benzes, Gold diamond rings.

Remember, these products I just mentioned are all start attractions set to pull you in.

It isn’t until you have such expense in your hands that you become wealthy.

Who is Talk Fusion for?

If you have ever done this with another company before and not become good or successful, then you may want to try it out here.

I’m not going to give my recommendation just yet because I’ll wait until the end.

Even if you feel like being way down at the bottom of the group, you can start here. Just think about how the money will split up.

Talk Fusion tools & training

To this day, this mob still do not support thorough tools or training.

They have a video that which is recommended in showing the people they recruit.

If and when you become a level up member, this video will be shown to you and you will then use it to pass it down and also show your clients.

Other than a recruiting video, there are no other trainings at this time.

Talk Fusion support

You might actually be surprised, but this company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Something that’s a good thing to hear is that with this mob, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. That means, if you buy a package deal and sense things aren’t going good, simply email them with your worry and concern.

To get support from them simply use the email at there website.

Talk Fusion price

I would like to mention first that, in getting paid by this company, they claim to pay you within minutes, to your own personal bank card.

MLM is something that most people don’t want a bar of, just because it’s shady. You can’t make the reach profitable.

In this section, I’m going to show you the packages that this business model wants you to purchase and then sell, thus making commissions.

For each person you recruit, you get paid $120 which is called the ‘fast start bonus’.

For every 2 people that which you recruit on each side of your left and right team, you will be earning $150 in team commissions.

Let’s take a look at the start up cost:

1. Starter package

• Basic commission
• $500 weekly earning potential
• Video email
• Cost: $125 + $20 per month

2. Executive package

• Additional $25 per month
• $1,000 weekly earning potential
• Video communication suite (limited features)
• cost: $250 + $35.00 per month

3. Elite package

• Additional $75 per sale
• $25,000 weekly earning potential
• Video communication suite (more advanced features)
• Cost: $750 + $35 per month

4. Pro package

• Additional $150 per sale
• $50,000 weekly earning potential
• Video communication suite (most advanced features)
• Cost: $1,499 + $35 per month

My final option on Talk Fusion

I have a slight feeling that this company seriously doesn’t care about other people.

To my surprise, I noticed the employment structure they sport, and a world business who has a million dollar asset log, only has 228 employees.

To me, it just doesn’t sound right, I would at least expect there to be at least 1-2 thousand. Especially when the whole person of the business is to recruit more people.

Another issue, imagine the price of a product. What happens when they get all the way down the line, like say 10 people away, how does the money come back and equally pay everyone?

Thanks for reading

Talk Fusion at a glance

Name: Talk Fusion
Website: talkfusion.com
Price: $125 + $20 per month, $250 + $35 per month, $750 + $35 per month, $1,499 + $35 per month
Status: Private, independent company
Owners: Bob Reina
Overall scam rank: 87/100

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