Talent Desire: Can You Really Make Money Here? (Scam or Legit?)

Talent Desire Review

We all have talents and desires that we wish to stick to over the years. I mean, when we have worked hard and now have the knowledge and talent that we gained over the years, we wish to keep this experience going. 

But, I can confirm that this isn’t always the case or best option.

Take writing for an example, or better yet, take Microsoft Excel. If you learn how to write or use these programs, you intend to get jobs in the future to counteract these positions. 

However, turns out, this way of thinking is much harder than you’ll expect. 

There are so many scams online using this “plan” of yours to their own benefits. 

The website we’re about to look at promotes being able to get you writing jobs, but I’ll bet it is a scam. When or if you pay them any money, anything could happen to your private details. Then, I’ll bet they send you a list of jobs straight from popular job searching platforms, which you could get for free anyway. The fact of even sending you something, is to help keep their company undetected. 

You may have witnessed getting fake Amazon jobs or emails about purchasing something from Amazon in your email inbox? India is producing all of these types of scams. I believe TalentDesire.com is exactly the same as the Amazon scam.  

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Product Name: Talent Desire

Website: TalentDesire.com

Owner: Unknown

Price: Unknown

Earnings: Unknown

Overall Rating: -10/100

What Is Talent Desire?

Talent Desire is a website claiming to provide typing jobs to people who are interested in typing.

The website looks legit from the first look at it.

But once you take a closer look, the red flags start to appear.

After doing some more profound research I found Talent Desire is a scam with confirmation from Quora.

I have read on various websites different red flags ranging from no replies from people who want to join, to spelling mistakes on the front page. 

When you do this long enough, you begin to learn what sites are legit and which are scams. 

How Does Talent Desire Work?

To get started with Website content writer jobs is usually a happy go lucky type of situation. You’ll generally only ever find these on platforms such as Indeed.com located in the administration sections.

When you come across sites such as TalentDesire.com just know that it is a scam. Probably out of India.

Talent Desire claims to get started with them, you need to contact them via their contact link. They try to prime up their victims by making them read through all of their content. Asking the reader to contact them with a contact link is the first suspicious step. I find it weird that they don’t show the details for the registration?

I believe that once you contact them, they’ll ask for a payment, and may send you a list of jobs from Indeed.com. They only send you something to prolong the scam companies life.

Heres the step by step journey to getting a job from Talent Desire –

  1. Go to homepage
  2. Click on “Login”
  3. Click on “Click here to register”
  4. Read through long “Get Started Now” page
  5. Then, nothing. 
  6. People are “Exptected” to use the contact link to send them an email.

Here are a few red flags that I and other websites have found on Talent Desire –

  • Red flag #1 – Inaccessible sign-up form
  • Red flag #2 – The site has a lot of ads
  • Red flag #3 – Your data will be shared with third-party organizations
  • Red flag #4 – Poor grammar

Another reasons they target this kind of opportuynity is because online content writers are always looking for this type of work. 

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Features –

  • Website
  • Perks
  • Tools
  • Tips
  • Find Answers
  • Login
  • Contact

How It Works –

  • Explore Jobs
  • Get Hired
  • Start Work
  • Collect Earnings

Getting Started –

  • Explore Current Opportunities
  • Apply For a Job
  • Get Hired
  • Start Online Work
  • Submit Work
  • Collect Your Earnings

Company –

  • About/Contact
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms & Conditions

For Employers –

  • Hire a Talent
  • Most Asked Questions
  • Get a Free Quote
  • Fees and Charges

For Freelancers –

  • Find a job
  • Basic Requirement
  • Advantage
  • Common Questions


Is Talent Desire safe? No. It cannot be proven to be safe or legit; therefore it is a scam.

Does Talent Desire have payment proof? No. I’ve tried searching online and cannot find proof of earnings.

Is it easy to cash out? Cannot find out.

Is Talent Desire, a real and honest way to earn money online? Yes. Indeed.com has many high-paying jobs for freelance content writers.

Does Talent Desire have support? Talent Desire customer service is fake. 

Does Talent Desire have any bad reviews? Yes. Over on Quora, there are people saying it is a scam.

Does Talent Desire have an app? No. It only has its website.

Would you recommend Talent Desire to a friend or relative? No way. Talent Desire is a scam.

Pros & Cons

What’s to like –

  • None

What’s not to like –

  • It is a scam
  • It searches for unknowing types who will pay them money
  • It shows ads which drives them more revenue
  • Doesn’t provide a real business model that members can keep


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Now that we have been through some/if not all of what Talent Desire has to offer, is Talent Desire a scam or legit? 

Talent Desire is a scam 100%.

It has been a while since reviewing one of these sites, but when I do, it brings back all the old memories from previous scam sites like this. 

We went through everything the Talent Desire offers and did not find any writing jobs. It doesn’t work or pay. However, it will take your money if you let it.

I highly recommend steering clear from Talent Desire.

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